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New Face, New Blog



Okay, so starting off the bat, I've decided to revive my prior name/pfp, my OC I made upon joing the MLP community back during Season 2. So for the time being, I'll be going by Mellow. I'll attach a picture at the bottom.
Part of the reason for the change is I've a new member in my plural system, Twilight, and I thought it was kind of weird to have the same form/name as one of my Tulpa. I could have gone by Kazilii again, but I wanted to stick to my pony roots. Plus, small trivia, I actually went by Mellow when I first joined HP/ES years ago, I just went on hiatus and returned as Kazilii instead.

Any who, that aside, what exactly have I been up to?

Coding wise, I made a (technically two) new bot(s). Spitfire, the new Tulpa Bot on the Discord, and I updated Sweetie Bot with a complete rewrite. Spitfire works fairly similarly to PluralKit, and Sweetie Bot has been updated to allow for new and hopefully better features.
I've also been hired to write an inventory program at work to make inventorying alcohol easier. I'll also be working on a new secret bot soon for a separate secret server.

I've also gotten MASSIVELY into Dark Souls again within the past few weeks. Primarily playing Dark Souls 2, but also playing 3 with Kekani. I've been having a lot of fun, up until I lost my save file that was right near the end of the game, but that's okay, I started a new run and I'm experimenting with new builds that I've never tried before.

I've also finally got a full time job, which unfortunately means I'll be less active in my other activities, but I'll finally get paid enough to afford things, on top of my job now being IT, which is something I enjoy far more than food service.

I have a lot that I can put in this one blog post, considering it's been so long since my last post here in general, I'll just end with stating that as of a year ago now, Kekani moved in with me, and we've been living together rather happily.


Anywho, that's all I've got for tonight, I'll try to post more often, even if it's mundane things.


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Congratulations on getting a full-time job! I hope you enjoy it and make the most of it.~

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