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Equestrian Souls Terms of Service

Version 1 –Find and Replace Edition

(Yes there are actual changes)


Effective as of July 24th 2017 7:00 GMT


Welcome to the Equestrian Souls community! This website was created by a group of people with a desire to connect with the world and characters of the My Little Pony series through the power of the mind, whether it be through hypnosis, meditation, or other legal means. Much like the brony community as a whole, the Equestrian Souls community includes people from all walks of life who have stumbled across this fascinating fusion between hypnosis and MLP.

In order to ensure tranquility among all members of this site, these rules have been put in place. Please read through these rules and refer to them as you utilize and access site materials and services. You will be expected to know these rules and comply with them as you use the site and any of its materials and services. Ignorance is not a valid excuse for violating the rules! If you do not agree to these rules, stop and immediately discontinue your access to this site, related materials and services. In such circumstances, you may request for your account to be deleted by an administrator. By continuing to use this site and access site materials and services, you agree to be bound by these terms of service.

As the site evolves and changes, new terms will be put in place. These terms may be put in place at any given time and do not require prior warning beforehand, however notifications will be put up on the site in order to notify of these changes. Upon the site Terms of Service changing, you, as a user of the community, will be expected to know of these changes and comply with them. Again, ignorance is not a valid excuse for violating the rules.



The intent of this section is to describe terms used in these terms of service in order to better objectify otherwise subjective terms, and, as a result, give a better expectation of what behavior is welcome and is not welcome on this site.


A.   User: Any person or entity utilizing community services or materials

B.   Staff: The team of administrators and moderators with elevated privileges, designated to maintain and moderate the site.

C.   Webadministrator: The designated primary administrator, has intimate access to the server and resources necessary to maintain the site.

D.   Administrative Action: Any action taken by staff beyond a warning (i.e. a ban or moderated posting)

E.  Staff Consensus: A vote held among the staff. This is to be used for appeals, adding new staff members, some administrative actions, and other scenarios in which staff consensus is deemed necessary. An overwhelming staff consensus means all active staff within a given minimum 72-hour period must agree.

F.    Site Resources: Any hypnotic content that has been posted, linked, or otherwise associated with the community.

G.   Backseat Moderating: When a user behaves as if they themselves are site staff, despite not holding a staff position; this may include publicly or privately calling out other members for breaking site rules and chastising said members.

H.  Flaming: Hostile, possibly insulting behavior, regardless of intent, or any action that can be considered bullying, harassment, or trolling.

I.     Manipulative Behavior: Behavior in which someone uses their influence over another person to gain benefits from them. Usually can be sneaky, deceptive, and devious, and does not usually result in any benefit to the person being manipulated.

J.    Spam: Communication which is meaningless to the topic at hand

K.  Petship: A relationship between two users in which one person (the owner) is the caretaker, owner, master, mistress, parent, dominant, or any other similar term, towards another person.

L.   Designated Pet: The pet, child, submissive, or any other similar term, in any given petship between two members of this community.

M.  Designated Owner: The owner, mistress, master, caretaker, parent, or any other similar term. in any given petship between two members of this community.



Why does this section exist? There are some circumstances which may arise that fall outside of the rules given in these Terms which, while do not directly violate a rule given in these Terms, is still behavior which would be considered unacceptable and intolerable within the Equestrian Souls community. In such situations, this rule exists to allow staff to take action against such behavior, so that said behavior may be discontinued without requiring immediate modifications to these Terms, at least until these Terms are updated to include the behavior in question. The intent of this section is not to permit warnings and/or administrative action without a reasonable cause.

As the staff of the Equestrian Souls community, in order to sufficiently maintain good conduct and harmony within the community, we reserve the right to carry out whatever action(s) deemed necessary against a given user’s conduct, up to and including termination of access to the community, regardless of whether said conduct is not directly violating a rule stated in these Terms. Attempting to “bypass” rules by working on loopholes and technicalities that exist within the text can and will still be punished.



All staff decisions will be made objectively and as fairly as possible in any given circumstance. If, however, for any reason you feel a decision carried out against you is unfair, unless if you are told otherwise, you may appeal your punishment by engaging in communication with one of the site Administrators. Please explain your side of the story in a calm, collective manner. The details you submit will be brought up to the staff and a consensus will be made among the staff whether the warning or action placed against your account was fair. If said action is declared unjust, the warning and/or administrative action will be reversed. All decisions made as the result from an appeal are final and cannot be re-appealed, unless if outstanding evidence proves another appeal is necessary, in which case the decision to accept an appeal is up to staff consensus.

A decision from a moderator may be overturned by an administrator. A decision from an administrator can be overturned by the Webadministrator. A decision from the Webadministrator can be overturned by a staff consensus. A decision made by staff consensus is final and cannot be appealed.



The V3 Mane Six hypnosis files on this site were created by Foxxxy, a long time user of this community. While hosted on this site, they were not created by the site staff.

All files hosted on this site are provided for educational use to study the effects of hypnosis. While every effort is made to ensure the safety of these files, including a screening process for any new file submitted on the website, NO GUARANTEE CAN BE MADE REGARDING THE SAFETY OR FITNESS OF THE HYPNOSIS FILES ON THIS WEBSITE, OR THE BEHAVIOR OF OTHER MEMBERS OF THE SITE (INCLUDING STAFF) THAT MAY GIVE HYPNOSIS SESSIONS OR HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS. YOUR ENGAGEMENT WITH THIS SITE AND ANY SITE RESOURCES IS PURELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. BY AGREEING TO THESE TERMS, YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING:







As a user of this community, you are expected to follow the terms and services of this website as well as in your usage of site services and resources. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning and/or administrative action proportional to the severity of the rule violation and if a history of such offenses exist.


A.  Reporting Content and Backseat Moderating. If you see something that goes against the Terms of Service in this community, you are encouraged to report this behavior, either by using the Report button found in any given post on the forums, or by contacting a staff member directly and providing logs and/or links to the violation in question. Do not try to be a backseat moderator, as not only will it aggravate the issue, but it is also against these rules and will result in a punishment usually ranging from a private warning to future posts requiring post approval.

B.    Flaming. Flaming and behavior that could be considered flaming is not welcome on Equestrian Souls, and those found to be exhibiting such behavior will receive a punishment ranging from a public warning to termination of community access, based on the severity of the violation.

C.  Discrimination. Do not treat any member of this site any differently, or behave in a way that could be reasonably considered insulting to another based on their skin color, culture, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, country of residence or origin, or species identity. This is behavior akin to flaming and is also not allowed on Equestrian Souls, and those found to be exhibiting such behavior will receive a punishment ranging from a public warning to termination of community access, based on the severity of the violation.

D.   Profanity. When communicating with others in the community, behave as a pony in Equestria would. Since profanity does not show up in the canon Equestrian world, it won’t show up in the Equestrian Souls community either. You are to refrain from using swear words in conversation, even if the swear you are using is not contained in the filter. Punishment for swearing usually ranges from a private warning to your future posts requiring moderator approval in extreme or repeated cases. Punishment may be aggravated if it is found you are attempting to circumvent profanity filters.

E.   Sharing of Private Content. Refrain from revealing personal information about yourself or others on this forum, or information that can be used to identify you. This includes information such as names, E-mail addresses, IP addresses, addresses, etc. Punishment usually ranges from a private warning to all of your future posts requiring moderator approval, and may result in termination of community access in severe cases. Distributing another member's personal information or private messages outside of the site's services without said member's prior consent may result in punishment ranging from warning to termination of community access, based on the severity of the violation.

F.    Sensitive Topics. Some topics, such as religion and politics, can become very controversial and can get out of hand very quickly. Therefore, please keep conversation of such topics to a minimum and tread lightly when discussing such topics. If you are asked to stop by a reasonable number of members or a staff member, discontinue the conversation immediately, or move it away from the public eye. Failure to comply with such requests will result in punishment usually ranging from a public warning to a temporary ban.

G.   Manipulative Behavior. Potentially harmful manipulative behavior is not something that is tolerated on Equestrian Souls. Punishment for a case of manipulative behavior will be decided on a case-by-case basis upon being discovered, unless if circumstances require immediate action, in which case the user in question will be banned from the community until a final decision is made.

H.  Spam. Spam is not tolerated. Spammers will be punished, with punishments ranging from a private warning to termination of community access. Accounts which are determined to exist solely to spam will be terminated and their IP address will be reported to an anti-spam service.

I.     Multiple Accounts. Multiple accounts per IP are permitted if requested before creation and with sufficient reason to exist (i.e. there are multiple members of a household using the Community). Please do not make multiple accounts without prior consent. Duplicate accounts made without prior approval will be removed. Attempting to make another account to circumvent a ban on your account may worsen the punishment on your banned account, or if your access to the community has been previously terminated, further reduces your chance of ever being able to return.

J.   Account Sharing. Allowing another user access to your account to preform actions that would break these Terms of service, or to circumvent punishments for breaking these terms,  will result on action taken on all offending parties. It is your responsibility to secure and protect your own account. 

K.      Legality. The community is not a place to discuss topics which are illegal in the United States of America. Please leave such conversation off of the site and in private discussions and discussions not on the community. Discussion of prior use of drugs is permitted, however publicly promoting the use of drugs is not permitted.

L.  Tulpae. In order to keep conversation organized and non-confusing, the tulpae/host of a member are to be easily identifiable in such a manner so that they can be told apart from one another. All tulpae and the host in a given body/system are subject to follow these Terms, and are bound by them. Members will be punished accordingly if another entity in their body/system breaks a rule.

M. Additional Rules. These Terms are to be followed along with the Code of Conduct, posted below these terms. If anything on the linked Code of Conduct conflicts with these Terms, these Terms will take priority.



When using hypnotic suggestions on other users, the utmost care must be taken to ensure that the suggestions you give will not harm them in any way, or will modify them in such a way that will render them unable to function normally in society. The safety of hypnosis is something that is taken seriously on this site, as a lot of members are very receptive to the effects of hypnosis, and demonstrating carelessness towards the that safety when administering hypnosis is one of the quickest ways to find yourself no longer a member of this community. That being said, the following actions have been determined by staff to be a danger to the site community, and performing such actions towards another user, regardless of whether done privately or in public, can lead to termination of community access:


A.   Having another user use a file, or read any hypnotic text, that has been determined to be unsafe. (i.e. having your pets listen to the banned pet file.)

B.    Giving hypnotic suggestions that can be considered manipulative.

C.   Continuing to give hypnotic suggestions after discomfort towards such suggestions has been clearly stated.

D.   Using suggestions that impair one’s ability to tell what hypnosis was placed on them (i.e. inability to remember the contents of a hypnosis session)

E.    Giving suggestions that can be reasonably expected by the hypnotist to cause pain. (i.e. a suggestion that causes the recipient to feel pain upon not complying with the contents of the session)

F.    Demonstrating carelessness towards the safety of a recipient of a hypnosis session.

G.   Using a hypnosis trigger on someone else without their consent.

H.   Anything not covered in this list that can be reasonably expected by the hypnotist to cause potential danger to the community or its users. Writing files for controversial characters or files that have some increased level of risk involved in listening is not considered a violation of this rule, given that such is done carefully and that every measure is taken to ensure the safety of those who listen to it. In such situations, while the liability for the file lies in whoever wrote the file, it is the listener’s responsibility to accept the inherent risks in listening to such a file.


If you are found to be performing such actions, the staff will review such actions and determine what action to take, determined on if the actions appear to be deliberate and harmful in nature and what damage it has caused.



Safe petships that respect the wishes of both the designated owner and designated pet, as well as the community, are permitted and welcomed on the site community. However, a petship that does not properly respect the wishes of this community, of the designated pet, or the designated owner, is not welcome. These rules exist to ensure safety for designated pets and the community.

Designated Owners must:

A.   Obtain expressed, informed consent from the pet prior to beginning the petship that has not been coerced, manipulated, or otherwise has brought the potential designated pet to a state of mind in which they cannot make a rational decision as to if they should be the designated pet.

B.    Provide a designated, easy-to-remember “safe word” for the designated pet to use in the event the designated pet feels uncomfortable, and remind them of their safe word and their duty to use it if the pet appears to be under an excess amount of stress.

C.   Encourage the use of the safe word at any time when the designated pet feels uncomfortable.

D.   Permit a pet to leave for any reason, without causing undue stress, regardless of the reason, and not create any barrier to the ability for a pet to leave.

E.    Request permission before performing any punishments that involve harmful physical contact, whether roleplay or not, on their pets, which can be revoked by the pet at any time.

F.    Take care of their designated pets and ensure that they are not brought to harm.

Designated Owners must not:

A.   Break any rules specified in section VII, In Regards to the Administration of Hypnosis with Others. (This section applies to everyone, however historically some petships have broken, or would be considered to have broken some of those rules, so this is repeated here to ensure the point has been made.)

B.    Until one has been officially deemed safe by the staff by an overwhelming staff consensus, administering, condoning, or in any way, shape, or form, suggesting the use ofany hypnosis files that attempt to establish a petship. As of the release of these Terms, no absolutely safe files exist, even if they state that they are safe.

C.   Give any command that suggests a pet who is unable to give consent is to perform any sexual action, or any action related to sex (for example, sending nude/suggestive pictures). This applies to any pet who is under the age of 18, is under the influence of drugs, or has been mentally influenced in some way, shape, or form that affects their ability to make such a decision rationally.

D.   Give any command that invades the privacy of members that are not their designated pets. An example of this would be requesting non-redacted logs of a private conversation that involves members that are not their designated pets.

E.    If the designated pet is a staff member, no commands can be given that interferes with their ability to operate as a staff member.

F.    Coerce, use hypnotic suggestions, or manipulate towards a designated pet beyond things that the designated pet specifically requests or that goes beyond what is necessary to establish a petship between a designated pet and a designated owner.

G.   Coerce, hypnotically suggest, or perform any action that would affect a potential designated pet, in an attempt to convince them to become a designated pet.

H.   Give any command, coerce, or hypnotically suggest anything that would prevent a designated pet from leaving the petship.

I.      Give any command, coerce, or hypnotically suggest anything that would make the removal of any command, coercion, or hypnotic suggestion more difficult.

J.      Give any command, coerce, or hypnotically suggest anything that would violate the Terms of Service.

K.   Give any command, coerce, or hypnotically suggest anything that could be reasonably considered unacceptable for a safe petship by the community staff.

L.    Ignore usage of the designated safe word. Usage of the safe word is considered the revocation of consent.

M.  Perform any punishment that involves harmful physical contact without consent.


Designated Pets must:

A.   Ensure that they are well-informed and decide, rationally, if they want to become someone’s designated pet prior to engaging in a petship.

B.    Do not express consent to engage in a petship until they have made a rational, well-informed decision.

C.   Remember safe words and use them in the event that they feel uncomfortable.

D.   Allow a dominant to disband a petship, without causing undue stress, regardless of the reason.


These rules apply to any dominants/owners and pets on-site. Anyone who is, or is considering being, a pet to a dominant either on or off-site is strongly advised to take utmost caution to ensure their dominant will treat them fairly and safely as advised in the rules written above, and to report any abusive dominant to the staff of the communities they are a member of.



The forum punishment system works on points. For every violation of the site rules, you will receive an appropriate number of points. Until staff has decided on such, there is not a designated expiration date for points, however you may ask for point(s) to be removed after a reasonable period of time and, if the staff decides it has been long enough, the point(s) may be removed.

A typical violation of site rules will add one point to your account. (Note that more severe punishments will result in a higher number of points being added to your account.)

Upon receiving the third point to your account, you will be suspended for one week.

Upon receiving the fourth point to your account, you will be suspended for two weeks.

Upon receiving the fifth and final point to your account, your access to the community will be terminated.





(v.1    24/07/2017 7:00 GMT)


1.a) Only those people who are in sound mental health shall engage in the usage of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS, and then only safely and wisely, and then only under safe conditions to do so.   

1. b) Any who have any form/signs of mental illness, (or have any inkling that they may not be in good mental health,) must first consult their CERTIFIED MENTAL HEALTH-CARE PROFESSIONAL regarding the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and their usage – preferably then only pursuing their usage under the DIRECT SUPERVISION of their  CERTIFIED MENTAL HEALTH-CARE PROFESSIONAL. 

  1.c) As the use of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS are restricted to those in good mental health, the use of these forums by any who has (or exhibits) any form of mental illness shall be solely at the discretion of the administration/moderation staff on a case-by-case basis, and pursuant to the applicant's continued APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR and adherence to the CODE OF CONDUCT.


2) AGE:   

2.a) The PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS on this site contain suggestions that may lead to but are not limited to the following; Personality augmentation, Behavior changes, Gender identity changes, Physical Dysphoria, EKP, and other potential long term risks and effects.

For that reason all PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS on the site are to be used only by those aged 17+.   

2. b) As the use of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS are intended only for those aged 17+, the use of these boards by any individual not of the minimum AGE shall be SOLELY at the discretion of the administration/moderation staff on a case-by-case basis, and pursuant to the applicant's continued APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR and adherence to the CODE OF CONDUCT.



3.a) GENERAL CONDUCT         

3.a.i) If a good pony in Ponyville wouldn't do/say/discuss something where other ponies could hear, it doesn't belong here on these forums either.     

 3.a.ii) The forums are to be a safe, respectful place for ponies to explore their pony-selves, their connection with their Element of Harmony, their connections to Equestria, and how best to live true to their Element of Harmony and/or their pony-selves, on this planet in their human lifetimes.   

3. b) BELLIGERENCE         

3.b.i) Belligerent conduct of any type will not be tolerated and will be result in warning, redaction, censure and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.       

 3.b.ii) Conduct bordering on belligerence, (ie: disrespectful, cruel, antagonizing, hurtful, etc.) will be the subject of warning, redaction, and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.         

3.b.iii) Continued belligerence and/or borderline belligerence will result in warning, censure, and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.   

3.c) SEXUAL CONDUCT       

 3.c.i) Conduct of a sexual or propositional nature will not be tolerated and will be result in warning, redaction, censure and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.         

3.c.ii) Conduct bordering on being sexual or propositional in nature will be the subject of warning, redaction, and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.         

3.c.iii) Continued conduct bordering on being sexual or propositional in nature will result in warning, censure and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.   

3.d) PROFANITY       

 3.d.i) Excessive profanity will not be tolerated and will be result in warning, redaction, censure and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.         

3.d.ii) Continued use of profanity will result in warning, censure, and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF'S discretion.   


3.e.i) Conduct that is overtly disrespectful will not be tolerated and will be result in warning, redaction, censure and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.       

3.e.ii) Continued conduct that is overtly disrespectful will result in warning, censure, and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion. 


 3.f.i) Inclusion of the trigger phrases from the scripts/files in public areas can be potentially dangerous.  Refrain from including them in any kind of discourse where others might happen upon them, (eg: Posts, Discord, Journals, etc.)     

 3.f.ii) Including a trigger phrase in public discourse will result in a warning, and editing of the post in question where applicable. Subsequent infractions will result in censure, and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.   


3.g.i) Verbiage in the manner of suggestions in public areas can be potentially dangerous.  Be mindful of the words you choose in any kind of discourse where others might happen upon them, (eg: Posts, Discord, Journals, etc.)       

3.g.ii) Using verbiage in the manner of suggestions in public discourse will result in a warning, and editing of the post in question where applicable. Subsequent infractions will result in censure, and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion. 


3.h.i) Complaints and grievances against other users/participants will be brought PRIVATELY to the attention of the ADMINISTRATION STAFF.  (eg: Private Message, "Report Post" button, etc.)       

3.h.ii) Publicly calling for administrator action sews strife and disharmony and may be regarded as DISRESPECTFUL CONDUCT, (see section 3.e).   


3.i.i) Egregious advertising will not be tolerated and will be result in warning, redaction, censure and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.       

3.i.ii) Continued egregious advertising will result in warning, censure, and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.


3.j.i) Any and all links to EXTERNAL sources of HYPNOSIS MATERIALS is the responsibility of the user linking it in any PUBLIC place  (Including but not limited to; Forum Posts, Status updates, Signatures, Chat rooms.) Links should ONLY be posted if the content is suitable for the EQUESTRIAN SOULS COMMUNITY,

3.j.II) Knowingly linking to any BANNED, DELIBERATELY UNSAFE or EXPLICIT MATERIAL is prohibited, and may result in a warning and/or banning at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF’s discretion. If a user is unsure the content is permissible, they should consult the ADMINISTRATION STAFF before posting.

3.j.iii) Any HYPNOSIS MATERIALS linked and not hosted in the files section of EQUESTRIAN SOULS is under no endorsement of safety or quality from the ADMINISTRATION STAFF and are to be used at the User’s own risk.


3 k i ) Sensible Informative discussion of drugs and substances are permitted providing the conversation remains mature and relevant in regards to the topic. Dramatic sensationalism or directly promoting the usage of and/or glorification of drug abuse will be the subject of warning, redaction, and/or user banning, at the ADMINISTRATION STAFF's discretion.

3 k ii )  A member’s opinion on drugs, for or against, is to remain civil. Personal attacks on others based on their history or experience for or against drugs are prohibited and may be regarded as DISRESPECTFUL CONDUCT. ( See Section 3e )


4.a) The PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and this forum are provided free of charge.  No warranties are stated nor implied.   

4. b)  Each individual user of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and/or these forums assumes any and all risk for his/her use of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and/or these forums.   

4.c) Each individual user of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and/or these forums assumes personal responsibility for their behavior, conduct, and mental health.   

4.d) Each individual user of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and/or these forums assumes the responsibility to educate him/herself regarding HYPNOSIS, GUIDED MEDITATIONS/VISUALIZATIONS and the like, their potential benefits and risks, before and during the use of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and/or these forums.   

4.e) The users of, and where applicable the legal guardians for the users of, the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and/or these forums indemnify and hold harmless the creators of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS, the creators of this form and its ADMINISTRATION/MODERATION STAFF, related to and/or resulting from any and all possible usage of and/or contact with the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS, and/or these forums.

5) MISC:   

5.a) If any part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable and/or contrary to the laws of an individual user's, (and where applicable the legal guardians for the user,) legal residence, the rest of this AGREEMENT shall remain in full force.   

5.b) By using the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and/or these forums in any fashion, the user expressly ratifies his/her consent to this AGREEMENT in its entirety and agrees to be bound by this AGREEMENT for however long the results of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and/or these forums may be evident in the user's lifetime and/or results of his/her actions.   

5.c) Ignorance of this document does not release the user from being bound by it pursuant to clause 5.b.   

5.d) This document represents the entirety of the AGREEMENT between the creators of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS, the creators of these forums and its ADMINISTRATION/MODERATION team, and each individual user of the PONY HYPNOSIS MATERIALS and/or these forums, and supersedes any and all previous and/or ancillary AGREEMENTS stated and/or implied.   

5.c) This document is subject to change without notice.






The contents of these files can and have been known to cause IRREVERSIBLE mental effects and should only be used if you are over the age of 17 and are 100% SURE that you want to be hypnotized into being a pony. THIS IS NOT A TOY OR A GAME. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Please take time to consider what you are about to do before participating in Pony Hypnosis. Every person is different and may react to hypnosis differently. Therefore we cannot guarantee any effects to take place or not take place when choosing to partake in Pony Hypnosis.


Side effects may include but are not limited to any unexpected or undesired effect such as:


  • Turning into a pony.
  • Turning into the opposite gender
  • Taking on characteristics both physically and mentally of a different being.
  • The effects normally attributed to hypnosis, such as over-suggestibility, headaches and drowsiness.
  • Other unintended problems, such as social stigma, disappointment in human life as whole and negative personal discoveries about yourself.


These effects may be, depending on the person, long lasting if not permanent. Taking the time to think and considering your options should be done before starting any sessions, as your ability to make a decision will be diminished by the use of the files.


Hypnosis is a mind altering technique that can come with serious consequences. Like any other mind altering technique, please refrain from any use when your full attention is required, such as while driving or operating heavy machinery.


Equestrian Souls nor any other parties in association with Pony Hypnosis accept no liabilities in any way caused by use or misuse of said content. Or any other negative influence caused by files, scripts or any other material created by the team or outside creators both in the past, present and future.

We are not capable of helping those in pains or with troubled life. We are not a professional help centre nor have the expertise or skills to deal with every issue. We are willing to lend a hearing ear or offer advice but take into account we are no substitute for professional help nor can we work miracles.


We offer no way out of humanity. Nor reject it. The goal of this project is self improvement. Not escapism.

Pony or not. You still hold responsibilities towards this world and your place in it.


When in doubt, or have questions, contact a staff member, other well trusted members or post your questions and issues in the generic Q&A Area.. We will try to answer your question to the best of their knowledge possible. You may also use the #Help-and-support channel in the Discord Server.


This disclaimer is multi-purpose. It serves to ensure that you (the user of such files) are thoroughly informed of the risks and that you realize that you could be (and we cannot stress this enough) permanently altering your mind set and perspective of reality. We are not responsible for your actions. We provide these free of charge files so that responsible persons can enjoy them. We are not forcing you to do this. You have done it of your own choice and are therefore the responsible party.



Other important need to know things:


The file section only becomes available after your account on EquestrianSouls.com has been approved by an admin. This is only in place to force you to take the time to read up on the various material present on the site. Think things over. Pick your desired path and avoid impulse use. If validation takes too long, feel free however to inform the community in the Discord.


Avoid the use of multiple characters at once. Not only does the use of one character disrupt the effects of the others. We have found that it also leads to Headaches, Depression. Nausea, Identity crises and other negative side-effects grouped under E.K.P. (Existential/Emotional Kernel Panic.)


Take the time and think your decision over. Picking the right pony to use offers the best start and chances of positive long lasting changes. Ensure that every part or angle of this pony's body and personality fits with yourself or any goal you may set for pony hypnosis, or with the choices you have made in life already. (E.G. a person driving around fragile picking Rainbow Dash or a butcher or prison guard picking Fluttershy etc.)


Respect the paths others choose. And try to refrain from steering others into a path for your own gain. We take personal development seriously and frown heavily on character recruitment.


Scripts of the already existing files are currently kept private for safety reasons. However if a need arises to look through them the author can be contacted to look into them for you or share scripts or parts of scripts with you if needed.


When thinking about writing new scripts. Always consult with the staff first and have the scripts checked out before recording. This is both to ensure the next file is safe and as good as it can be and to offer any assistance we can provide. To safe time on both sides, please do this before recording.


Currently Equestrian Souls officially consists out of the forum located at Equestriansouls.com and Discord Server located at the location specified on the homepage on the forum. The contents of other sites are beyond our control, cannot be verified and therefore should be handled with due care.



Before using any files, you will make sure to read and understand the file usage guidelines outlined in these terms of service.  Furthermore, by choosing to partake in this community or any file on this site. You agree to have read and abide the rules as provided for the Discord server. And for the community as a whole as provided in the Code of Conduct . The staff reserves the right to take any action, such as editing journals to banning members it deems necessary to protect the safety and well-being of others. Though extreme measures will always be limited to extreme circumstances.


Problematic posts on the forum can be reported by using the report option underneath each post.

But you can also send a message to one of the staff members. Which will try to handle the issue in a discrete manner as best to their capabilities. If you feel the need to contact them anonymous or for non forum related issues. It is also possible to use the following email address.




Always make sure to send logs, screen shots and as much information as possible when filing a complaint. And refrain from attacking, lashing out in public in return. As it could make it impossible on our side to resolve the issue.


This document is subject to change as new situations develop by the staff. Keep an eye open for announcements or other updates that may occur in the unforeseeable future. Ignorance of well announced changes is no excuse.






1. One shall not consider long-term hypnosis or the creation of tulpae without having at least 6 hours of sleep in the past 18 hours.

R: Brain power is refreshed by sleep, especially in regards to decision making skills. If you are considering major changes, doing so without sleep can easily lead to poor decisions. GET SOME REST AND COME BACK REFRESHED.


2. One shall set a clear goal for themselves in hypnosis, and strive to carefully select a file based on that goal, preferably with the help of others. If one wants physical changes alone, edit out or get help to edit it out the personality bits, and vice versa.

R: Hesitation in the use of the "full" (Personality + Body) files can easily lead to dire ramifications, up to and including the creation of tulpae spontaneously.


3. One shall consider the effects of each file or script before using it.

R: These files are made with specific effects, triggers, and in most cases, implant an urge to continue. You need to be clear on this, because it *will* affect your later decisions in regard to hypnosis and thus you *need* to make your original decision worthwhile.


4. One shall make attempt to understand the process of doing hypnosis or making a tulpa adequately before beginning, and shall attempt to seek guidance where needed.

R: We've all had bad spots in regards to the processes, and honestly a lot of them could have been avoided if we didn't let excitement, nervousness or fear get the better of us. Learning will ease the process.


5. You will own up to your actions and mistakes. The choices you make are yours, and no one will force them on you. If you choose to act foolishly, accept your lot and push forward with it, there is no going back. We will help you every damn step of the way that you let us, but this is ultimately on you.

R: You have been warned.



Finally, by doing hypnosis, tulpa, or any other mind altering practice, you are firmly taking responsibility for your actions as an adult. Yes, this means that you confirm that you are a legal adult by doing this, and waive the liability of the community for the mistakes you may make.



Discord Server Rules


The main Code of Conduct still applies to the Discord Server. 

The use of the Discord Server Main Rooms require you to post your forum account profile in the #Lobby room to be verified, you will then be given the “Member” role and gain access to the main rooms.

1. You may not use any hypnosis triggers within public chat, no exception. Private chat is okay with consent from all parties. 

2. Be respectful and courteous of ponies around you and their opinions.

3. If the chat is conversing about something that bothers you, politely ask for a change of subject, notify one of the staff members, or take a short leave from that room until the discussion has passed. There are extra rooms available for topics of a different nature.

4. Safe for work roleplay is allowed, but be careful to prevent bothering other ponies, stop the roleplay if it does begin to bother other ponies, and do not prevent any other discussion from going on during roleplay. - Be aware that physical imposition via the means of directed roleplay actions is a thing in hypnosis servers, and that some may feel actions preformed toward them. If in doubt, be sure someone is comfortable first and respect requests not to touch. - A safe rule of thumb - If you wouldn't do it in person don't do it in text.  

5. Hypnosis may not be performed in general public text or voice rooms for any reason. The "Hypnosis sessions" voice room is aside for this purpose. If you desire to have or host a voice session in the room, request audio permissions from a staff member. Permissions are given at the staff's discretion. 

5a. Subjects and hypnotists entering and preforming in the hypnosis channels do so under mutual consent and are aware of the trances being given and accept full responsibility for the content of the trance. If you believe you are unsure about the safety of a trance, Do not attempt it. 

5a. Trances in the "Hypnosis Sessions" voice room may contain content not previously released on the forums. Any user found attempting deliberately dangerous or abusive hypnosis users will have their permissions revoked and further action may be taken by staff if necessary.

6. The administrative staff of Equestrian Souls have the final say. Please respect the decisions that they make.

6a. We reserve the right to kick, ban, and/or permaban anypony from the chat or the entire site for any justifiable reason.

6b. We also reserve the right to adjust the rules at any given time for any reason. In the event we do, there will be a public announcement both in the chat and on the forums.

6c. If you feel like an a staff member has wrongly punished you, please contact admin@EquestrianSouls.com with the punishment given, who gave it, and your side of the story.

The normal chain of rule violation is as follows:First time: Warning via private message

Second time: Public warning

Third time: Kick, with possible amount of leave time

After the third time: Chat ban and/or removal of chat privilege, possible account and/or IP ban if severe

Different punishments may be administered if necessary.

By entering the chat area, you agree to follow these rules. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use the chat.



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