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      The files are now available for download again Currently only the mane6 and the reset file are available, though we wil be adding the rest in the short future. You can find them in the tab above. 
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  2. Wishing you all a lovely day!

    1. Sable


      I had a wonderful day ^_^ I hope you did too.

  3. Last week
  4. Today wasn't the greatest day for me, been stressed for a good portion of the afternoon, but I believe that Icey seemingly took over conrtrol while I was playing a game, it just felt like suddenly i was no longer in conrtrol of my hands, and it took a bit of strength to reply to a friend, after doing so I felt as if I had gained control back, but even after a short time away from the wheel, so to speak, i felt suddenly calmer.

  5. Since they have not posted yet Hello and welcome Other Platinum. 

  6. Why am I having doubts?

    1. platinum


      Because it is our brain's nature to question everything.

  7. going to start up a journal on here hopefully sometime this week when i have time. Kind of excited 

  8. You can now add your tulpa's names to your profile. This will appear on your profile page as well as on all of your posts~

    1. Starlight Glimglam

      Starlight Glimglam

      lol ok thx

      [Nice response.]

      Thanks Azy. <3

  9. Wow...EKP for the second time...

  10. I love being able to make progress on becoming more like myself. This wonderful community is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me, so I just want to say thank you to everypony that's made my time here so wonderful, and I hope we all get to spend much more together in the coming years too.

  11. All those returning from BronyCon stay safe and have a wonderful trip home.


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    2. Ethanland
    3. shiron222


      closing ceremonies or is it going for the rest of the night?


    4. Ethanland


      Well, it is over now

  12. I Feel Like Icey and I have made some massive progress, recently i've been able to feel his emotional responses when forcing, it makes me excited, and have hope, for the future. ^-^

    1. Starlight Glimglam

      Starlight Glimglam

      That's great, you're making good progress! :cheer:

  13. "Right or wrong... I can hardly tell. I'm on the wrong side of heaven... and the righteous side of hell"

  14. ....They have a generic Dragon file, but not an Earth pony.... :facehoof:


    Also, all of my journals, gone forever.


    I knew I should have made a backup. :angry2:

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    2. Starlight Glimglam

      Starlight Glimglam

      I'm not sure why they don't have an earth pony file up yet. I figured that would be a fairly high priority file.

    3. AuroraMorningdew


      The interactive generic one doesn't really work for me, as it pulls me out of the trance when I'm making all the "decisions."


      There is a way to be an Earth Pony and not have a set personality, but it's way harder, longer, and if anyone just wants the experience without making it permanent, they're out of luck.


      The two files to use are the Pony Body Reprogramming and Pony Visuals Reprogramming. They would probably work better with a base file, though.



      The fact of the matter is that nobody will "vote" for an earth pony file. They are the least popular type, and not only that, but people who want to try pony hypnosis for a new experience probably want new limbs to experience, like wings or a horn.

      Oh, someone gave me the backup for my journals, apparently. So that's nice. I might put them up sometime.

    4. Sable


      Yeah, well I do believe that your onto something, it would be nice to have an entry level one that works as good as the generic Pegasus one has for me.  Is this file a problem for most ponies I wonder?  I know that it is frustrating but there are a lot of files to be made, there is a huge list and not enough to do them.  I am trying to make file for myself at the moment but i have never even done so before.  Maybe I could try my hoof at it someday.  But I am also making workshops at the moment and trying to get ready to move to a new job and city.  I can't promise anything at the moment.

  15. Earlier
  16. It's official! I can't stand sleeping on my back or side anymore cuz it feels like my wings get pinched.

    1. Col.Dew


      Nice shiron, let us know when it's hard to sit in highbacked chairs, I know I had some back pains about that for a while.

    2. shiron222
  17. Happy Hump day everypony , Enjoy the rest of the day and have a pleasant night. Also enjoy the festivities for those at BronyCon!


    1. Starlight Glimglam

      Starlight Glimglam

      If only I were there. I'd love to go to an MLP convention some time, it sounds like fun. Then again, I also don't like being around crowds of people... I'm conflicted.

  18. today was interesting..

    1. shiron222


      Good or bad?


  19. It wasn't until I was on the mobile version that I realized the little tab icon is a picture of Roseluck

    1. platinum


      And night theme is a batpone.

  20. Sadly to tired to do a session with Amelia now ... Well we will do one when I wake up again ^^ ... but I have strong tummy ache which is annoying and keeps me off my slumber XP

    1. Olivia


      Grah! That name is amazing!

  21. Found myself making checklists ... fun :D

    1. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      Checklists are fun!

  22. Ughhhh, I tranced in a crappy position and now my neck/face feel all wrong.

  23. I finally beat pokemon stadium.

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    2. baltoist


      its prob cuz I've played stadium since I was 5

    3. shiron222


      Ah. Yeah, makes sense. Sorry if I offended you :( wasn't my intention.

    4. baltoist


      nah you didn't

  24. Looking at nostalgic images, it's bringing on some feelings alright.

  25. Definitely not dancing to Despacito by myself right now.

    Definitely not.

    1. shiron222



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