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    It's nice to meet you too, Azure. I hope you find what you're looking for and enjoy the search.~
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    Hello, everypony! I am not exactly new here, but I have been away long enough that I might as well be new. I'm so glad to see the community is up and running again. I am not sure how many here still remember me, and I regret that there are likely a few who would rather not. If it helps to remember me, I went by either Twilight or Eternal in the old chats. I hope to meet everypony, whether for the first time or seventh. I am quite clumsy when it comes to keeping track of social media and online chats, but I haven't given up trying! Ideally, I'll stay in touch for most of each week, but don't worry if I accidentally respond a month or two late. School, research, friends and other things are welcome distractions from each other.
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    It’s a pleasure to meet you all, every pony, human, and other creatures out there. I have no idea what brings me here; maybe some kind of interest or curiosity, or maybe just a need for a new experience in me. In any case, I hope my time wandering here will have the same joy that you’ve found. Safe travels, AS
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    I wish you the best in your studies! I'm taking a course on AI this Fall, and I imagine it will be my favorite class that semester.
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    Oh wow, that sounds exciting! VR is a huge fascination of mine too, although my niche for now is AI. A huge goal for me is to get into the neurotech industry and help with breakthroughs in R&D. From there, probably be a part of fully immersive VR. If technology continues as it is, to the very least I'll be a part of something pretty cool. ^.^ The other huge passion of mine is theoretical science.. and space. cx Anyway, as far as Discord, I get that. There really are so much people ^^' If you have a profile though, I'd love to be friends with you! Whether there or at least here on the forums.
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    It's nice to meet you, Astral~ I don't believe we've met before, as I have yet to post in the Discord chat. I'm a bit daunted by the Discord chats and the number of members, and so I am struggling to decide when and how to finally participate, but it's great that there are so many. For school, I am attending college in Tennessee, and will hopefully graduate next Spring and enter a graduate program. My focus is, coincidentally, Computer Science, both as my major and my field of research. I assist a professor with setting up experiments for VE research, and I help and advise the other students that work in our VR lab. Next month, a couple weeks before my Fall semester begins, I'll be flying to Vancouver, Canada to attend a graphics symposium, which has accepted a paper written by the professor and me. I'm very excited, since the paper is largely written by me, the experiment was my design, I worked hard to do nearly all of its setup, and the results of the experiment are promising. (*exhales*) It's an interesting coincidence that we both have an interest in various sciences, though primarily Computer Science!
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    Hi Eternal! I'm trying to jog my memory if I've met you yet or not, but either way it's nice to meet you! (if you've been in the discord chat before, I'm pretty sure I may have seen you at least, as that general name you said you went by sounds familiar I think?) I've personally changed my profile name many times back in my early self-discovery (sometimes went by either "Techoh" or "Flutters" or whatnot) and was gone on huge hiatuses... so I understand how that feels. I sometimes feel afraid to jump into chat because of slight anxiety, too. As far as school/research, what is it that you are involved with? I'm interested to hear! I personally am into a lot of different sciences, though technically studying computer science.
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    new here in this site was wondering what its about got some of the hypnosis files not sure if they well work on me but i will give them a try this seems neat very well done and im happy to be here i really hope these files work on me no idea if they well or not tho x.x
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    Hello Switchgears welcome They do work and I believe that anyone can do it, some get it faster then others.
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    I might be biased but I like the staff of equestrian souls discord
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    whats the meaning or even the story of how you got your username(s)? yay reviving a niceboard topic! <3 for me when I was... 10 I think, I used to have the username "wertyuioo12" which... at the time was pretty.. er... simple now its really silly it was just the first row of letters on the keyboard too, with 12, soo... yeah. It started when I made an account on club penguin years ago (I think my penguin before the game closed was... roughly 8 or 9 years old) and on psn, where my name will forever be "wertyiuoo12345" around 2011 or 12 ish.. I needed a new username, since... wertyiuoo12345 was... a really strange username so I came up with the name "krazylego12345" which was not really a great improvement, but don't judge I was 12 I kept that name for just my youtube account until around.. 2015 or 16. but I really liked the "krazy" part of my username, so I created a new one with it in it. "krazydude4" was a username I had at the start of 2013, (and was the username I used when first joining hypnoponies) a few months into hypno and hypnoponies, everypony started to change their usernames to fit with the pony that they were as at the time, like using shy, or dashie in their names while keeping part of their original name. which got me to create "krazypie4" since at the time.. I was a pinkie pie... though after I reseted (august of 2013 I think) and uh... got really bad ekp for the first time I became a dash, and... that's when I changed my name to "KrazyDashie" since... well it fit really well, and the name looks really cool. and that has been my username everywhere ever since except for world of tanks and twitch, since I dunno I never really changed my username from "KrazyDashie" after I stopped becoming a dashie, mostly because everypony already knows me with that name for pretty much two years, and it grown on me (and well.. "krazy" pretty much being my internet nickname and most ponies knows its me when you talk about somepony named krazy) ...so yaaah. how about all of you pons?
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    My username came to be when I wanted a better username for YouTube a few years ago. I just opened up notepad and started bashing out random letters until I got something I was vaguely happy with.
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    The Ethanland was the name of my old Runescape account from 2006, and it's just my IRL first name with land stuck on the end. I ended up sticking with it for 11 years now. The Twibat Sparkle is because I'm Twilight, and a bat.
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