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About this blog

my travel book though the wild place that is my mind. take a seat, kick up your hooves and enjoy the ride

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Astral Wind


So its been, wow. over 1 year and 3 months since my first post. 

not much new. tulpamancy has been going okay. got pretty distracted with trying to learn and overcome aphantasia. 

on the TF side of things. not much has changed. been doing the Alicorn PBR file for the past week or so. i think its working somewhat, cant seem to get any solid feelings though. may be tied to aphantasia. not enough research done to know fully.

started working on Lucid dreaming as alternative to pony hypnosis. once again. aphantasia, not sure how well it will work 

Astral Wind

Day 1

So i guess i will start this here.

Day 1: 

currently under effect of: Twilight Sparkle V3.

Time since last file use: unknown, possibly a week or more

Other notes: not much to say, taking a break from tulpamancy so i will give the Twilight file a try later today

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