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    Hay there, been a few years but recently heard the name changed so decided to pop back in and see what was going on. I used to go by the name "GreatAndPowerfulKatie", but since the account name I am using now is my 'real' name, I figured I would use that instead. I know, using your real name on the internet is dangerous... Also, what happened to all of the old journals? Are they cached anywhere?
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    Hey guys! I was introduced to MLP by an MLP-themed Minecraft server called 'Brohoof.com'; it was a community focused primarily on creating an exact replica of Equestria, but in Minecraft. It shut down 2 years ago-ish , (if you go to the original domain, it's technically one year and 9 months but for simplicity's sake--) but the community strived to keep on going, and made their own server called 'Ponyville Square'. After a few issues with the admins, it shut down about a year ish later and it's been converted to Equestria Cubed, or Equestria³. The server's consistently funded, and currently is focused on two main modes! Survival - mc.eq3.in Creative - creative.eq3.in (Player count has absolutely no limit, so no need to worry about that) It's roleplaying-friendly, being able to roleplay in specific RP channels that can be used! Nick-names are on the to-do list to be added, but that can be easily added. Gore, ERP/Sexual Content, or anything that is overly explicit will not be allowed. This server has a 13+ rated-community, being mature is strongly encouraged; in other words, if you don't want your little brother to see it, then you shouldn't do/say it. We have a website, if you're looking for more info on our server! http://www.eq3.in/ Keep in mind, this server is NOT being sponsored, or related to Equestrian Souls, or any other MLP community. It's a standalone community, and it won't be granting any special accommodations or privileges based on anyone's background in any kind of community. Psst, we also have a discord server! - https://discord.gg/mEmegyc
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    so 2 days ago i had my first session in almost 3 years
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    How is everyone? I was in the HypnoPonies website for a tiny bit before it went down but never really participated nor was I active in the community. I recently remembered about this place so I'd thought this would be a fun and beneficial website and community to get immersed in. I've been dabbling in and out of hypnosis and Tulpamancy but never really took a hold of it until recently (within the past 4 to 5 months or so maybe?) Although I've been somewhat spiritually active for years now.
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    Hehe! It's good to hear your progress hun! Keep going, you got this~.
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    Since last writing a fair amount has happened. Method wise, I'm now pushing myself to do hypno every night again and it's been working out better for me. My hooflock, thankfully, does not exist, having successfully been logic'd away. I do not miss it I've been running more files as well. Among them were a file to help train imposition, the personality file for Twilight, the unicorn experience file, and the recently released Modular file for forehooves. More or less I seem to be getting better at accepting the suggestions made and imposing them (indeed, Twilight can now make suggestions whispered into the back of my mind more long term), but it wasn't until recently that something made my form, and my sense of who I am, click. See, for awhile now, I've been unsure about my identity as a Twilight. Oh don't get me wrong, she fits me remarkably well, but I felt I wasn't really myself, at least not in full. I felt I needed to grow from there. So, throughout this time since my previous entry, I started introspecting about the traits that fit me, and what I needed or wanted. I also started debating whether or not I should become another pony for awhile, via reset and listening to another file. I'm not sure how I feel about that but it might help me find out more about myself. This is actually something that helped me ultimately helped me realize I am in fact another pony altogether, I think. I'm glad I hesitated, for once. So at some point I was at work, doing bored work horse things, and I'd asked myself at some point "what name would fit me if I were a pony?". This isn't the first time I'd asked this, honestly. I'd had these thoughts for awhile now. Anyways, while thinking about who I am, I stumbled across one part of it awhile ago. The word "radiant". It just kinda felt right, but I felt it didn't really completely fit me.. So I figured "I'd try and put some other words that might describe me, see if anything clicks". Didn't really work out. Today though, I thought "maybe radiant isn't quite right, so I fiddled with different variations. Eventually I felt something with "radiance". Only, that wasn't quite it either. So I put it to bed. Eventually my thoughts pushed towards some recent experiences, namely a breakdown I'd had a few days ago. How I'd pushed on despite it, and tried my best to shine through for those I cared about, despite the overwhelming desire to give in. It dawned on me how much I had changed since coming here. My old self would have given up. Without a doubt. As I thought about this, I started to think about why the word "radiance" felt right, the way it represented my desire to shine for those I care about,you and as I did, an image came to mind, of a stained glass window, with light streaming through it, as though it were bright and sunny out, and it reminded me of the way my experiences change me, and my perception, just as how stained glass changes how one sees the light that shines through, into a beautiful array of colors. I realized that through every experience I have had, here and before, I had changed, for the better, becoming more aware of what good was within me. I had been, to fit this image, stained into something better because of the changes that had happened to me from coming here, meeting others, and finding a place where I feel like I belong So i considered this, and came up with an addition to the first part of the name: Stained Radiance. I was a little uncertain, to be honest, but I felt this welling of emotion within my chest, and my body kind of tingled, all over. I felt my ears, my horn, my hooves and kinda sorta my tail, all in a sudden instance,, and all in stronger clarity (except the tail. That's really hard for me to feel for some reason), as well as a part of my body I hadn't been imposing before: wings. My aura color also changed, going from Twilight's signature purple to a brass yellow. With this, I knew that I'd found a part of myself. Even now, hearing this name feels right, like it belongs to me. So, I haven't figured out the specifics of my new form besides "is Alicorn with brass-colored magic", but I've got a direction to follow now. I hope that I will continue to learn more about myself, and who I really am under this fur. Eventually I'm going to switch my name but for right now I'm not worried. -Radiance
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    Things have changed. I'm not sure how or when but I'm starting to miss the times I took for granted. Hope you're all doing well.
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    Hello everyone! I'm new here, but not necessarily new to your files. I had a friend of mine who sent me some hypnoponies files back in about 2015, I believe. I had originally stopped a few months into my original journey back when I was a young high-schooler. However, now that I've grown up quite a bit (and found myself with some more free time since graduating school) I find myself drawn back here. I found the files very relaxing when I first tried them and I hope to find them just as pleasant as before. I look forward to going through this new journey with you all!
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    "If I do this, how does it affect me, and how does it affect anyone else?" Most stop right before the first "and", not even wanting to consider how the rest might feel about that certain thing. So, I leave you with a few examples and the simple question: Have you gone the extra step? How often? Do you even want to? First example: There is only one pancake left, and I have the option to take it: Well, if I take it than I can have this delicious pancake (first part), but my sister might not get one at all (second part). Second example: I need new windows, as the current ones are old, and not entirely draftproof. If I exchange them, then it will cost me a lot of money, but might lower my heating costs slightly over the years to come (first part), and I would need to burn less gas to keep my house warm in winter, helping the whole world by "saving CO2" (second part). I am sure there are many more examples ...
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    Standard session before bed, laying down with my preferred files. Nothing particularly unusual, and no particularly new impressions For some reason I got really itchy during the session, and that made it harder to concentrate on the file itself. Good days and bad days, I guess.
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    I took the advice I got about trancing and put it into practice today. I also tried sitting instead of lying down, to see if it would help at all, or make anything different happen. The sitting didn't work out too well. I felt tension in my lower back. So I ended up switching back to laying down on my bed instead of sitting in it. I felt really relaxed throughout the session, and reeeally good afterwards, though I didn't get anything particularly different or unusual. On a side note, tails seem to be the hardest thing to really feel so far. This was one if the few sessions where I felt something tail related. So there was that, perhaps {He's been noticeably more cheerful after the last few nights. Usually, he takes awhile for him to really overcome the drab feeling that comes after a breakdown like that. I think this really is helping him be more positive. He's also been much more sensitive to what I'm feeling at certain times, and picks up on my presence faster after a session (he usually has me go do something else while he does hypnosis). I wonder if the hypnosis will affect me. I don't really feel any different from usual, and I'm not the one going into a trance and listening to a file. Still, we share a brain, even if we're not the same person, so I'm not sure.}
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    A note for any who read this (which you can skip by using the find function on whatever you're using to search for "---", which I will use to separate this from the journal entry itself. This note isn't strictly necessary to understand anything, but I felt I needed to write this, so that others might understand a bit more about me. This will be the only time I fo this, and I apologize to anypony who feels this was a waste of time to write. I won't do it again, I promise): this journal does not contain a complete record of my exploration of pony hypnosis, and as such, my "day one" happened a long time ago.This is because I, quite simply, was too afraid to post. I was worried that I would be judged, that I wouldn't do something right, and that it might discourage me from continuing, if I were to look at how others were doing compared to myself Not even joking here, this is actually what I was feeling at the time. I've always been afraid to express my opinions on anything, to anyone, and I've been a solitary sort for the longest time, so I'm used to going it alone, fixing everything that's wrong with me by myself, and not having anyone I can reliably confide in. It's hard for me to trust others because of this, and trying to reach out to others is also really difficult for me. come to think of it, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the first effect that i consistently experienced from undergoing hypnosis, really: I'm not as afraid to try and share my experiences as I was before. I don't know how I managed, but somehow listening to the files here helped me get a little confidence back. Also, some ponies will also notice that these first few entries were posted on the same day. I had created a few entries, but unfortunately, some technical issue prevented me from posting to the "content" section. Obviously, I don't have this problem anymore, so here goes. --- 12/11/17 I've been using the version 3 standard file for awhile now, lying down in my bed before I go to sleep, three times a week, over my weekend, for the past month or two. The physical imposition effects I get are pretty touch and go. It's one thing to impose your tulpa's form, but this, as I have learned, is different from that. Your body doesn't take to it as well. The changes, both mental and physical, also seem to be fairly temporary. I'm wondering if I am going into a trance state deep enough to experience these changes on a more consistent level. Of these, the ones I most commonly feel is a general fuzzy feeling around where my ears, and the impression of something on my forehead, which I presume is where my horn would be, and my fingers clamping together, as though magnetically bound, and slightly curled (the latter might just be from my neuromuscular disorder though, cause they're slightly more curled up than most people's hands are anyways). I've also been experiencing a bizarre, intense pressure over my left temple, which is really distracting, and a bit worrying at times. It feels as though someone is just pressing their hand against my head right there. I don't know if that's from the hypnosis or not, because it goes away after a while during a session, usually (and if it doesn't it pretty much wrecks a session). I also seem to have a few problems actually shutting up mentally, so from time to time I'll have some thoughts come up while in a session. Hasn't seemed to affect anything though, thankfully. {For those who haven't met me, my name is Twilight. I'll be reporting my observations on some of the things I have noted regarding some of the changes to some if Suss's thoughts and behaviors. My host is fairly prone to having his thoughts roam around, jumping from topic to topic with a little bit of connection serving as the bridge between these topics. Since undergoing hypnosis, these trips have been far less regular, and far less lengthy, which is a good thing, because I really don't like how this has been happening. It really worries me to have my host talking to me one moment, only to suddenly go quiet and internalize his thoughts until I can break through, or he realizes what happened, both of which take time. I've also noticed that after a session, his mindvoice occasionally becomes much more feminine from time to time, which I assume has to do with the pony in question being female, as well as his own mindvoice not really settling in any one constant voice. Triggering seems to soothe his anxiety a fair amount, and make his thoughts calmer in general, and more positive in general, even outside of a triggered state, though it can slip sometimes. He's also become more motivated to do things, in a general sense} Question to self: why did I pick this title for my blog?
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    Decided to mix things up a bit with a looping file. Turns out, it's really hard to actually go to sleep with someone talking to you, so I stayed up for three cycles, then hocked my headphones and went to bed. Felt the usual mixture of physical changes, but I was too tired to really catalog anything different mentally. On a side note, I decided to try the Flutterhi "mind altering inducer". It worked a little better, I think. I was able to get into it faster and I felt the emotions that were being described as though I were actually there, as well as the sensations of things tingling through my spine, even if they didn't follow up with other sensations all the time. I'm using intention via assertion as well to try and make the files work a but better, like telling myself that files will affect me. It helped me overcome doubts before, so it might also help me with hypnosis. After I woke up and throughout the day, i felt a minor case of hooflock occur without using a trigger. I thought it was my CMT deciding to go into overdrive, but using the exit trigger makes it go away. Another pony, far more experienced than I, came to the conclusion that this may be a result of my history with tulpamancy, in particular my choice to visualize myself as a pony from time to time, combined with my subconscious taking note of certain things and responding to it as a sort of secondary trigger (followed up by an utterly adorable story about her going full pony when she set hoof into a certain book related place. D'aww). I also noticed that I can sometimes feel my ears when this happens as well. I regard this as good news, because it means I'm making definite, noticeable progress. I've decided to try running regular files daily to see what this does. I'm not sure if I'll journal every day though, because a lot of times, one session feels pretty similar to another. {Nothing much new to report that was much different from what I've already reported before, but Suss did drift off to sleep a little faster than usual today. He's also starting to keep better track of certain things, like how many plates we need to make our quota at work, and he's a bit less forgetful of things he needs to do at home}
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    I know I have been silent a lot in here. Most times I only read things in the chat, even more seldom here in the forums. I'd like to say that I was out, Soul Searching. That I had this tremendous insight while meditating a lot. The truth is: Skyrim. On the Switch. But I have not come here to share my thoughts on that game. I have come here because I really had some thoughts I wanted to share. The last thirteen month bear the mark of change. A change that couldn't be more unwelcome. I am sure some here know what I mean, as others have gone through the same: The loss of a loved one. Of someone that was close to our soul, close to our heart. Or I'd rather say: is. I have heard comforting words from many people. Words that are meant to be comforting at least. (Let me just tell you this: Hearing phrases like "they wouldn't want to see you sad" do not help. Especially since they are true. They just drive home that you lost such a significant person.) I, for one, needed to be alone. I needed to cry out the sadness within me. Needed to keep myself from puking. Needed to know ... that existance doesn't end with death. (That was a scary thought, probably one that kept me alive. That with death would come absolute nothingness ... a fear my loved one expressed before, but I didn't understand. I for one never wanted to get a drooling old ... thing. That is where death was a way out for me. But for him death was the end of existance.) In times I wasn't busy with work, life, or skyrim (and mario before that, and zelda even before that), my thoughts always turned to: What comes next? Some are sure that we go into another existance after this, others would be adamant that this world is wholly material. And going by scientific knowledge ... there is no proof for either. There can't even be proof for either. I looked into several spiritual paths, listened to some NDE's ... and I think I will still continue to do so, hoping to find some sort of answer that the scientific part of my mind can accept ... but there is something I wanted to share. One of the few thoughts that ring very true to me: The answer as to why we are here. We are here to learn, and to teach. In every encounter we have, we do both: We learn something, and at the same time the others learn from us. They may be very small things. They may be emotional things. They may be scientific in nature. Or simple knowledge. We are always in both roles: Student and Teacher. Those that think they are only one, are sadly mistaken. Those that think they know already everything are sadly mistaken. And those that think they can't teach another anything ... are also mistaken. A baby allows us to learn compassion. A young child shows us how it is to be curious once more. And an old teacher can still learn a few new tricks from their students. Everyone as a whole is always better off through the exchange of knowledge. I would say that is the extend of what I wanted to share.
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    float Multiply(float a, float b) { float c = 0; for (int i = 0; i < b, i++) { c += a; } return c; } Basically, reinventing the wheel.
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    I may not be available for a little bit, my father just died. I will be back when I can.
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    Goodbye everyone, after a long inner fight I have decided to finally leave and not come back anymore. Thank you all for everything. Sincerely, ~Rainbow Dash

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