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  2. Trying transformation

    Hi all I've been using the file for pinkie for about 7 times now and when i finsh i get a great ammount of joy and thats it i don't feel liker her other than that. Am i doing somrthing wrong?
  3. Share your face!

    it's like 40% of my face that i feel comfortable sharing, so here's that
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  6. 1-16-18

    I cant remember if I mentioned this or not, however, I have added the flutter and Celestia ASMR files to my nightly programming regimen. Fluttershy to help me get to sleep(although I would like to add a bit of something to it) and Celestia to help with the Ponification process. Well there is more to it than that but its hard to explain. I've been able to feel my wings quite clearly and during my trip into work today I considered flying in when I hit a traffic jam. I had to remind myself I cant fly and it would be a bad idea to leave the car in traffic like that. I can feel my horn relatively well as well. Soon I think I will add 'Spark of Magic' to the routine. In the near future I plan on going through all the hypno files I am listening to and pick out key points to build a Alicorn subliminal affirmation file with. The affirmation file should easily replace the hypno files and cut the length of the session down considerably. That way it will repeat more frequently and I should gain more benefit from it. I've also seriously considered adding Daring Doo to the list. I am not exactly sure why other than I feel like I am being pulled in that direction. I may have to edit the file in some way so I don't have issues with gender identity. For now I wont know until I listen to the new file and see how it affects me. A lot of it will be how my mind interprets the information as well. Second guessing myself has been quite the task. As I sit back and watch these creatures I cant help but wonder. Would this/could this possibly be a home for me? Would I ever fit in? Would I ever be accepted? I'm not of their kind so I seriously doubt it. So for now, I will stay in the shadows and just watch and learn.
  7. 1-14-18

    Seems like I can never remember to update this thing. I have had a chance to experience ASMR and it was quite the experience. I have added it to my mass programming files. For whatever reason it really helps me sleep a lot deeper. I thing if I can couple it with isotonic tones than it will be as effective if not more effective then melatonin. I am happy to report I have been in an overall better mood this week.
  8. 1-7-18

    Well its been a little over a week and I have been using my mass programming file off and on. So far there are no big changes to report. There is one little thing though, although it might just be coincidence. It seems on the nights I run the mass programing files I am in a better mood the next day. Now that I think about it that could just be a placebo affect as well. Only time will tell for sure. I'm continuing to modify the files to suit my needs, but its been slow going. I'm finding that I have trouble getting the motivation to continue on this project. As usual recent experiences have left a bit disheartened. On the up side I think I may have just seen the true me once again. Now I remember why I was trying to change. It cant be normal to feel that much hatred and anger towards everyone. I've gotten to the point that I dont expect anything from anyone anymore. It seems to be the only way I stop from being pulled farther down into the abyss when the disappointment inevitably comes.
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  10. Last week
  11. Hey everypony,

    its been a long while since i posted on here.

    i changed my name to Skye now. (previously Rdashie or RdCd)

    Skye is my oc, she is a grey Pegasus pony with a white mane and light green eyes.

    Thats it :)




  12. My Sacred Land - 1/17/2017

    My Dear, Hello, old soul. I am someone, only definite in my commitment to nation and feminine purity. That is, for you, habibi. I've lived a good number of years in discomfort, from a broken home and into a frying pan of minority education. Along this path came greater and less complications, disagreements of body and soul. But slowly and surely I've came through it with some shred of sanity. In fact, I'd say I've came out better then if I never experienced it. If I had a completely decadent youth and comfort in that way. But, irregardless of my past, let me get to my present. Even as a young thing, I wanted to live in Equestria. For what was Equestria? Equestria was a land pure and communal, the people were one in spirit and mind. Guided by the God Empress and her little sister whom ruled beside her. Equestria was basically this utopia, traditional while still prancing into the future. With beauty far, far into her heart. Beating within the very chest of the Equine race. Not only this, but it wasn't a utopia because for one strong mare - who without it would fail - or because of strict control, but because that is the nature of the Equine. Soft, pure, and empathetic. But the positive side to this is that these traits don't feminize Equestria to the point it may not stand for itself or that it can't react. Instead, the opposite. It's far more able to react and preact! When compared to any human, modern or ancient, state. But even in a more so fallen world, where there isn't a benevolent autocracy in power and not all of the issues that exist range from love spats to petty diet politics. The Equine race itself withholds certain traits that the Human race does not. Physically and mentally. Cloud bending and flight, telepathic alteration, instinctively nurturing the Earth to be plentiful. These traits are specifically held by the Pegasus tribe, the Unicorn tribe, and the Earth tribe. All make up of a distinct ethnicity of the wider race. All incredibly important to civilization and even basic society. Taming the skies, constructing immersive machinery, and birthing food plentiful. Giving great meaning and field of ability to every Equine! I think you understand fairly well why I want to be of the Equine race and live within the borders of this civilization. Whyt feels as if it's my true home... That was all for now, I may send you another letter soon habibi. God bless, til next time. -ChildrenOfTheSun
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  14. An egoistical question ... ?

    I think the best way of going about it is to determine what is most rewarding for yourself. People are naturally selfish, and that's not something that we can overcome just by trying. Instead, we should embrace our selfishness and use it to act selflessly. It's essentially impossible for someone of sound mind to decide to do something without some level of benefit for themselves. Even in helping others, we benefit from the satisfaction of knowing we've helped them. If we didn't get that, I've little doubt virtually everyone would stop helping others. The only people that would would be those not of sound mind. So, instead of trying to ignore our selfishness, use it as motivation to act selflessly. We can work for the benefit of others, and in return, we get the satisfaction of knowing we helped somepony. We can learn not to fight who we are by nature, but instead take what we first consider a fault, and turn it into something beneficial for ourselves and others.
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  16. Favorite Dreams

    I liked the one about a male cow (but kind of anthro and with a mostly human face) that was somehow milked, and anyone that drank the milk automatically pointed at a cow in the area. That was it. That was the dream. Not exactly the most eventful, but I find it pretty hilarious that that was what my brain decided to come up with that night.
  17. "It's our faith, it's our life, this is our Battle Cry"

  18. Well, we all have to start somewhere right? The name is Nuclear (not my IRL name obviously) and I'm about to start what could be an interesting journey of either possible self-improvement, possible amusement or a complete waste of time (though hopefully something does happen from all of this). I suppose the best place to start would be to say a few things about myself and possibly why I decided to give this a shot. 21 years of age, not really motivated in life, socially awkward, self-esteem not too great... oh yeah, and battling on-and-off depression and anxiety since I was about 13 or 14. Yeah, typical sob story tripe. Sorry to disappoint those of you who were expecting some sort of witty and interesting background from me. One thing that got me interested in the whole hypnosis thing however was this one session I had with a therapist when I was 17 when my mental state was at an all time low: he described it as a minor form of hypnosis. What it basically involved was some sort of eye-following-fingers technique which involved me trying to visualise all my insecurities and and negative feelings into a ball of light and projecting it onto the guy's fingers as my eyes followed his fingers about the room. This ball of negativity would then be metaphorically thrown out the window. I know it sounds pretty abstract and I'm probably not doing a great job of describing it, but in a weird way it did sort of work: I was feeling a lot better about my insecurities at that time after that session. And seeing how I happen to be a brony and I did have an interest in hypnosis, it's rather convenient that I recently came across this community. I don't really have anything to lose, so might as well give this whole thing a shot, right? After careful consideration, I decided to give the Rarity files a go for a few reasons. Firstly she is a character who has a lot of pride and self-confidence - something I'm not -, socially confident - something I'm not - but not quite as overbearing as I personally think Pinkie Pie can be sometimes, hardworking and ambitious - something which I'm not at the moment... do you see where I'm going with this? In short, Rarity has a lot of the characteristics that I want in myself but am quite seriously lacking at the moment. So after going through the traits of some of the other characters, I came to the conclusion that Rarity is basically the bundle of all the things I want to improve about myself. I have been testing out some of the files already and I've come to the conclusion that to try and get best results I should make myself go through two sessions each day: the V2 file during the daytime and then the V3 file during the nighttime before sleeping. Of course I might change things around depending on how things go and what developments (if any) may happen but that is the basic formula of what I'm going to try and do. Whether or not this all works out, I don't know. Either way, should hopefully make for some decent entertainment for all anyway. So, this is how my journey begins. See you all on the other side I guess. Until next time, - Nuclear 1250
  19. Minecraft Server

    Here is the MC Servers Map: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/equestrian-souls-server-map/
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