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  2. Wishing you all a lovely day!

    1. Sable


      I had a wonderful day ^_^ I hope you did too.

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  4. Question about inducer files

    Induction leading to basically a meditative state. Works out nicely~ Alternately, if you want to set yourself on some kind of timer, have a blank for the amount of time toy wish to relax followed by a generic awakener.
  5. Entry 11 - Acceptance

    {I like being a filly, I just like being addressed as a male. I feel that matches me the best, though I wouldn't exactly call myself trans.}
  6. Entry 11 - Acceptance

    So many tulpas. I have 14 now. Celestia showed up to do a thing, then ended up staying. Pizza Pone showed up during a discussion about pizza in the food channel, so now he's here (I call him a he because he's male, but he has the body of a mare, but he's completely fine with that, so I have no idea if he's trans). I've set up a barrier now that's immune to pretty much any sort of magic I could think of that would help to get through it, so it's going to be a lot harder to get more walk-ins, if this works properly. Had another Starlighty breakdown thing while talking with Melody. I kept saying that she deserved so much better than me, that she shouldn't love me, and that I should just leave, and eventually she'd forget about me and move on to somepony more deserving of her. Violet helped, as she usually does, and made sure I stayed to listen to what Melody had to say to me. Melody eventually decided to put me into a trance, allowing me to believe everything she said as the absolute truth. She told me that she loves me, that I'm an amazing, beautiful pony, and none of those things I did in the past were actually me. I believed her completely, and it was an interesting feeling. After spending the past... however long it's been as Starlight (I think about a month), knowing that I didn't do those things, but still feeling like I did, actually feeling like I didn't do those things was very strange. As nice as it felt to not be burdened by my past after that long, it just didn't feel right. It just felt so wrong to be who I am without all of who I am, even the bad parts. I decided to have Melody put everything back. Without having done those awful things, I just wouldn't feel like myself. The only way I feel I can truly get through it without it feeling wrong is to naturally forgive myself for my past. I'm not sure if I'll ever do that, but it's what I have to do for it to feel right. I've also noticed that even when I'm in the middle of one of those breakdowns, I'm still capable of acting like I'm completely fine pretty convincingly, or at least I don't show any signs of a problem through what I say unless I actually want to.
  7. Entry 2

    Hmmm today has been odd. I felt an overabundance of energy before, almost like I was anticipating something. I didn't quite know what, but running helped lessen it. While running, though, I felt an odd sense of sadness that I couldn't quite place...there was no discernible cause. I ended up typing out a message asking about Tulpas again...deleted it though since I realized the answer was probably in the DIY guide and I need to learn to be more independent and seek answers on my own. I think I realize now why they call it forcing. You have to force them into existence...I don't know how I missed that before, but I did. I guess the word "force" just has a negative connotation for me (the idea of forcing a living being with hopes and dreams to be a certain way is kind of unpleasant to me), and didn't take into account that when you initially force you aren't forcing a sentient being into a certain shape. I laid down and with the help of Binaurals managed to get into what I assume was a pitch black mindscape. I introduced myself as the guide suggested and apologized for not coming sooner. I think that melancholy and anticipation might have had something to do with the Tulpa. Oddly enough it took the shape of Twilight when it appeared...is it possible that my experience with trying Twilight then resetting caused that? Either way I haven't forced a personality yet. My ability to sit down for extended periods is still fairly low (though I managed to calm my mind enough and stay laying down for around half an hour. I was planning on going back in and explain to them what they are when I've managed to calm myself back down. I'm worried in some ways about going too fast, but at the same time I'm not impatient or confused anymore. I'll get there when I get there. The only downside is that I can't seem to focus on trancing. I think I'll take up Starlight on her offer to help splice in the binaural audio with the files I need. Tried it earlier myself couldn't get the damn thing to do what I wanted (Audacity is haaaard). Edit: Just made pasta and found it unpalatable...like the thought of eating it makes me slightly ill...this is weird but good. It's not good for me to eat so much of it anyway...
  8. Question about inducer files

    That should work fine. As long as you have the intent of what you are aiming to do in mind while listening to it, once you're in trance (Remember not to have Repeat or extra files on a playlist) You should be fine to tulpaforce without issue.
  9. Think I might be doing daily entries for awhile, even if nothing interesting happens on a given day. I want to have a constant reminder to take my time and be patient. Deo brought up a good point last night...I need to be calm, and can't push myself too far. I need to remember that even if success is slow it's still there. I might have realized yet another problem I need to work on. Geez the list keeps mounting. Either way, I'm going to get through it even if it takes a decade.
  10. Question about inducer files

    I'm actually working on a tulpa, and I wanted to see if getting into a trance from an inducer might let me focus on it without any other thoughts getting in the way. If it works, it might be the solution I was looking for.
  11. Question about inducer files

    It's perfectly safe to go into trance without a file following it. After all, you actually happen to go into trance at various points throughout the day, though inducers typically invoke a deeper trance state. Though, the reasons to do it are beyond me!
  12. Question about inducer files

    I was wondering, can you safely use an inducer on its own? By that I mean, using no other hypnosis files after it and just doing the trance? Or is unsafe to go into a trance without hypnosis following it?
  13. What powers do you Earth Ponies want to feel?

    Those are the ones everyone thinks of, but I can't help but think there are a few more abilities out there for Earth Ponies. I mean, Pegasi aren't just about flying-- their hooves treat clouds like solid matter and they occasionally produce weather affects when flying at speed (the Wonderbolts produce thunder clouds behind them, Rainbow Dash produces rainbows). Unicorns do more than just levitate things-- Rarity is shown gems glow through solid rock, she casts movie-like illusions behind her friends while they modeled her dresses, Canterlot's unicorns are said to change the seasons using magic, it's assumed enchanted items like mirrors are created by unicorn magic. (Twilight is atypically gifted with all subsets of magic, so I didn't mention her spells). I wouldn't mind making up a few Earthy type abilities just to give Earth Ponies something to do if they're not into gardening. ---- Oh, forgot! Earth ponies are typically the ones to take care of animal wild life. Fluttershy is just exception.
  14. i'm back

    Welcome back.
  15. Corrupt a Wish 2: Gold Version

    Granted, but all other beverages now taste like medicine instead. I wish for the ability to teleport anywhere in the world, any time, and have nobody notice a thing when doing so.
  16. i'm back

    well i'm back and i will be doing many things here energy things things with pony energy things like that. by midnightstar
  17. Yesterday
  18. What powers do you Earth Ponies want to feel?

    I think you really hit it. Their gimmick is farming and being stronger than most everyone else by default. Any other idea I would come up with would be plant based.
  19. Hello Friends

    " I got really frustrated after seeing "Username Taken" too many times " i too know this feeling.
  20. Having trouble with the hypnosis files; what should I be feeling?

    It's at least nice to know I'm not alone in my troubles, especially the telling if I'm in trance part. Thanks for the help, and I guess I'll just keep trying.
  21. I'd like to try my hand at writing a script revolving around Earth Ponies-specific abilities. With Unicorns or Pegasi, their abilities/attributes are pretty obvious. Meanwhile, Earth Ponies, being the big blank spot on the canvas that they are, get little more than a shrug from the fandom and an "ehh. Something to do with plants." Well, no longer! Let's all compile a list of Earth Pony abilities (plus a short description of how those abilities might feel.) I'll start. Here's mine: Rapid controlled plant growth---> Earth Ponies feel the magnet like tugging of grass seeds buried in the ground. Ground based "echolocation" ---> Earth Ponies can feel subtle vibrations through dirt and stone, almost like walking on the skin of a drum. A blindfolded pony can tell where obstacles are and when living creatures are walking around.
  22. I have both. Though mostly just stick to Splatoon 2 now.
  23. New File Poll

    YES! You've no idea how happy this makes me! Earth Ponies deserve love too.
  24. New File Poll

    A new earthpony file is being voiced at the moment you shall get something rather soon.
  25. New File Poll

    Hypnoponies used to have a generic Earth Pony file by someone named Damarus. If you listened to the other files by him, you'd quickly notice the file was just a heavily neutered Alicorn audio tract. I think we Earth Ponies deserve something better than a script that simply fails to mention wings or a horn. But actually... this gives me an idea.
  26. Have 1, will get 2 the minute I get a Switch
  27. can anyone post hypnosis files? ×

    We generally are not much of a fan of people posting files right in the open. Though if you send it to me or another staff member. We can look at it.
  28. Having trouble with the hypnosis files; what should I be feeling?

    I think you are on the right track. Trances can indeed be pretty hard to tell sometimes. What you are supposed to feel highly depends on what you expect to feel. Most ponies here just feel their hooves. Or atleast how they expect it would feel like to have hooves.
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