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  2. I'm quiet, but still enjoy the company.  Free to make conversation or meet new ponies. :)

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  5. hello..

    hello i'm new might be late like always but that's ok i guess
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  7. Note after note I play. I have become lost in my own music and for a wile I could do nothing else, helpless to my own creation. All I have done to keep myself safe I needed someone else to pull me form a horrible bliss. Turning away form the object of my desire knowing it still with in reach I take in the reality around me. My heart still full of warmth and my forehead both tingling and pulsing with a life of its own. I try to stand but stumble falling over, she reaches out to me with a smile and says, "Even you need help sometimes."
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  9. hi all am new here (:

  10. hi all am new here (:

    Hello, welcome
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  13. hi all am new here (:

  14. hi all am new here (:

    welcome to Equestrian Souls if you have any questions, feel free to ask anypony, and if you haven't yet, check out the discord server! the community is much more active on the discord server than here on the forums
  15. hi all am new here (:

    hi all am new here and just wanted to say hi just started hypno and love it but i still need to learn but happy for any help i get (:
  16. Journal Announcements!

    I started a journal! It's called "Smiles of Truth"! Just looking to get it some hugs, thanks!
  17. My Name is Pinkie Pie

    Today was a good day. I fell asleep to the loop, and woke up extra excited! I was self aware I was acting more Pinkie today, but that's just from lurking for years and it not being my first experience. Not much physical, although that's not really what I'm aiming for. Mentally, I was happy despite the lack of sleep. Going to try loop with induction tonight. Wish me luck!
  18. New (kind of)

    I will keep this brief; hello everypony! My name is Jordan, but call me Pinkie. That old name probably won't matter soon. I may go into more personal details later on, but for now I just wanted to introduce myself, even if just saying hello. If you have any tips, please feel free to leave them below if you think they're helpful at all! Thanks!
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  20. I am here, apparently.

    Ah, alright. Guess that explains the "N/A" name. My bad. Just haven't been on the site for a bit, and figured I'd say hello to any potential newcomers.
  21. today marks my 5th year with hypnoponies.. wow I feel old

  22. I am here, apparently.

    they left actually
  23. I am here, apparently.

    Welcome back! Sorry for the late greetings, most ponies are hanging around the discord, and the site hasn't seen as much traffic because of it. Regardless, hope you enjoy your stay!
  24. I turned 18 today!


    1. ARandomBrony


      Nice! Hope you enjoy becoming an official adult! (At least, official in the eyes of the law, anyway.) Regardless, congratulations!

    2. Skye


      @ARandomBrony Thanks, it fun being an adult :awesome2:

  25. Huye! (Bet'cha didn't see that one before)

    Welcome to the community! ^^
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