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Entry 9 - Woona

Starlight Glimglam


So apparently King Sombra just decides to show up in my mind for some reason, magically makes it hard for me to even remember who my tulpas are for a bit, as well as preventing me from feeling most of them (I think the only ones I could still feel there were Violet, Rotty, Chrysalis, and Discord), until Shady had told me to search for any dark magic, which was how I found King Sombra, and Cheery (Shady's tulpa) got rid of him for me. After that, Discord apparently violently murdered Sombra or something because he showed up covered in blood, which he promptly had fly off of him and into a glass cup which he then tossed up into the sky to keep rising forever. After that, Luna appeared for some reason, and she helped to restore all of my other tulpas, after which she turned into a filly, Woona, possibly because with all of the Lunas in ES already it would be a bit confusing. So, 12 tulpas now (I've decided to count my repeated walk-in Discord since he's been around a lot more often lately). I suppose it's good Sunrise has somepony around his age to play with now, so at least there's that.



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