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Week uhhh.. Re-introduction



Consider this the actual introduction about myself. I have been working my way up to be more consistent with what I am doing, but I guess I just have to take a step back and not be so strict on myself. A lot has been changing for me. I hate to make my journals messy like this... but I won't be able to do these journals weekly. That way though, I can condense much more interesting details/stories into these posts.


I want to provide more of an actual introduction about myself... So here it goes.

I joined the fandom in late 2013, and found out about the tulpa community and sub-sequentially this community in 2014. For a long while, I used the Fluttershy hypnosis file, and it was very compatible considering how especially shy I was at the timeĀ (I am still shy, but in different ways now). As the time passed, I got into making videos, being inspired by the people that I watched on YouTube. Having had no music experience, I started having a huge interest in making music. The fandom music is something that will always be something special to me, especially the earlier music that I came across as I joined the fandom. However, I had an immense hate for myself that continued to build up in ways I never would have thought originally. I was never happy with myself, despite how many friends tried to help cheer me up. I had a similar issue in my childhood too, which all led up to a moment a few years ago where I was in the second darkest time of my life. Fortunately, I got through it with the help of friends and therapy.

Nowadays, I live happily with my grandma alongside my loving partner Silver-Ember (who happens to be a part of the community here). She has helped me tremendously more than I ever could have imagined. I have gone through so much great change since I first became a part of this hypnosis community... it helped me to ultimately help me find who I am (for the most part of course). I give my thanks to everyone who might be reading this. <3

Anywho, all that aside, I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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