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Ship's Log #004 - Let's get back to this



How's that for keeping up with the daily posts huh? How about we change that to bi weekly for now so I don't feel overwhelmed, or like I don't have enough to say.


Anyways onto business, a lot has happened since my last post. I'm back to the Twilight file, as I alluded to in my last post. Which is going well so far, I've still got the feeling of a horn, tail, and wings from the last time I did the file. I've been a bit lazy on the rest lately however, so that could use some work.

I haven't found the time to work with Destiny much recently and this is starting to make me feel rather sad honestly, I've yet to have a lot of luck in this area...

I've actually been spending a pretty large amount of my time working on sweetie bot as of late. I'd be lying if I said I've had more than a few hours break from that project ^-^" Though I am fairly proud of the progress I've made with my coding practice. I've come a long way in the short amount of time, even if I've got an even longer way to go before I can turn it into a career. I have however put my sights on game development, so I guess there will be updates on that here in the future.

Other than all of that, my life has honestly been kind of conflicting, and it's usually quite hard for me to tell how I'm truly feeling. If I have to be honest, I often times put on my best smile in this community, even when it might not reflect my true feelings. I tend to feel like if I show that I'm not quite all neutral to happy all the time, I won't do as well of a job at making others days brighter. It's kind of stupid reasoning, and I shouldn't bottle things up, but I really care about everyone here in this community, and I hate seeing you lot in turmoil.
It also doesn't entirely help that the family I'm living with currently, isn't exactly supportive of most of my actions, which doesn't brighten the mood much either. I'm hoping to leave this house behind within a year or two now, some way or another.

Well now that the slightly emotional bit is done, I've also been playing some Hat in Time! So far, I think it's genuinely my favorite game of the year, actually, of the past few years really. Great controls on top of a great art style, amazing music, and just the most ADORABLE tone ever! It also really brings me back to the mario sunshine and mario galaxy games, which are my favorite 3D platformers. If you're into those games, or 3D platformers/collectathons at all, I highly recommend checking A Hat in Time out!


Anyways, that's a decent post for now, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and for now enjoy an upbeat classic from the living tombstone:

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Honestly, I would say go for it. With the coding that is. And while I would say to not let your Family's comments hurt you, listen to them. Try to think about where they may be coming from with it.


Now on to the Destiny matter, I'm really not much help there but I have heard that Tulpas will Alter their form as they see fit onsce they begin to become sentient.

And the dreams, you may have been right to interpret. Or, maybe Destiny is trying to take on the appearance and such of Twilight, and that was her trying to tell you in the dream as well? That may be way off base but they seem to show a bit of a connection. Anyways, keep up the good work! I'm eager to see your progress and make some of my own.

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