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Entry 8

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Starlight Glimglam


So, since I've decided to post entries with less content so I can have them more often, I feel like I have enough to say. I've found that if I close my hands into fists I'm able to feel my forehooves far more easily than I used to be able to. It's also becoming easier to imagine myself as a pony if I'm not looking at myself. With my eyes closed, I find myself naturally feeling like I'm a pony, despite being generally unable to see it with them open.

I've found that I'm apparently naturally good at being a hypnotist, excluding actually getting someone into trance with an induction. Unfortunately I'm too paranoid that I'll mess something up to try anything potentially dangerous in a live session. I'd be willing to try to create a file though, and see how well I do. If anypony has any ideas for a file they think I could do, let me know and I might try it. Something basic like a simple experience file might work. I don't think I'd be good enough to get a TF file right. I don't expect a first file to be passable enough to get on the site, but there should be no harm in just making one, and I've got to start somewhere.


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Start simply with relaxation. This will help you learn what works best and the end user will be rewarded with a relaxing session afterwards~


-Bright Star

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