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I, her, Twilight - 2/28/2018

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My tummy hurts! But regardless, this is going to be a log of my hypnotic experiences thus far. Breaking it down on body part!

Legs, fore and hind: I have experienced hind imposition rather early on. Nothing extremely heavy; a phantom over my petrol monkey legs. They disappear once my focus falls. My fore legs areĀ  a more tricky issue, because in my mind there isn't such a big difference.
Face/Head: I have actually felt this! The outward pull of my muzzle, the lowering of my nose from my nose to a point above my mouth, the expansion of my eyes - although more vaguely than, among other things.
Ears: I have also faintly felt this! They were a very faint phantom, but I could move them!
Coat: I felt this too! Pretty intensely, for that matter. The slow sprouting and spread of my coat was so strange and I've seen my flesh as purple-lavender before, without fur mind you.
Mane: Nope!
Tail: Generally, it's a very limited. But today I felt my tail nub, completely physically, sprout from my tail bone. I stopped my secession there though...
Hooves: Only work hind; not sure why not fore... Well, they did one day.

As to my personality, I have seen myself go from an introverted, emotional, argumentative INFP to a INTP which does not share all the traits I once did...

That's all, Concordia et Amor

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