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August 2, 2018 - Geez, how long has it been?

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Bright Star


Not exactly sure why I'm updating this, but here I go.

Last entry was like November? You would think that not much has really happened, but holy crap a ton has happened!

For starters, I am officially a girl now~ In December, I finally started HRT to transition to female. Pretty much 95% of the depression that used to bog me down for the past probably decade has finally lifted! I've never felt so much more relaxed, that feeling of uneasiness and constant stress doesn't agitate me for me reason, basically I'm finally feeling comfortable in my own body and I can actually start enjoying activities that in the past I could only produce a "meh" out of. It's amazing what living as who you are does to you. I no longer have to live a lie, just be myself~

As far as hypnosis stuff, I haven't listened to files in I think years, but while at RIP BronyCon this year there was a panel for a guided meditation that brought you over to a pony world to have a journey with another pony/character from the show. In the past when I've taken these sessions at other conventions, Minuette tends to tag along as my guide, but this time p1nkie wanted to show me places. We explored a couple places in my wonderland and actually discovered a pretty nice beach. Also this was the first time in a long time I feel deep into trance, so waking up felt a little awkward, but I felt amazing and very much relaxed afterwards.

See you all next year probably~

-Bright Star

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