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Veteran user. Seems to act more like a cat than a pony.

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Tulpa Log

Updated 07/05/2017, 12:08am

|Princess Téa| - White Alicorn, skinny Purple/Lilac waving mane and Red waving tail. Female. August 1, 2013, 10:45am.

{d3rpy} - Filly. NB (he/his). August 10, 2013, 2:52pm

_Sunshine Skies_ - Yellow Crystal Pegasus, Orange mane and tail. Female. July 31, 2013, 1:10am

=CrystalShy= - Crystal Fluttershy. Female. July 31, 2013, 1:36am

!Applejack! - Generation 1 Applejack (G4 form, No bow in tail). Female. August 5, 2013, 10:45am

-p1nkiepie- - Pinkie Pie-like Earth Pony. Female. August 6, 2013, 7:00pm

+Disc0rd+ - Stain-glass draconequis. Male. December 18, 2013, 5:28am

?B4bs? - Babs Seed. Female. December 26, 2013 3:00am

^3pony^ - Filly Epony. Female. February 27, 2014 8:00pm

\Rumble\ - Rumble-like Pegasus Colt. Male. February, 8, 2014, 2:33am

&Dinky& - Filly Pegasus Unicorn. Female. February, 8, 2014, 2:33am

#SkyBlue# - Pegasus (prefers not to share more at this time). Female. March 13, 2014, 7:09pm

@Cheeri133@ - Teenage Cheerilie. Female. May 29, 2014 10:30pm

$Minuette$ - Minuette. Female. July 1, 2014, 2:00am

Wonderland: http://sta.sh/019glxckfw33 

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Not exactly sure why I'm updating this, but here I go.

Last entry was like November? You would think that not much has really happened, but holy crap a ton has happened!

For starters, I am officially a girl now~ In December, I finally started HRT to transition to female. Pretty much 95% of the depression that used to bog me down for the past probably decade has finally lifted! I've never felt so much more relaxed, that feeling of uneasiness and constant stress doesn't agitate me for me reason, basically I'm finally feeling comfortable in my own body and I can actually start enjoying activities that in the past I could only produce a "meh" out of. It's amazing what living as who you are does to you. I no longer have to live a lie, just be myself~

As far as hypnosis stuff, I haven't listened to files in I think years, but while at RIP BronyCon this year there was a panel for a guided meditation that brought you over to a pony world to have a journey with another pony/character from the show. In the past when I've taken these sessions at other conventions, Minuette tends to tag along as my guide, but this time p1nkie wanted to show me places. We explored a couple places in my wonderland and actually discovered a pretty nice beach. Also this was the first time in a long time I feel deep into trance, so waking up felt a little awkward, but I felt amazing and very much relaxed afterwards.

See you all next year probably~

-Bright Star

Bright Star

I returned to the Discord server a few days ago. Mostly because I figured I'd get the verification thing out of the way, but in the end decided to stick around. Still won't be around to talk extensively, however.

I've also been trying to connect back with family. Despite not all of them fully supporting me and my life choices, I would feel miserable without them. I'm hoping that by at least sticking around and showing that I still exist and I'm happy where my life is heading they will change their minds. 

Been trying out programming more as of late. Discovered some APIs like SDL and SFML which has sparked my creative programming senses again. Hopefully I'll have more time to explore with these.



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So, loads of things.

The big one is that I recently told my family over facebook that I intended on fully transitioning to female. Originally, I got basically nothing but praise for my decision, but I hear nothing about anyone saying otherwise. My curiosity got the best of me and it turns out that a couple close family members feel that I'm wrong with were I'm going and (unintentionally) ridiculed me over my decision. Long story short, words were said between family members and things are kinda broken at the moment :/

I'm okay now, though exhausted and oddly relieved. It might sound a bit crazy, but I'd much rather be told if I'm doing something wrong or that I'm unlikable versus just forcing me to guess. That being said, it's not easy. It will never be easy. 

I'm glad to have family and friends that have been giving me support these past few days.

I'm sick of the fighting, honestly, but I just need to keep moving on and hope that everyone will look past this and keep the peace.


-Bright Star

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Just a couple small quick updates because mildly cranky and sleepy and it's late tonight.

Decided that legacy journal didn't contain as many 'hypnosis' related entries than I previously thought, so I decided that I don't need that journal and just merged those entries with this journal. Old entries tagged as "legacy journal". I'll still do recaps of entries in the future.

New phone is nice. Thanks @Cadance. And thanks for your patience, @Glide.

Changes are happening and opportunities are opening up. A bit nervous at going for them, but if it works out then things should turn out really well very soon.

I'm hungry and need slep.


Looking to the skies,

-Bright Star

Bright Star

Hey all.

So, I should probably explain a few things. I'll make this short so this doesn't turn into several paragraphs of rambling/reflecting.

First, at this point I'm pretty much resigned from the staff. I've been planning this for a long time now and has nothing to do with any recent drama or because of any pony/ies in particular. My main reasoning is my activity and my ability to contribute to the staff has been dwindling down over the years and I feel I should give my staff position to those who will be much more active than I can be.

Second, I am taking a small sabbatical from the community. I won't be completely gone, I will probably drop in the Discord chat every so often, though I will largely be focused on other tasks, specifically in regards to my game design career path. I'm hoping this will reignite my passion for game design and get me in a better mindset towards that goal.

Third, I'm pregrante.

I just want to thank everypony for the past several years. It's been great with its ups and downs. I don't think I'll be able to find any other community like this. Keep doing what you are all doing!

And with that, I shall see you all in the future.


Looking to the skies,

-Bright Star, Nurse of Canterlot

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Wed May 01, 2013 1:48 pm

Today (Yesterday, April 30) I finally started working at my old high school job (McDonalds) regularly again. Of course, since some of my workmates discovered that I showed up (and am staying for a good long while) they can call in "sick" and most of the time I end up taking their hours (and bits). Since I've been gone for the past 6-8 months (I honestly don't remember) there were many new things I had to learn in the grill area, but for the most part I got back into the rhythm pretty quickly.
Of course, since there was a ball game tonight (which explains why many suddenly became "sick") that means everypony flocks to the nearest fast food restaurant after the game is over. At this time I'm on back drive where I take the customer's drive through orders and take their bits. Normally, I hate being on back drive because I also have to be doing the dishes. Not the plates and bowls dishes, I'm talking about giant-fry-hopper-that's-too-big-for-the-sink-and-oh-yeah-finish-by-close-tonight dishes. Of course, when everypony orders their food, I have to stop what I'm doing to take their bits. Even worse, now that we have 2 drive-thru lanes I have to take some of the orders as well. But this time felt a bit different. While I didn't necessarily enjoy being interrupted constantly, I did feel a bit more comfortable and organized and didn't panic when a whole bunch of cars were lined up waiting to order.
Now after a whole 8 hour shift, I'm completely exhausted and my feet hurt very much. Much of this is not that I haven't been active for so long, but my work shoes have very bad insoles in them causing my feet to be really sore in an hour or two of standing. I've never had a problem with my regular shoes as I can easily take a three hour walk at the mall. I might have to see if I can get myself new insoles before I start working again. On the other hoof, my feet were so sore, I had a legitimate excuse to be down on all fours.
Now something came into mind on my way back from work. While I was taking college classes, I never bothered to look for a job since borrowing money from the college much easier than filling out applications for jobs I'd only work at for no more than 3 years. This ended up with me having loads of free time to do whatever I wanted, and by whatever I wanted, I meant sit around and flip through facebook-twitter-tumblr-youtube-email-facebook-twitter-tumblr and just keep doing that until something updates. I guessed I figures I had all the time in the world to do stuff and I would do it later, after I facebook-twitter-tumblr...and that cycle would just keep going and going until I get bored. Then I get all soppy that I feel alone and nopony cares enough for me and blame myself for procrastinating too long on even important projects. In High School, I had very little free time to myself. I had to juggle 7 hours of school, 3 hours of sports practice, then about 4-5 hours of work (a lot of times more) and then having 12 siblings doesn't give myself much free time to myself. When I did have free time to work on homework or projects, I was much more motivated to work since my time was very limited (that, and I didn't have very reliable internet). This got me thinking that maybe since I lacked motivation to find a job that I may have almost jeopardized my entire post secondary education all by myself.
Anyways, giant paragraph of text nopony will read, so I'll stop here before I go too far.

I was debating with myself whether I should include entries like this in my legacy journal and just sticking with my hypnosis entries.....and I'm honestly not finding any significant hypnosis entries :V

I jumped ahead a bit here. I've finished college and moved back to live with my parents. I got my old job back and already taking a lot of the responsibilities involved. I'm told often that I work hard for what I do and it's something I don't understand often. Not that I work hard, but no one else seems to work hard. Then ends up giving me a constant fear that if I were to leave a workplace then the whole place will suffer without me. It doesn't affect me as much anymore, but it's gotten me in trouble a couple times as well as missed or near missed opportunities. 

At this point, I had basically abused my student loans and would pretty soon feel the effects of that once the bills started coming in. To make a years long story short, pretty much the only way it's going to be paid off is if I get a programming job and can make full payments, or after a long period of time if I'm making payments based on my income the entire loan will be forgiven and in return pay a hefty tax. (Granted, with how talks of removing such loan programs, I don't know if that's going to be the case :V). In the end, it was my fault for not getting a job during college and I'm still feeling the effects of that today. 


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Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:13 pm

Last night's loop was an utter failure
1:15am? until about 7 ish
Twi 3.0 loop
Mood: Feeling slightly better after long venting post (know dang well that it won't solve anything). Heart still pumping hard as result of caffeine intake after not having any for 5 days (is this normal?). Although I can report that I've never been so relaxed during those 5 days without having 1 or 2.....4 cans of pop a day. I should try this more often (the only reason I did in the first place was because I didn't feel like leaving just to grab 24 more cans of pop).
Result: Cat still interrupts at night. iPod dies mid way through. No effects.
I'm not quite sure if I'm doing these loops correctly, I make sure the inductions and awakeners are cut out, I keep it at a low volume enough so I can understand it (and barely hear the binurals) but it's not keeping me awake.
 So I'll go for one round this afternoon and hope to get better results

I can't seem to locate said vent post. If it's the one I'm thinking of, I complained a bit about how my psychology teacher was ignoring stuff from our psychology book, specifically about how to release built up anger. I don't recall the other methods, but the book was suggesting that venting is a way to reduce anger, but not a long term solution. I was mildly offended that the psychology teacher was telling us to ignore the book.

Around this time I was also giving up caffeine since I felt it was affecting my sessions. After the initial crave, I felt a lot better without having to rely on caffeine......however that habit would break several months later :V. I might cover that once I get to that journal.

Also, crap session was crap session.


Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:34 pm

First off, last name change, I swear!
Perfectly Suggestible (edited Earth Peace Night Time in background) + Twi 3.0 Ind+BGM with earbuds.
Mood: Feeling good.
Result: Stronger effects than previous, not as strong as before. Had trouble walking a bit this time and preferred to "sit" on my feet, just for a short while, though.
I don't know if it's just me, but I find it hard to understand the 3.0 file at times since the mic quality is a bit low. I'm almost considering recording the 3.0 myself to see if this will help me any better. Maybe I'll do a bit of research on relaxing techniques later today that will help me achieve trance for longer periods of time (the Twi 3.0 by itself is a long 40 minutes! Plus Perfectly Suggestible that's over an hour!).
 I might start organizing my room a bit tonight after I get my Power Point done for class tomorrow. Maybe then I'll give the cat a place to sleep every night so she doesn't resort to using me as her bed.
 I'm starting to hate my over the ear headphones since for some odd reason it likes to pretend that I only need the left ear to listen from (and only one ear working on a pair of headphones is one of my biggest all time pet peeves). Normally I use these for a single session since it does hold my head up a bit, but this time I just used the earbuds instead.
And in other news, I think I'm going to put myself off caffeine for a long time. Just having one bottle yesterday really threw myself off a bit. For now I'm just resorting to no-caffeine pop, but I'll start finding healthier drinks down the road.
 Your faithful forum poster

"First off, last name change, I swear!"

...aha....haha...hahahahahahah! Yeaaaaaaah...about that.... :P 

Earth Peace Night Time was a binaural suggested on the original Google Doc. I would often edit it as the background of a file to help me with relaxing with the files. Sadly, I'm not sure where to find the file now if anyone has archived it anywhere.

Sessions were starting to show improvement and I started to get the hang of achieving trance. The only issues I had were cats always wanting to snuggle me mid-session. I would sometimes shut them out of the basement where I was, but I always felt bad afterwards since they always enjoyed hanging out with me.

Also, those Turtle Beach headphones were crap.

Bright Star

Kinda vent kinda rant. Publishing this a day later since I just released an entry on my legacy journal.

After a 7 day stretch at work, I'm feeling extremely overworked and burnt out over my job. Yes, I do enjoy working with customers with helping choose their new laptop or printer. Yes, I enjoy working with a lot of my workmates and managers. It becomes really annoying when I feel like if I left work and never came back then things would start to crumble badly solely because I'm no longer there to help out.

I end up helping a bunch of tasks I shouldn't have to deal too much with, especially in the logistics and printing departments. I usually get no real training in these areas; about 90% of what I know I had to find out for myself digging through the company's confusing database of procedures or from finding a subreddit of others in the same company who are also expressing the same struggles. 

With my position basically right before management but not quite a manager, I somehow get involved with having to deal with customer complaints. While I do have the patience to listen to customer's issues, I don't have any real training on how I should be dealing with these situations. 

I've been told that I really should be focusing on my own feelings and not worry about how others will manage without me, but I can't exactly leave work until I have a replacement job ready; whether that's a new place that's hopefully closer and pays more, or if I do ever get a job in game design. 

I'll probably go ahead and end this off for now. By the time this publishes, it's mostly going to be irrelevant anyway since I might be feeling a bit better having the day off work. 


Looking to the skies for opportunities,

-Bright Star

Bright Star

Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:02 am

Didn't have time to loop at all today (decided that my 3 hours of sleep was a bit more important).
I was reading up on how tulpas are created and maintained and this fascinated me so much, I couldn't stop reading about them. I might want to try it myself when I can dedicate some time to do so. (More interesting than the Migram Experiment that I was supposed to be researching, maybe it's because I know so much about that already and tulpas are a new concept for me.)
I noticed this morning that I'm starting to think a bit in Twilight's voice occasionally and that I tend to use the word "fascinating" all the time. Fascinating! And I think I felt a phantom horn on my way to class this morning when I focus hard (and tried to swerve through rush hour traffic since nopony knows how to share the road and I have to merge three lanes over in a quarter mile in nearly packed traffic to reach my next exit. Driving is fun!).

Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:18 am

Noticed slight lowerhooves while taking nap in afternoon.
3:45pmTwi 3.0 Ind+BGM
Mood: Normal, slightly tired
Result: Weaker effects than last time like due to sleeping through parts. Large clink noise from water heater in room may have broken trance mid way through.
Attempted to try using the trigger. I was a bit nervous for some reason trying to activate it, it took me about 5 minutes of hesitation just to say the first word! I'm not sure what I'm nervous about or maybe it's a bit awkward for me to say something when nopony is around to answer back. But I managed to say it. A small "energy" flowed around me, but I didn't notice any effects. Maybe now that I've said it once it'll be easier afterwards, we'll see.
Anyways, loop tonight. Hopefully I can find a way to convince the cat that I'm not its pillow because whenever she lies next to me, my body cannot move around to a more comfortable position because I might roll over on the cat. If I do end up not squishing her, she moves somewhere else next to me which mean I have to move around. (I know she loves me and she probably misses me for being gone a whole week, but I still need my personal space once in a while!) Sometimes when I leave my backpack next to me on the bed she sleeps on that, so maybe I'll try that tonight.

Ah yes, my first time researching about tulpa. Unbeknownst to me, I would have a pretty crazy adventure of my own involving them :V

Thinking back, the biggest thing that kept me from saying the trigger was I had no real way to physically say the trigger at all for any reason. Saying it in public could turn out quite awkward. Saying it in private will probably alert someone that I exist. Also considering that I was living in my aunt's basement at the time, I think I was also worried if I was stuck/caught in pony mode how they would react. Once I got over being able to say the trigger, most of my experimenting was either when I was guaranteed 100% alone or at night when everyone else was asleep.

Also, I complained about cats ruining sessions a bunch before, but I'm starting to miss having one around. They helped me through many of my rough college moments.

Bright Star

This was a day of failures



7 +/- 2 and Twilight BGM 2.0 by FemV with iPod Shuffle/Earbuds

Mood: Slightly frustrated as iPod dock cable is faulty (note to self, if it's only 5 bucks and the seller sells hundreds on eBay, it's probably not worth it)

Result: No success. Strongest feeling of forehooves yet, no lingering effects



Blank Mind and Twilight Ind+BGM 1.0 by Taurus with Turtle Beach Over ear headset

Mood: Relaxed from previous trance

Cat interrupts mid-file. Will try again in morning (Wakes up around 10, internet for next 2 hours)



Perfectly Suggestible and Twilight Ind+BGM 1.0 with Turtle Beach Over ear headset

Mood: Awake, with slight headache (may have affected trance effectiveness)

Felt relaxed afterwards, but no lingering effects. Took Acetaminophen (off brand Tylenol) to relieve headache afterwards.

So a few days after I started this, I decided to search for my old Generation 2 iPod Shuffle (in the masses of unpacked boxes from said apartment moveout in intro) when I decided to do a bit of sorting while looking for it, stuff that I wanted to keep and stuff that was broken, didn't work anymore, or simply didn't want anymore (I haven't opened most of those for 2 years!). I broke the charging dock for it a long time ago by stepping on it, but I never bothered to replace it since I could just port music to my phone much easier (and now said phone is broken because I decided to drop it 3 stories on a roller coaster. Haven't had a smart phone since.) I bought a Shuffle cable at Walmart and tried to hook that up when I realized that it only works on the Gen 3/4 Shuffles (RAGE!!!!!!!) So I...


returned it and ordered a cheap charging dock from eBay not knowing that it decides to randomly disconnect whenever it feels like it and you have to hold the cable a certain way for it to even be detected and hope that it works for more than 30 seconds before it corrupts the iPod which you have to reset the iPod, but doing that in iTunes actually ruins Gen1/2 Shuffles so you have to download a program from Apple that will fix it but then that program only works in Windows 32 bit mode and I'm running 7 64 bit so I had to find one of my old HDDs with Windows 7 32bit and run it there but it turns out that the program will only work on Windows 2K and XP so I installed that Windows XP emulator thingy and used that to restore that iPod and that worked but that doesn't change that the cable was still faulty.

So I finally just went ahead and ordered an Official one from Amazon (hoping that it would work because it was used and occasionally they don't sell the correct item. (Orders N64 S-video cable NO YELLOW PLUG! Receives S-video WITH yellow plug. It makes a big difference in quality.) But it came and it works perfectly, so now I'm happy that I don't have to re-position my craptop closer to my bed every night.

I noticed that I was a bit more picky with shoveling the sidewalk (Winter Wrap up was weeks ago, Pegasi!), making sure that the whole sidewalk was shoveled, all the snow was removed, the edges were straight, ect.

Noticed slight pressure in "tail" area when sitting for a few minutes.

Hair still bugs me.

Will try Bedtime relaxation and Twi 2.0 loop tonight and see if it'll work out better.


Going to quickly mention first that the "Perfectly Suggestible" file I used here is currently not recommended to use due to unintentional effects lasting long after the file. At the time of this entry is was a tacked on WMM file added to the original G-Doc as a suggestion for those who are having trouble with trance. If I do recall correctly, there is a file in the works that is supposed to be a much safer replacement that would help out only alongside the use of files of your choice.

That being said, my thoughts today:

This is one of those rare entries where I actually properly document hypnosis progress. I fondly remember the struggle of just getting my old iPod Shuffle 2G just to simply work so I can listen to the files without having to awkwardly wear my giant turtle beach headphones for sessions, especially for night loops. Funny enough, I actually dug that out a couple days ago, and even  _now_ the struggle is still real! (In this case, I have a working charger, but for some dumb reason the only way it will charge is if iTunes is running, it's plugged only into the computer, and it's set to "Disk Mode". Otherwise, it will not charge. :V). Still though, I personally recommend using a small mp3 player/iPod over using a cellphone or computer to listen to files, mainly being the smaller device is much easier to handle vs a larger clunkier device that will probably get interrupted with notifications and whatnot.

Now, there is a small part 2 to this journal:


Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:33 pm


That happened much sooner than I expected.

This seems odd, but let me explain.

This was the moment I swapped out my name from "_Applebloom" to "_BuySomeApples" and started using a Twilight avatar. It's a small moment that didn't seem to get noticed too much, but still a big part for me nonetheless~

Bright Star


Before this point, I have been switching from Twilight to Fluttershy to Pony Ears for the past 2 weeks. Most results included being inturrupted by cat and getting fore hooves, butt and phantom tail before losing all effects after trance. Decided to settle on Twilight when I decided to start the journal.


Looped Twilight FemV version 2.0 after 30 min of Theta waves music 

No lingering effects. Awoke by second alarm (first alarm goes off 6:10, second goes off 6:45). Normally I just sleep until the sun shines through my window waking me up and then I have to hurry through traffic to make it to class by 8. This time I left pretty early and made it 5 minutes early. On Monday for my psychology class, we had to write in our forums what made us happy recently and why. I wrote down "Got taxes done on time. Starting to be on time for things in general." (What are we, third graders?) What surprised me today (Wednesday) was that they both involved being on time! My instructor told me she noticed that I certainly have been on time and that made me feel a bit giddy. I also noted that I participated much more in class than ever before (normally I would hide behind my laptop waiting for class to finish up).

When I got into the car to go home for the day, I decided to stop by the mall and take a walk for a bit. This time, I noticed that the hair on my forehead bugged me a bit unless I split it down the middle. I go for a 2 hour walk when I noticed that the tiled floor did make me feel a bit dizzy looking at it. Knowing that I can easily achieve hooflock during trance, I decided to start at it for a bit (while hoping nobody walks in front of me) and made my arms completely relaxed. For the next five minutes, I couldn't open my hands up and trying to open them felt pretty weird. [[Achievement Get: Lingering effects activated via floor tiles]].

Normally I like to browse through Barnes and Noble to see what programming books are avalible and hope they finally have a Unty book (they never do). But then I noticed a book called "Joel on Software" on the shelf. (Gee, where does the name "Joel" ring a bell for me). I decided to read a random chapter and came across an interesting passage:


"As it turns out, if you give [a programmer] two things to work on [at once], you should be grateful if they "starve" one task and only work on the other, because they're going to get more stuff done and finish the average task sooner. In fact, the real lesson from all this is that you should never let people work on more than one thing at once.

This reminded me of my internship. Long story short, they gave me a 6 page paper of the task they wanted me to do and this overwhelmed to the point where I almost couldn't start working on it. Even after a month of working on it and I still never finished the first thing they had me do. This showed me my programming skills were falling a bit behind, but looking back had I split up the tasks (and managed my time better) I could have easily done it right the first time.

I was also updating my half.com account when I noticed two books I had put up for sale. Looking at the titles, both involve 3D graphics and texturing, I decided that I probably needed those books and suspended them. 

So yay, long first day journal, but I hope the read was worth while.


So little "_Applebloom" decided to start off her first entry. Looking back at this, I think the Tw1light part of me wanted to start off with a bang and give a ginormous first entry. At the time I didn't think I had gone too much into detail, but I guess it just goes to show that you'll never notice the personality effects right away until way later. I don't remember if I noted it later on, but I did eventually buy the book and read a nice chunk of it once on a train ride to visit my family years later. 

This was a sample of my small "slice of life" journals that often took place in my journals. I certainly won't repost every single entry, but and significant ones I spot I will give out a new comment or two.

Bright Star

Here's a bit of background information about me.

I'm currently in college for Game Design and Development (although the college has been phasing out this program for the past 2 years now and I wouldn't recommend it anyways.) I've only got 2 weeks yet before I finish all my classes so after that it's the tedious task of finding a job in programming for a game company hopefully in the midwest area so I don't have to move so far away I'm probably going to self teach myself more programming stuff before I look out for a job since I think my skills are a bit lacking compared to my peers (curse you procrastination skills and curse you college teachers for making me think that procrastination was good!)

So far hypnosis wise, I've had very little luck. It all started in my Junior after prom where there was a hypnotist there. He asked for a bunch of volunteers, and I decided to try it out. Now to this day, I have no idea if I was properly inducted as I still was able to remember the events of it shortly after the trance (and someone called me out on it saying I faked the hole thing...did I?), but maybe me waking up mid-performance is a sign that it didn't work out for me. The only thing I remember from it is when the hypnotist called out certain words like "I was from [[place]]" then I would spontaneously call him out saying that I hated him for no reason. Anyways, somebody probably made a recording of it, but I still have yet to see it myself (I'd like to, just to see if it would have worked). The next day I told my mom about it and she wasn't very happy about it. So the next prom we had a magician instead (still a good one, though). Boy, I'm sure my mom felt so proud.

Fast forward 2 years later. By then I was living on my own when I found a video by Freddie Wong about hypnosis and he linked to the induction they used, which I tried and felt relaxed afterwards. I didn't do much after that since I had a stressful life then from college progressively getting worse and worse in quality to being kicked out of the apartment when [[insert personal family problem here]].

Now interest sparked again in probably December. This time, I found one that makes you think you shrank (I was curious, and it turned out it existed!). It was probably the first time I ran into a real trance feeling....when the cat decided that I was its pillow and broke the trance.

Now comes Mid-march when EQD posted about a video about pony hypnosis. Being slightly curious, I decided to try it out, again, with the cat deciding to barge in. Then I decided to check out some of the journal posts and noticed how life changing this could be, so I thought I'd start a journal about my own adventures.

So why Twilight? She's the one I could relate to the most. I'm already introverted for the most part, but I think my study skills are progressively getting worse and worse and I think this might help me get back on track (and in the 2 weeks that I've tried this, it has!)

So I hope you all enjoy this!


PS: Why "_Applebloom" if this is a Twilight journal? Well, considering there's no Applebloom file and because best filly. (That, and I'm curious to see how nuts I will go over the name later on).

Fun fond memories of starting off my own journal. Before this, I got super excited reading about other ponies' progress on their own journals. I never planned on making an account or starting my journey with the files (let alone a journal). Eventually, I ended up having to make an account because I wasn't able to read specific entries without an account since at the time you could only see pictures on the site as a member. One thing led to another and soon I asked for my own journal and this was the result. Of course, I never knew that I would end up writing over 300 entries after this :V

Bright Star

Yay for self publishing entries!


So today @Cadance@Glide and I are moving to a townhouse. 


...and I think about 99% of you are lost and confused on how we got to the point.


So, for those that are new to my musings, @Glide is my fiance here is this world and my horse husband in Equestria. We've been living together for just over 3 years now, this past year in an apartment together. We took @Cadance in a few months back so she could be closer to the ponies she loves. While we do have room for all of us, we're starting to run low on space. Also, while visiting my family we got to stay at my sister's townhouse and got a little jealous about how nice her place was.


Now with that being said, the amount of stuff we had to deal with IRL to get to this point as well as trying to defuse a ticking "forum bomb" wasn't exactly fun. I


In the end  things still turned out well despite everything trying to stop it. I guess this just goes to show how perseverance pays off in the end.


So many changes coming up. Maybe all this new-ness will let me look at life at a different angle.


Looking to the skies,

-Bright Star


Bright Star


Hey everypony! Welcome to our new home!

So I will say it's definitely been a long month for us with everything that has going on. It was a bit hard and it almost would seem like things would just end, but we all were able to pull through in the end. Hopefully all this hard work will pay off. 

So with that being said, I managed to salvage all entries for my main journal. However, I did lose a few tulpa journals and a little bit of a small 'reprise' journal. (And since I set my journal for private no bot crawlers could salvage those anyway). 

So yeah, I'll be doing I guess you can call a small reboot of my journal. It might not be as hypnosis based as before, but I do want to start trying out the new files sometime. 

I also created a second journal. This other journal will be used for reposting some of my past entries as well as my thoughts about it today. Hopefully this way I can share about my past experiences without overwhelming you all with random filler life events. (Curse me and my dedication to a daily journal!)


Hope to hear about all your thoughts and I hope you enjoy our new site!


Looking to the skies,

-Bright Star

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