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    Greetings, everypony! I'd like to welcome you all to our new home, Equestrian Souls! It took a few days more than I had hoped, but I wanted to make sure we had our SSL set up for any security issues. Anywho, you may have noticed that we are starting fresh. We couldn't get a proper back up of the old site, sadly. We also figured it'd be a bigger hassle than it's worth to try and salvage everything. So, we've decided to start fresh. Starting fresh means we get to play around with a few things. I'll go through some of the changes we're trying out. Blogs - Journals will now be done via blogs. The best part? You don't even need to message an administrator now, you can make your own! Regular users will be allowed one blog, but donators will be able to create any number they wish to. You will however have to contact a staff member to have your journal put up here. We figure with this new style of listing journals, they'll be easier to find, as well as more organized. Clubs - We've been messing around with a new feature we have access to. Clubs are like little forums within the forum. You can join as many clubs as you'd like, post in them and a few other things as well. It's a bit hard to explain it all, so I suggest just messing around with them and seeing what you find! Also, donators will be able to create their own clubs as well! Hypnosis Files - We're currently working on hosting all the files server side. The files are currently not up for download right now until we figure out how we want to do it, so please bear with us while we work on that. We know a lot has happened over the past week. At the end of the day though, what's done is done. I know a lot was lost, but to dwell on the past is only going to drag us down as a community. So let's all move forward and make something even better. With that said, from all of us here at the staff, we hope you enjoy this new home. I'll leave this thread open to any and all feedback or possible ideas. Please keep in mind there's some temporary stuff right now, such as the forum banner. We'll be adding a lot more over the next few weeks, so stay tuned~! Thank you, Glide
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    I'm giving this community and its spirit a chance. I left because it felt gone - the spark that made the community what it used to be. I hope it returns, to make this community our own little Equestria again.
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    Happy Hump day everypony , Enjoy the rest of the day and have a pleasant night. Also enjoy the festivities for those at BronyCon!
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    Greetings, everypony~! After the past week of going over the staff applications, we've made our decisions. I have to say, in my last four years of doing this, I've never seen such a great list of users apply. Honestly, the plan was only to add 2 or 3 more to the staff, but there was too many great applications to turn away, so we broke that plan. There was honestly a lot more we wanted to add, but we had to cut back, less the staff grew to 20+ ponies. Anyway, we're doing something new this time around. We've picked five ponies to add to the staff for moderation in the Discord server and posts on the forum, but we've also picked a few to add to our new section. We're adding a "Tech" section to the staff. They were be responsible for working on the site itself and making it pretty. We've also picked another new ambassador, you'll find the list of our choices below: New Moderators: - platinum - Twilight Sparkle - Cadance - Kazilii - Moonbeam New Techs: - Dashie - Rainbow Dash [Amelia] New Ambassadors: - KrazyDashie - Starlight Glimglam With that being said, below is a list of the current staff, as of 08/18/17: Administrators: - Glide - Star Shard - Celestia - Luna Moderators: - Octavia Melody - Techdisk - Wolfy - Rainbow Dash - platinum - Twilight Sparkle - Cadance - Kazilii - Moonbeam Techs: - Dashie - Rainbow Dash [Amelia] Just a small note, but Bright Star is still on the staff, but hasn't decided if she wishes still stay on our new tech team or keep her current position. I just want to thank everypony who applied! If you weren't picked, it wasn't because you weren't good enough, but because there was so many to choose from. Either way, we'll always be looking for more help as ponies come and go, so if you didn't get picked this go around, then there's always next time. You guys are amazing for putting so much effort into helping out our little community. Hopefully with the updated staff, our little home will become that much better. I know a lot has happened over the past few months, but we're still here, stronger than ever, so let's keep it up~ Love you all, -Glide~
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    To knock it down so the wasps would go away. In hindsight, the $5 a can of wasp spray would have cost would've been worth it.
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    Post your pony arts. (Pony not required)
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    Funny how you can look back at stuff from years ago and make a connection~
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    Sadly I have been late on creating my first new journal on the new site. Though before I begin I wanted to say that this community is an amazing one , Despite all the hardships and all that has gone on , We all have pulled together and have shined brighter than any sun. We as a community and as a family have pushed forward into new height.. Truly friendship is magic.. 'Tis endearing to see everything..Everypony working together to create home.. To create , Equestria. On the topic of progress of me , I primarily use files to work on my form , Personality has really never been a problem as I am who I am, Though as I have moved into this new residence there has been an increase in insects.. Something we've taken note of is that when we hear bugs and or flies.. Our ears perk to the noise and our tail simply goes nuts.. Swish and swish and flick. 'Tis not the best feeling at all , We hate bugs.. The Files I use : - Pony Body Reprogramming - Pony Body Visual - Macroni : Weightless (Prefile Listen, 'Tis a youtube song ) - As well as a few files created for my personal use. As a side note I use all of the relaxation files/ Experience. My favourite being a spark of magic. Anywhom , We've lain the ground work for the rest of the journals to come. As always, Princess Luna.
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    well! just to get things out of the way... I lost my journal during the whole issue with the old site... which sucks because that was the most important journal I had of the three..im just gonna briefly try to remember what I had on my last journal from 2015-present, I have been Starlight glimmer. in 2015 though, after I stopped being a dashie, I had a vision one day and saw a different pony who I thought was my true self. all I remember was a name "starlight" and a last name, which I still don't remember, but it was "shine" or something (which is very similar to Glimmer if you think about it) what I got wrong was that I thought I was to be a Pegasus, and the colour of coat to be black, and my mane colour as green and black. keep in mind, this was before season 5 even started, I had no idea about starlight glimmer at the time... during season 5 however I couldn't help but think that Starlight Glimmer was me, or at least, I had a stronger connection to... and at that time... she was evil, and I didn't want to have others think that I was too evil, and would never talk to me again... or something similar to that... so instead of being the pony I felt the most "normal" as... I decided to push down my feelings about it and just not mention it at all.. overtime.. I started to go into depression, my best friend moved to another school in another city, I didn't have any other close friends at school, coming out as trans to my parents, and my mom (who to this day) hated it, and hated me. and pushing down my feelings and denying everything Starlight glimmer really took a toll on me... it was around april (I think) 2016 I couldn't take the toll anymore and my mind broke... I had no idea who I was anymore, and I had no idea what to do, (I had serious EKP) it was really late at night (around 2 am) when this happened to, so not many of my friends were online so I could talk to them about it.. (except for spike, who help me a lot... if you are still around, thank you spike ) I was given two choices, go back to pegaus starlight, a pony I didn't know a lot of, and go through, a probably worse depression) or become the pony I felt the most connected to, and probably have everypony hate me because I was becoming an "evil" pony. so... I became Starlight Glimmer that night. for about... 4 months I dealt with really bad anxiety because I thought everypony would think I was evil, and that everypony knew what I did... and would never forgive me... after many of my friends comforting me, and reassuring me that I was forgiven, I slowly started to feel better, and accept myself. though... I always from time to time... feel lots of guilt about what I did, even now, I get breakdowns, and sometimes cry myself to sleep because of how I felt about the village... and the other things I have done... on the bright side of things, i found out that my best friend that moved schools is almost a spin image of Sunburst. childhood friend, who left afterwards, and i got depressed about it... he wears glasses and the like. but anyways! thats... just a brief paragraph about what happened over the years, (and what was on my old journal) as of now, I graduated and stuff... and ive been still really happy as Starlight Glimmer... even after everything I went through. <3 also take this random pic Writing from under the stars~ -Starlight Glimmer
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    going to start up a journal on here hopefully sometime this week when i have time. Kind of excited
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    This is a thread for sharing music you are currently listening to. Share the beat and move the rhythm! This thread is also open to music discussion. If you like the song send a reaction or Crystal heart to the users! Here is the song I am currently listening to :
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    Welcome to the Official Equestrian Souls Minecraft server! We offer a lot of possibilities like: - Regular Survival - Creative areas - Roleplay World - Minigames ( WIP ) and much small features more. You want to apply for the MC servers staff? Just post here for what you are applying ( Builder or Moderator ) and why we should choose you/How you could benefit the server as Mod/Builder. Join now in and directly get greeted with an familiar atmosphere. See you soon at: Equestrian Soul MC server IP : es.aperture-hosting.de Backup IP : Version: 1.12 Required Mods: None, but an suggestion: http://www.minelittlepony-mod.com/ Hosted by: Aperture Hosting NPO Web: https://www.Aperture-Hosting.de
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    I will be around. Not much to say. I just kind of want to test how active this forum even is. You know who i am and why I am here, if you don't, here is the explanation: I focus on fixing damage caused to others. If you do something you regret, I help fix it. I provide a service.
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    Me and an old cowboy were throwing rocks at a 4-6 inch wide red wasp nest hanging behind our church. I've never seen an old man run faster.
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    My advice is to find a binaural you like and take steps to relax even before you start a file, as well as give yourself positive affirmations just before. "This will work on me fully" "I will go into trance" etc. You'd be surprised what such small things can do!
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    I'm going to add on to mine since everyone keeps talking about their childhood. So this entire thing started when I was in 7th grade. I grew up with a bunch of sisters, so naturally we had a lot of costumes lying around. One day I got curious and decided to try on some of the girls costumes and they felt surprisingly nice, albeit many of them too small. This was about a month before Halloween, so I went to my mom and pulled her outside and I asked her if she could remake one of the costumes in my size once I picked one out. After that night, nothing really came of it and it was never mentioned again. Since then, I would go back and try them on again and again, and even delved into some of my sisters' dresses as well when I was (rarely) home alone, or late at night while everyone was sleeping. It was mostly an on and off thing for the next few years. As my hormones kicked in and I started getting bigger, it started to get harder and harder to fit into the same outfits like I could before. Eventually I would explore being a girl for Halloween again for my senior year of high school, but this time I decided to take it in my own hands. I snuck one of my sister's shirts, a skirt, and bought a wig to go along with it. I would try the outfit on and look at myself in the mirror often and I was surprised at how close I was to looking like a girl. Sadly, I chickened out before Halloween came by and I never got the chance to try it out in public. At some point, I found online stories about boys being forced into being a girl and I started to get very curious about them. A specific one I remember even mentioned forcing them to take HRT so the girls clothes would start fitting better (at the time I had no idea I had ran into a kinky site). I found the stories very intriguing and piqued my curiosity. I eventually found out about transgender and how boys wanted to be girls and vice versa, even at young ages. I started to think about the idea that I might too be transgender, but I kept just pushing those thoughts aside. During college after moving out from my parents' home, I tried to keep the thoughts at bay, but being alone in my room and now having internet access right in my bedroom, I kept looking further and further into what it would be like living as a girl. I don't think there was a single night that the thought didn't pass by me. When I would visit home again and had the opportunity to, I would still desperately try on dresses and would always feel great doing so. Near the time college was ending for me and right before discovering pony hypnosis, I found a hypnosis file on YouTube that would transform a boy to a girl temporarily. I decided to give that a shot to see how it would affect me (though I had no idea it was going to affect something in between my legs but it felt weird but amazing so I let that happen). For that next half hour, I was half scared to death that my aunt that I was living with at the time would notice I was acting more feminine. And the rest of the story starts with me discovering pony hypnosis...(this ended up being much longer than I anticipated >.<)
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    Just woke up from a very pleasant dream, I'm not sure what happened, but something triggered very strong changes while I was dreaming. It feels so nice
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    Dear ES, Today I'm writing to celebrate my 19th birthday! I've had a wonderful day so far, and would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. They really mean a lot to me, and I've never received so much cheer on my birthday. Thank you all for being a part of this community with me. In the spoiler below, I'll be posting images of the various items I have received in the name of my birthday. Granted, not all of them arrived near or on my birthday, but they're birthday presents anyways! The most special one to me was hoofmade by Dash herself. Looking at it actually heightens my awareness of myself and my pony body. Must be some of those old memories kicking in.~ Progress for hypnosis: Uh, I'll get to you on that later. Progress for tulpas: None, really. Spike doesn't get spoken to much, so I'll have to do something about that. Excitement/happiness levels? I sort of broke last night, hehe. Opening Dash's gift, seeing the care she put into it, the love. It's amazing, and I'm going to cherish it for a very long time. I teared up a little bit as I looked at it. First up, Dash's gift! A necklace with a cyan feather on it, with a hoofmade wooden box emblazoned with a brass cutting of her cutie mark on the lid. And the rest, in order: A matching set of arm warmers(Sleeves, whatever their real name is) and thigh high socks/stockings. A paperback copy of 2001:A Space Odyssey from @Ethanland, a 4DE Dash plush from @Rainbow Dash(Who also made the necklace) and a purple fox hood with hanging mittens/scarf bits. And there we have it! An amazing birthday shared with a bunch of amazing ponies. Again, thank you all for being here with me. Your friend, Twilight Sparkle
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    If you have already joined the Discord Server then you can use the text channel #lobby to ask for the Access simply post the link to your forum profile with "@Mods" and a short message in the chat. For example like the user here: I hope i could help you
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    Well, nothing like moving both on the internet and in real life. Things are finally getting set up though. Sorry for the sudden absence, haven't been able to get onto my laptop in a few days due to the move. Anyway, I'm back now and excited to see the new forum doing well~
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    My self made entry
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    I cannot express enough thanks and love to Glide and Bright Star for reviving the community on their own funds. I hope and know you and the rest of the administration and moderator team will do a wonderful job of care and involvement with the rest of the community. <3
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    I was going to post something to help but my favourite lettuce has already done such a wonderful job. Great Job Sable. Though , I do recommend you continue with this results for many may be entirely mental or physical. I recommend explored new textures and relaxing before a session , Perhaps you are getting a bit excited. On another hoof belief that something will work is key for using the files here they will work as much as you believe they will , Though effects are achieved greatly with constant reinforcement. I suggest trying the oblivion induction once it is uploaded to the site once again. It might give you the drop you meed to experience yourself. Keep going, I am certain you will get what you are looking for!
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    Dear ES, My birthday is quickly approaching! It's less than a week away at this point, and I have a present sitting in my closet I'm not allowed to open or even really look at(thanks, customs) because it'd reveal what's inside. And there's another on it's way, a plush of a certain pony sent by the same pony! I've received two other presents I was essentially told to open when they arrived within the past 1.5 months. A purple, custom-made fox hood made by Pawstar, and a set of matching socks and armwarmers in 'plum' color which fit me very well. This years birthday is going to be the best one I can remember! As for hypnosis progress...there's not been any. My mind is still firmly in the Twilight state that it should be, and my imposition comes in whenever I so much as think of the pony body. Same as last time. It'll improve, though, I just know it. Your Friend, Twilight Sparkle
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    Alright step aside, "least photogenic" champ comin' through (taken right about now)
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    Share any cute animal pictures you come across here!
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    Hey all! It's Pizza Pony here. wow, sorry for not updating, but I guess the new people scared me a bit. I didn't think we'd have so many new ponies here. but anyway, being a pizza has made me think about things in my life and what it means to be pizza. I don't think anyone has any real answer other than just be yourself, so I think I'll just stick to that. so yeah, I shall continue on that quest. I need be pizza! -Pizza Pone
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    Not a hypnosis update, but more of a life update. I'm currently on my way back home from Bronycon, which was great. I think this has been the best one yet, because I got to spend it with friends from here. Namely, Glide, Cadance, Wolfy, and WillieNelson. I also saw ValieShy, Baltoist, and Crescent Star. I have a few arts, mostly of Chrysalis as I think I've gained a minor obsession with her, some pins, a fidget spinner that came with some pins and an art, and plushies of Sunburst, Flufflepuff, and a mini-Twilight. All in all, it was a great time, and I hope to see more of my friends from here at Bronycon 2018!
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    I'll just link one of my writings instead of posting it directly. The Girl With No Name: *link* I'm a fan of stories that create a perfect loop, where the ending is just the beginning again. It helps my absolute hatred of endings.
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    This is something I might actually be able to contribute to. Here's a Haiku that I wrote. Illuminati Illuminati confirmed Illuminati
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    Hello. I am someone with a longstanding interest in hypnosis, but have had significant difficulty remaining consistant with it. I am >TECHNICALLY< a certified hypnotist through an online course from an American school of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as they were offering their introductory hypnotism course for free to gain more enrollment in their hypnotherapy courses (which I lacked the money for.). I feel I should point out I have very little experience or practice, just much theory. Also, this was like, a decade ago so... I'm likely rusty. I've always been interested in self-hypnosis for the potential to allow for lucid dreaming, fun trance experiences, exploring my own mindscape and aid in my depression and ADHD. I do not say any of that lightly, as I have done significant amounts of research and put much thought into the processes and implications thereof. About a year or two a go, I learned about tulpa, and have tried delving into that as well. Though I have not put any work into a pony tulpa specifically, I am certainly not against the idea, as I am a considerably large fan of the show. I attend a furry convention annually, and have in the past been to an MLP convention. My favorite pony is Fluttershy, and my OC, for which I am named, is a unicorn with a shrinking spell linked to their special talent, clockwork. I chose clockwork due to my interest in puzzles and tinkering, with the shrinking spell arguably aiding in the fine manipulations associated with creating clockwork creations. My OC has increadible fine control of their telekinesis, but is not capable of lifting as much weight as other average unicorns may be. All of this came out as I put my OC to the test in an RP community, as roleplay is a hobby of mine, though one I can be timid about persuing. And that is about all that comes to mind which may be relevant here. Thank you for having me, and hello.
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    I am not very good at theese, so Hello there!
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    Bacon is repulsive. It is a massive bundle of fail and tears and anypony who eats it is bad and should feel bad. Bacon smells like the offspring of a dead pig and misery.
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    Mine is already categorized however I will include it anyway. My journal is about my progress about becoming a black Pegasus permanently. Since the old journals are lost, I may have to write about those experiences again in future entries. It can be found here
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    EKP, in a nutshell, is your head thinking it's two different people, as you may know. It's not something you need to worry about unless: The person you hypnotize yourself to be has some core/inherent differences from you. If you are outgoing and peppy, the incredibly introverted and quiet Fluttershy can cause EKP with you. You tried to hypnotize yourself to be two different ponies. Doing this shifts EKP from being very unlikely to being incredibly so. If you try being both Applejack and Rarity, you will run into inherent differences. The two effect sets do not overwrite one another in order, but blend together, and fight each other to dictate how you should act. As long as you keep your head about you, EKP doesn't last long and usually resolves in a few hours. It hurts like hell, and it's a good learning experience. Be careful and you'll be fine, you probably won't even run into it. If you do, there are plenty of ponies who are very much willing to help you ride it out and get you back on your hooves. Good luck with your experimentation! there's a crazy road ahead, so strap yourself in and just go for it.
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    What about books? Recommendations, likes, dislikes? Simply having a picture of Twi saying "Books" is maddeningly unspecific -_-. I would 11/10 recommend "The Dragon and the George" by Gordon R. Dickson...a guy astral projects into the body of a dragon in order to save his girlfriend who got sent their by an incompetent college professor...
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    Fun fond memories of starting off my own journal. Before this, I got super excited reading about other ponies' progress on their own journals. I never planned on making an account or starting my journey with the files (let alone a journal). Eventually, I ended up having to make an account because I wasn't able to read specific entries without an account since at the time you could only see pictures on the site as a member. One thing led to another and soon I asked for my own journal and this was the result. Of course, I never knew that I would end up writing over 300 entries after this :V
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    I have had incredible sessions lately, however the best one so far was a text hypnosis by Moonbeam, she managed to change my memories by taking my mindscape pony form and applying it over my memories. Now when I remember a memory of myself, I can't remember it unless I was Sable all my life. I got this unexpected side effect... I love myself now and I am at peace with myself finally, I wake up happy every day now. I can control my rage now, in a matter of minutes instead of being lost to it for days and the rage no longer turns me back into a human. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and cry tears of joy. Moon also managed to give me all the visual changes, but they have since faded and my mindscape and reality are confused.... but I know we will be able to figure it out sooner or later. Finally, she helped me remember the first time I learned to fly..... it's one of my most cherished memories now and I remember it being a very freeing experience. It wells up my eyes thinking about it sometimes.
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    so many old ponies returning... nostalgic moment
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    not too recent but this is me
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    I love all of the this that you guys put together! The this is looking real slick, and I can't wait to start pumping time into the this until I fall over from exhaustion.
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    Fair enough. Here's a recent picture...
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    So, new site, new name, and I'm going to need to remake my journal. Oh well, it's not like I needed sleep tonight.

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