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About this blog

Soo... what do i put here?

Anyway, this is going to be the start of my (hopefully long) hypnotic adventures!

Starting with the Twilight Sparkle files, as soon as i can reach them!

Entries in this blog


A passing fancy?

To be completely honest, I've somewhat forgotten about this blog/journal.

To recap all that passed since last time:

for a while i was without earphones and then, with all past files available after all the drama I've downloaded them all, as before I've only had Twilight's. Listening to a few others... made me realise that, honestly, Twilight is not for me.

At the first listen i liked them. From then on i had been practically in love with the Fluttershy files. Better written, seemingly better voiced and, most of all, closer to myself. As much as I'd like to think I'm an antisocial genius, I'm not. And, to be completely honest, that particular introspection came rather late. So, Fluttershy. Much more "me", much closer to how I'd like to be. 

Yet, sadly, I'm... particularly hypnotically inept? Unobservant and I've actually been in trance? I don't know. There were only a few times, six in total i think, since the start of my dabbling with hypnosis, when i was convinced that I'd been in trance.  

Where am i even going with this? I dont know. I've been pouring my thoughts and problems into words. That is all.

I am working on it. Slowly. 

I still have no clue how to end this. 

Ah well.




So my earphones died.

*And i never heard from them again hehehe*

I guess my hypnosis is on a pause until i get new ones, however, not all was fruitless! I had an epiphany of sorts on the topic of tulpas. I have started putting some active effort into creating a tulpa recently, and in the wondering on what to do i though: what if i effectively cut myself away from outside stimuli and distractions? So i put in my earbuds acting as an ear plug and entered a profound conversation with myself. And my tulpa. 

Feels like a sort of a breakthrough, honestly.

I'm still bad at ending this, sooo ~71~073~



So i am going to start this off with some explanation. I am new to here, i am relatively new to hypnosis in general, so we'll see how i progress with hypnosis effects. 

Twilight Sparkle will be my first hypnotic file which I've felt a connection with in the way that i listen to for more than just to have a taste of what hypnosis feels like. Hopefully we get all the wonderful files reachable again soon!

I've no clue how to end this... oh well.


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