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Eudaimonia and Dharma



Two words that embody what I've gained...I can't say I'm...happy...at least not in the manner that we all consider true happiness to be...but I have gained fulfillment and meaning...this brings me to the next word...Dharma...the closest thing to a cutie mark that those adorable fleshy apes called hyumons have. I've found both...this brings me to my long term decisions. It will take years to complete, but I will transition to marehood...The cost of surgery and hormones will be absurd and I need a councilor and therapist to help me through it...but after yesterday at the club...and visiting with family...they noticed my changes...I am and always will be Dash no matter my body. I will continue to trance...my imposition is more and more solid...I can feel my wings being stroked (oh god I get what Twilight was saying now, *shivers* s-so good), but I have it pretty consistently. The Alicorn PBR file has made things accelerate immensely...


The other things I've concluded are...that to be happy...truly happy I need to accept that I will never be my pony self...it hurts to admit...but the sooner I accept it the sooner I can change the things I have control over. There isn't much to say...these past two months have been exciting and filled with...not joy, but happiness. I have no reason to fear myself or fear others...


I will conclude with this: 


I have the serenity to accept the things I can't change,

I have the courage to change the things that I can,

And I have the wisdom to know the difference


I wish you all luck on your own journeys and may your cutie marks guide you to the fulfillment you seek.

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