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About this blog

I'm just a wacko with an extremely spiritual and nationalistic outlook on life with a thing for the Equine race and not so much one for the human race. Seeking something in this life which I simply can't as a human being. Here I'll be cataloging life - in general - and the tracks toward Equestria.

Entries in this blog


My tummy hurts! But regardless, this is going to be a log of my hypnotic experiences thus far. Breaking it down on body part!

Legs, fore and hind: I have experienced hind imposition rather early on. Nothing extremely heavy; a phantom over my petrol monkey legs. They disappear once my focus falls. My fore legs are  a more tricky issue, because in my mind there isn't such a big difference.
Face/Head: I have actually felt this! The outward pull of my muzzle, the lowering of my nose from my nose to a point above my mouth, the expansion of my eyes - although more vaguely than, among other things.
Ears: I have also faintly felt this! They were a very faint phantom, but I could move them!
Coat: I felt this too! Pretty intensely, for that matter. The slow sprouting and spread of my coat was so strange and I've seen my flesh as purple-lavender before, without fur mind you.
Mane: Nope!
Tail: Generally, it's a very limited. But today I felt my tail nub, completely physically, sprout from my tail bone. I stopped my secession there though...
Hooves: Only work hind; not sure why not fore... Well, they did one day.

As to my personality, I have seen myself go from an introverted, emotional, argumentative INFP to a INTP which does not share all the traits I once did...

That's all, Concordia et Amor


From Wikipedia;

"Diaspora nationalism [...] generally refers to nationalist feeling among a diaspora such as the Irish in the United States, [...] The essential difference between pan-nationalism and diaspora nationalism is that members of a diaspora, by definition, are no longer resident in their national or ethnic homeland. Traditionally 'Diaspora' refers to a dispersal of a people from a [...] homeland due to a cataclysmic disruption, such as war, famine, etc. New networks - new roots - form along the routes traveled by diasporic people, who are connected by a shared desire to return home."

Our situation can be said to be similar, at least for those that see some form of spiritual nature behind an Equestrian spirit. For whatever reason, we are here instead of Equestria. Cast off into the human world, to be raised and live as humans. With chains of a lacking belonging into the human world, for deep down we don't feel an innate sameness to most homo sapiens. They don't feel as deeply, they don't think similarly, they don't harness their minds in a similar manner. Bringing them so that they can never fully understand the Equestrian's heart and mind, there's just something off to them as a person. Because, put bluntly, there is. They aren't of any human nation, race, or anything along those lines. They are plainly different.

That is all, I just had this observation and decided I would share.

Concordia et amor! Hail the Princesses!


My Dear,

   Hello, old soul. I am someone, only definite in my commitment to nation and feminine purity. That is, for you, habibi. I've lived a good number of years in discomfort, from a broken home and into a frying pan of minority education. Along this path came greater and less complications, disagreements of body and soul. But slowly and surely I've came through it with some shred of sanity. In fact, I'd say I've came out better then if I never experienced it. If I had a completely decadent youth and comfort in that way. But, irregardless of my past, let me get to my present.

   Even as a young thing, I wanted to live in Equestria. For what was Equestria? Equestria was a land pure and communal, the people were one in spirit and mind. Guided by the God Empress and her little sister whom ruled beside her. Equestria was basically this utopia, traditional while still prancing into the future. With beauty far, far into her heart. Beating within the very chest of the Equine race. Not only this, but it wasn't a utopia because for one strong mare - who without it would fail - or because of strict control, but because that is the nature of the Equine. Soft, pure, and empathetic. But the positive side to this is that these traits don't feminize Equestria to the point it may not stand for itself or that it can't react. Instead, the opposite. It's far more able to react and preact! When compared to any human, modern or ancient, state.

   But even in a more so fallen world, where there isn't a benevolent autocracy in power and not all of the issues that exist range from love spats to petty diet politics. The Equine race itself withholds certain traits that the Human race does not. Physically and mentally. Cloud bending and flight, telepathic alteration, instinctively nurturing the Earth to be plentiful. These traits are specifically held by the Pegasus tribe, the Unicorn tribe, and the Earth tribe. All make up of a distinct ethnicity of the wider race. All incredibly important to civilization and even basic society. Taming the skies, constructing immersive machinery, and birthing food plentiful. Giving great meaning and field of ability to every Equine!

   I think you understand fairly well why I want to be of the Equine race and live within the borders of this civilization. Whyt feels as if it's my true home... That was all for now, I may send you another letter soon habibi.

  God bless, til next time.

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