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    • Celestia

      Nightmare Night Raffle   09/29/2017

      Greetings Everypony, This October is the run up to Nightmare Night. For the community I shall be holding a raffle which would bring in such fun.  To join in the festivities I will give the community a few ways to gain entry into the raffle: -Change your discord avatar to one of your character in costume, with a username to match. (See -Witch Luna /Batlestia as an example) -Make 10 posts to the forum throughout the month, This includes replies, You may do status updates, but only once a day. Journals count as 2 posts. -Donators automatically get one free entry You may have more than one ticket and we have many prizes coming your way. Winners will be given on a first drawn, first choice basis, a selection of different prizes. If anyone has any prizes such as steam keys to give away, you will also receive an entry for helping. Good luck and Happy Nightmare Night. -Luna & Celestia

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  1. Yesterday
  2. "I hurt much more than any time before, I have no options left again.
    I don't want to be the one the battles always choose; 'Cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused.

    I don't know what's worth fighting for, or why I have to scream. I don't know why I instigate and say what I don't mean. I don't know how I got this way, I'll never be alright"

    1. Starlight Glimmer
    2. Thund3rDa5h


      Sunny, in the end you will be alright.  You just have to have stand up and fight.

  3. Last week
  4. I don't even remember that last time i was THAT sick. glad it's almost over. 

  5. I have a question I need to ask.  I am a newcomer (yes I have read all of your guides, they were done very well by the way, you did good), and I want to get into to this.  However, I am very busy.  I read somewhere on the forums that a good rule of thumb to how many times to listen to the files is once or twice a week.  I know things like this take time, and I was wondering if that is where I should start.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. Star Shard

      Star Shard

      I think that is a pretty good way to start if you are busy. Its not to little and you can always add more sessions when you find the time. 



  6. Please don't waste time worrying about me, guys... it'll be okay

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Thund3rDa5h


      "Sunny.  Don't say that.  I will always be there.  I don't like it when you hurt.  I don't want to lose you.  I love you."

    3. Ethanland


      I'll spend my time how I want, and if I want to worry about you, I'll do just that

    4. shiron222


      ^ Who are you to tell us what's a waste and what isn't, huh? What kind of friends would we be if we DIDN'T worry? Just...please take care of yourself, even if it's hard with your situation.

  7. Gotta love being woken up by Amber Alerts -_-

  8. Hearts are fragile things... So many things relying on something so brittle and fickle...

  9. my birthday is coming up *looks for a pinkie*

    1. Pink Streamers

      Pink Streamers

      I'm not that, but happy 9 day early birthday

    2. twilight pie
  10. Earlier
  11. A few minutes ago i had the best trance ever. Even with my mother knocking two times on my door while trancing :Squee:

  12. Patiently impatient.

  13. 10-13-17. The start of a new beginning~

    1. Starlight Glimmer
    2. shiron222


      Here's to change~! *raises glass*

    3. Pink Streamers

      Pink Streamers

      Is there something I'm missing here

      How do you delete messages

  14. Forgot to mention it yesterday, but it was my 4 year anniversary of finding my true self as Soarin/Glide. Hard to believe it's been so long...

    1. Greta[DawnStar]


      Oh Boy, it's been some time :P nearly half a decade!

  15. You know, the calendar feature seems like a great way to organize and run events such as the weekly workshops.

    1. RDashie


      That's a great idea

    2. Star Shard

      Star Shard

      That one is going on my tombstone. isnt it?

  16. Should be interesting, to see how long that my mind can hold out

    1. shiron222


      You will hold out. You will overcome.

  17. Statement

    1. shiron222



      Also your picture makes me die from laughter. I am currently a ghost...

  18. Happy MLP day

  19. Can someone tell me if discord mobile is data heavy. Internet is going to be out a few days and I don't have much data in general.

    1. Moonlight Symphony

      Moonlight Symphony

      if you disable the image download and preview then it shouldn't need so much data.

  20. Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving everypony ^_^

  21. Status update.

    1. Bright Star

      Bright Star

      Reply to this status...

    2. Twizilii


      Status acknowledged.

  22. <title> I'm tired </title>

    <p> yay, tomorrow is another day of making websites and getting angry when your site doesn't do what you want it to do </p>

    <a> :angry3: </a>

    1. Create4Life



      function getRest(hours){
          setTimeout((hours * 3600) * 1000); 



    2. RDashie



      404 - rest not found:Derp:

  23. Terribly long work day, 12.5 hours long. But managed to come home to the server in time for something wonderful

    1. Sable


      O.o What happened Sunbeam?

    2. RDashie


      Wow, that's a long day! Is that even legal? :hip:

    3. platinum


      As long as they are over 18.

  24. It's a huge bummer that you need to prepare for the worst in order to be yourself.

    1. RDashie


      Best is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

    2. Cutieshy


      It is pretty sad. :/

  25. Hello everypony!
    It has been quite a while since I have been online on this community, and truth be told, it is entirely my fault. 
    Recently, a lot has happened in my life, and dealing with it, had become merely impossible. It has since resolved itself, and I should be online a little more in the coming weeks. 

    1. Starlight Glimmer (Krazy)

      Starlight Glimmer (Krazy)

      welcome back, and I hope you feel better

    2. Twizilii


      Glad everything's better, and welcome back!

    3. Frenz


      Heyyy Welcome back, been missing ya ^^

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