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Another entry, farther into the future

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Hey everyone! Thought I'd post a small update here, since it's been a while.

Well y'all know that I'm mostly in the discord, as is most of the community at this point. But the forums are here too so I poked in too~

Now what's happened? I've not done a file in months, and I've no class because of an inside protest in my uni, so things are pretty stagnant. Well, about what I've experienced: Some feeling of not belonging, being out of place in this part of the world that I got to live in... but I can't pinpoint where I want to go, much like the feeling of homesickness that the files sometimes bring, but nowhere to call home.

I preserve my figure, considering I always walk down a hill and up another to visit my grandma these days, my uncle pointed out how slim I was and it made me feel kinda proud. And now I'm gonna start going to the uni's football field to do some workouts again! I did one today and kinda felt pony ears while jogging, it was neat.

So yeah, as short as that was, it's just an update so you know I'm still kicking :P. Take it easy, later y'all~


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Glad to see that you're writing here, 'Tis always a nice surprise.I indeed hope to hear more.

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