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      Donators   08/03/2017

      If you have donated and still have not received Donator's status on Discord and/or the forums, please message @Glide directly.
    • Star Shard

      Files are back   08/05/2017

      The files are now available for download again Currently only the mane6 and the reset file are available, though we wil be adding the rest in the short future. You can find them in the tab above. 
    • Bright Star

      New themes   08/08/2017

      We now have new themes as well as a new banner provided by @Dashie! We have a Celestial light theme and a Lunar dark theme. There will be more to come in the future, so stay tuned~

    To Equestrian Souls~!

    This is the community formerly known as Hypnoponies. Recent events have provided a good opportunity to change a few things, and we felt the name would be a perfect start! Please read here if you'd like to get a quick catch up on things: HERE

    We wish you a good time in the community, and all the best with your journey ahead!

    From the staff,

    @Glide @Bright Star @Star Shard @Celestia @Techdisk @Octavia Melody @Luna  @Wolfy <<Kale>> @Rainbow Dash


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