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The Diaspora - 2/25/2018



From Wikipedia;

"Diaspora nationalism [...] generally refers to nationalist feeling among a diaspora such as the Irish in the United States, [...] The essential difference between pan-nationalism and diaspora nationalism is that members of a diaspora, by definition, are no longer resident in their national or ethnic homeland. Traditionally 'Diaspora' refers to a dispersal of a people from a [...] homeland due to a cataclysmic disruption, such as war, famine, etc. New networks - new roots - form along the routes traveled by diasporic people, who are connected by a shared desire to return home."

Our situation can be said to be similar, at least for those that see some form of spiritual nature behind an Equestrian spirit. For whatever reason, we are here instead of Equestria. Cast off into the human world, to be raised and live as humans. With chains of a lacking belonging into the human world, for deep down we don't feel an innate sameness to most homo sapiens. They don't feel as deeply, they don't think similarly, they don't harness their minds in a similar manner. Bringing them so that they can never fully understand the Equestrian's heart and mind, there's just something off to them as a person. Because, put bluntly, there is. They aren't of any human nation, race, or anything along those lines. They are plainly different.

That is all, I just had this observation and decided I would share.

Concordia et amor! Hail the Princesses!


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