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      Hello everyone, After a huge while we finally added the forum to discord synchronization. You are now able to authenticate yourself on our Discord server.   How to Authenticate: Authentication is pretty easy, you first need to open our Authentication website http://equestriansouls.aperture-development.de/auth/index.php then follow the instructions on the website. After all that you are settled and able to use our discord server, you and others are even able to lookup your profile with !profile <user>   How does it work: We use a System called OAuth, that allows you to login on your provider and returns us your account information, like your Profile name. This transfer does not give us your password or any private information. The only data we are saving is your discord id and your forum account information ( DisplayName, Profile link, ID, groupid ). We Don’t use or save any personal information. Please make sure that you are logged in with the correct discord account, if you got the wrong one and get a error message while trying to use "!profile", you can simply start again by restarting your browser.   For those that are already authenticated: Don't worry. We don't force you to authenticate. But it would make it easier for us to identify you on discord.   Thanks for your time, ~Rainbow Dash


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    I've actually have two screens with different background but I like this one better. Also my background change every 30 minutes so it's always different! ^-^
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    I would like to thank my friends for helping me get over my soda addiction.....because you keep drinking it all :V
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    This is my main monitor. I have another one but it's basically the same
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    Dear community, I would like to sincerely apologize for my recent actions and messages. They were nothing but hurtful and self deprecating. If my harsh words caused you or anyone else any grief or anger or anything else, I am truly very sorry and ask for your forgiveness. I hope to come back today and get things back to the way they were, and I hope you'll still have me after doing this for....like the fourth time. Again I'm very sorry. I love you all. Wishing you all well. Sincerely, Sapphire Rose
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    I've had some time to rest and recover from the events of a few weeks ago...and have since done several things. 1) Using the PBR every day because that can apparently keep me calm, reduce my anxiety, and has managed to make my imposition more intense than I've ever felt it before. 2) I came out on Facebook. Everybody on my friends list knows I'm trans. 3) I've found two roommates, one of whom is basically Elusive without actually being Elusive...he really likes Rarity and currently has his hair dyed purple...and cares a great deal about fashion...this person agreed to help me make a flyers outfit...and explore various types of clothing with which to express my femininity. 4) All around I have been healthier and happier and all around...BETTER than when I was trapped in that hell. 5) I have no idea why the eff I ever stopped using the PBR. 6) I've come to appreciate you all as family and friends, and now have more connections IRL. This...mistake has given way to a happier and more productive future. ^If I may interject here, Rainbow Dash, I wish to introduce myself. I am she named Luna. One of the nights that pushed Rainbow's health, mental and physical, to their limits was spent in the cold wandering around. I...came to be when she sat and stared at the moon, contemplating her future. It is a pleasure to meet you all and I hope you are all well.^
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    Used to have a nice rainmeter setup, I should probably work on that again and then post an update. also yes there's alot of stuff on my desktop, and yes it's organized in my own special way, and I didn't show my other two monitors because they have nothing on them except the same wallpaper here. Since it's slightly on topic, here's the rainmeter setup I made a while back
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    Here is my current Desktop
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    I know I have been silent a lot in here. Most times I only read things in the chat, even more seldom here in the forums. I'd like to say that I was out, Soul Searching. That I had this tremendous insight while meditating a lot. The truth is: Skyrim. On the Switch. But I have not come here to share my thoughts on that game. I have come here because I really had some thoughts I wanted to share. The last thirteen month bear the mark of change. A change that couldn't be more unwelcome. I am sure some here know what I mean, as others have gone through the same: The loss of a loved one. Of someone that was close to our soul, close to our heart. Or I'd rather say: is. I have heard comforting words from many people. Words that are meant to be comforting at least. (Let me just tell you this: Hearing phrases like "they wouldn't want to see you sad" do not help. Especially since they are true. They just drive home that you lost such a significant person.) I, for one, needed to be alone. I needed to cry out the sadness within me. Needed to keep myself from puking. Needed to know ... that existance doesn't end with death. (That was a scary thought, probably one that kept me alive. That with death would come absolute nothingness ... a fear my loved one expressed before, but I didn't understand. I for one never wanted to get a drooling old ... thing. That is where death was a way out for me. But for him death was the end of existance.) In times I wasn't busy with work, life, or skyrim (and mario before that, and zelda even before that), my thoughts always turned to: What comes next? Some are sure that we go into another existance after this, others would be adamant that this world is wholly material. And going by scientific knowledge ... there is no proof for either. There can't even be proof for either. I looked into several spiritual paths, listened to some NDE's ... and I think I will still continue to do so, hoping to find some sort of answer that the scientific part of my mind can accept ... but there is something I wanted to share. One of the few thoughts that ring very true to me: The answer as to why we are here. We are here to learn, and to teach. In every encounter we have, we do both: We learn something, and at the same time the others learn from us. They may be very small things. They may be emotional things. They may be scientific in nature. Or simple knowledge. We are always in both roles: Student and Teacher. Those that think they are only one, are sadly mistaken. Those that think they know already everything are sadly mistaken. And those that think they can't teach another anything ... are also mistaken. A baby allows us to learn compassion. A young child shows us how it is to be curious once more. And an old teacher can still learn a few new tricks from their students. Everyone as a whole is always better off through the exchange of knowledge. I would say that is the extend of what I wanted to share.
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    just as the title says post your desktop!
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    Personally, I’m my head canon the ponies of the show are acting and on screen, they have to be censored. Off screen however, as somepony who has become Applejack for a while and has even had her as a tulpa, I can tell you right now she has a potty mouth. This could be my influence of course, but the Applejack I had become and that was my tulpa was very adult. She was very NSFW, not necessarily in the sexual sense, but sometimes she was. It surprised me at first, but she explained to me she was an average everyday pony just like everypony else. That’s just my input at least, I also believe that sometimes cursing is necessary. On my server, I allow cursing in the nsfw channels, but I especially allow it in the vent chat, because sometimes... you just have to express your emotions and they are not always going to be child friendly. I appreciate the fact that you are reconsidering this, and I hope my opinion was worth reading. Thank you and have a great day!
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    Just a discussion. I'm curious about where we stand as far as transition progress. Myself, I have an appointment set up at the beginning of December to finally get started with HRT. Very excited about it!
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    Dual monitors, dual death turtles No ponies, too many potential questions there
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    Quick Catch-up Well, It honestly has been quite sometime since we've made an update on how our path has gone. Quite frankly things have been better but the past few months leading up to the last few weeks have been turmoil for me. Things at home have not been the best and as many of you know I've moved away from my last living situation. All the drama over the summer has made me a bit cold and hard, But in the end I am still me, Luna. Though the cold and hardness of which I have picked up has bothered me so, I isolate myself from all, I do not speak as I used to, Stating it out loud this journal is to state what I feel on regards to this cold and hardness I have felt, Really I have seen many around me come and fall, I've seen those I've considered to be friends betray me. The softness that I once held close and apart of who I am has left, Only being able to really express it it with Dawnstar and a few close to me. Helping and guiding others is something I use to enjoy doing but my mind has grown paranoid, When attempting to help another all I see is manipulation when they might often need help so my views and morals have changed. I just wish to return to what I feel I once was, Though then again others still see me as I once was. So really it is just the amount of introspection I do on daily, Being trapped with my thoughts that make me feel such things. HYPNOSIS A few days ago we released the file for sleep and dream, I had a fun time working on it with Celestia, Really it was just me dictating things >.>Though the voicing process was swell with this new Blue Snowball that I was sold by Celly. I expect to do more in the near future, For example Guided Meditation, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and even a Cheerile. Though I would have to admit at times I do procrastinate quite a bit, Such is the though patterns of one like myself. I've not personally done much hypnosis as of late though I feel I shall start on it again soon, Besides the few personal sessions I receive from those close to me I do not do much. Tulpamancy Progress has been well with Vesper, We've switched out a few times in the past few weeks. It has been refreshing to see how they interact with the others on the chat room and are very much so more active then myself. She also enjoys speaking with those on this site as really... Those are the only few she gets to speak with. Imposition If there has been one thing I've excelled in these past few months is imposition, I have been able to see myself clearly if I simply stop and look. My mane is as it is, Tail always behind me, Wings placed firmly on my back, Horn on my crown, fur placed around my body, muzzle, ears, and all. It has been a long road to get to this point, My host started it nearly 3-4 years ago though now we are able to feel what we wish when we wish. Which really is a task and goal many here struggle with achieving . I mostly listened to the PBR file which helped me immensely along with something I call body checks, Just training my mind for these extra limbs. I cannot even forget to mention my sister whom often reminds me to do so! Conclusion I could sit here an list issues after issue but in the end I must be accountable for the emotions I have, As I subject myself to them. In a way almost like having a tantabus. Moving forward I plan to open up to those around me and try to interact with those in the community (((Instead of just the mod room))) so that I may earn my spark back, So that I can fulfill myself in a way that is most pleasant bringing me back before the summer where everything was simply wonderful. Listening to the files and doing a few meditation sessions a day will surely shine the darkness that looms around me away. Things have progressively been getting better and things are looking up for us, In the end we will get to where we need to go. -Princess Luna
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    Would anypony be interested in a game night?
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    Without Sun, the Rainbow can't shine How can the Rainbow survive if no beams of light Dance across the sky, bending into and around the rain Perhaps the Rainbow might come about from other, Lesser places A lightbulb, perhaps, or some other dimmer source In the end, all the Rainbow can do is hope, Pray that the Sun will never dim
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    Dear Equestrian Souls, It's been a long time since I last submitted an entry. Over a month and a half...time really does fly. And with it, so did changes in my life. I'm living in a new state, readying up for a new job, and to a degree...readying myself for a new life. 14 hours ago, I was in a Planned Parenthood, filling out paperwork to start HRT. A goal I've been seeking for most of the year, now. And...I've done it! My wings would flutter every single time I thought about the appointment, tail wagging too sometimes. I was so excited, I only slept 2 hours before the appointment. As I type this, I'm still on my first dose of estrogen+anti-androgen, so...no effects yet. But, I'll be making a second blog to chronicle that! Before we got to this point, though, there were a few eye opening experiences and...a nearly total breakdown. I was in a car accident, which was not my fault, that I received 0 compensation for. I was in a psych ward for the better part of a week, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, re-diagnosed with AD(H)D, and given prescriptions, clearing my mind while in there and contemplating plans and back ups. I was told I needed to be ready to move out by a certain, unachievable date, and dreaded going back to my parents. And then, offered a new opportunity in a new place by someone I would, quite honestly, trust with my life if it came down to it. I found a job and set up my appointment at a PP in less than a week(i start later this week), and...here I am. Two weeks out of what was, in my mind, going to be a bad Nightmare Night...and the future is brighter than ever. I was reappointed as Ambassador on a trial period, which coincided with a better ability to be more active in the community again. The trial period has finished, and I'm now a full Moderator for ES once again. I didn't expect to be ready to be staff again so soon, but life has been kind to me the last two weeks. I feel ready, and the ponies around me agree. All in all? The past 2 weeks have given me back the confidence I lost, which was a heavy factor in my downwards spiral into depression. I'm accomplishing things. I'm determined to make things right - and to not let ponies who believe in me down. Not again. As part of my pledge and determination, I'm setting myself a goal. At least one journal entry *here* per calendar week, instead of having short bursts of activity and nothing. Hold me to it, ponies. Your Friend, Twilight Sparkle
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    I'd like to add to this. From what I, in my admittedly limited experiences with the discord, could gather, is that other than a few jokes about "swears in a Christian server" the culture of the discord seems pretty unconcerned with general profanity.
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    I personally don't like a ban at all...I understand the need for moderation in language, since words do have power, but first and foremost I believe in freedom to say what you want within reason. Things like racist comments or hate speech are a lot different from words with a negative and powerful implication of anger or distaste. To me swearing too much is bad, but sometimes using a word like F!@# or S!@# can add emphasis to one's words... Of course the problem with NO moderation is that things get out of hand, and they do get overused. Heck, I'm guilty of it on more than one occasion. That's why I voted to alter the censor to Equestrian equivalents. It allows us a modicum of self expression while reducing the genuine offense that comes from it. And honestly? Phrases like "Buck you" are waaaay more awesome than something like "F!@# You"
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    Haven't been on the site in forever. Hope you're all staying awesome.
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    I'm afraid my curiosity may be getting the better of me. It's been a while since I've been able to do much with hypnosis, so my Starlightyness has been slowly fading. I'm going to have that reset, and instead of going with Starlight, I'll be trying out Rarity. Alicorn Rarity, specifically. I can't give up these wings~ I think part of this may be that someone (I forget who) used hypnosis to help me get over my past as a Starlight. It relieved a lot of guilt and worry, but it also felt like it took away a part of who I was as a Starlight. I may go back to being Starlight at some point, at this point I've little way to tell, but perhaps I'll just like Rarity enough to stay as her. Whatever happens, it's just one of many changes I'll be going through in the coming months, and the start of another new chapter in my life (which, if I plan to publish it, will have to be heavily edited to remove the massive amounts of filler).
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    Hello! I kinda noticed that the old forums were down(Still don't know why after reading about it), and the community split up. So, a few minutes filling a registration form, an hour trying to resend emails because I got none, and six hours of waiting and trying again.. I can say that it was worth the wait. Now about what this post is supposed to be(Not a babble about technical issues): Hi, I am Snez.(Short form of Snezh, which is the short form of Snezhok.(People had issues with pronouncing the latter two)) I am a horse(Well, a hooman, but what can one do..) that reeeeaaalllyy dislikes red apples. I also like talking to people, although do that rarely due to being scared of messing up. My hobbies include but are not limited to Cooking/baking, Drawing, Programming, learning almost everything, languages, and doing stuff with computers. And I guess that's it. Probably missed everything important, but oh well, you are free to ask anything. Thank you for reading this mess, have a great day! Nom
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    You two, have a great day~ And, hypnosis can truly make you feel like a pone. Forever.
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    Bah.... starting one is weird. ^~^ What are your thoughts on the General Community in our Discord Server? Me, I personally enjoy it. The People there are amazing. [Ponies~] Shhh. Host, tulpas, everyone so far is the best. I have come to enjoy my time here on ES, and I hope to continue on. Even though I no longer catch up on the tv show, I still stay here, cause I cant bear to leave it. -Giggles bear~- Shh. ^^ so yah. I have come to know so many pones, quite some that I can consider family. My little sisters, Rose, Izumi/Tavia/Starlight. My elder Siblings, Rainbow "Raine" dash, Moonlight Symphony, Adaammaa. And many more. Yet, not all are ups. There was some bads. The changeover of servers, Kavi's Death, May she rest in peace. Some Trolls entering the server, some bad pones. Yet, With all this, we all moved on, though holding thoughts of the past. We grow, and keep getting better as a community. Who would have thought, when I first joined, it was through some jokes that my friends make about hypnotising to become the mane charecters, then I found a community that welcomes me. Now, me and some others, Like twizilli, Tavia/Starlight/Izumi, Starlight/Krazy, Ethan, and quite some are planning to move in together, there is a staff house. and things are coming along. ^~^ {Joshy has come along well. From the guy that has personas, to a nice and caring person. Finding love one here, and making more friends. My self, has come along. From Rarity, To Rara, and now Rarity Song. ^^ Hello Sweetie~} [waves HIHI, I am nightingale moon spell~ You all can call me nightie~ I am Joshy First daughter, a ninja, and Pone/human~ Giggles] | I myself, was Elle, his persona, now, a tulpa. I Elle, then Neptunia, then now Angela Ziegler, better know as mercy~| <Lugia Bow> - Fluttershy. I came about due to him using the files... which is weird. eeeps - So yah, this are my girls, and you are welcome to share what you think of the Community. SEEYA~ ^~^
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    I noticed that there's nowhere on the account settings page for one's birthday. So I'm just gonna put mine here. Feel free to share your own too. May 9th.
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    My username came to be when I wanted a better username for YouTube a few years ago. I just opened up notepad and started bashing out random letters until I got something I was vaguely happy with.
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    I am still thinking about this, but here is my knee jerk response. Part of me really worries about just a ban on it however I can see a little value in maybe some moderation. If you ban it, of course then you have to enforce it which means that it can lead to other creative forms of abuse or a divide in the community. An outright ban could serve to split the community up perhaps and have some leave to go to other servers. My experience was that I have started to change the more I work on my transformation, I find myself becoming more positive and I dunno innocent? child like? for lack of a better term. I find that I just don't have the desire to swear anymore. I find that I can be more genuine and respectable I guess with out the need of it. This developed without the ban. But that is just my experience, maybe it is not gonna go that way for every pony. Banning something outright can drive a problem underground and actually make it worse as we have learned with alcohol prohibition and the removal of sex education in southern schools and are now learning with other drugs as well. I think that on the other hand, yes it can be distracting and destructive in ways to the community possibly, but I dunno if a ban is a solution. I will have to think about it more.
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    Canterlot Times: - Post at least 20 pony hypno journal entries. Party Pony: - Host at least 3 Events. Welcome Committee: - Welcome at least 10 new ponies. Royal Adviser: - Report 5 violations of Forum Rules. Royal Jailer: - Report 15 violations. Pony Creator: - Produce (Entirely) 1 Hypno File, and have it successfully be approved. Pony Factory: - Produce (Entirely) 5 Hypno Files and have them successfully be approved. Royal Scribe: - Write 10 Hypno Files, and have them be approved for recording. Royal Announcer: - Voice 5 Hypno Files that are successfully approved. Royal Translator: - Translate (Entirely) 5 Hypno Files to a language of your choosing, and have them approved for posting.
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    I am for keeping swearing to a certain level in most of the channels. Allow it in nsfw and help-and-support and maybe some other channels. As for NSFW stuff some mentioned... we really have no need to expand that past the already established nsfw rooms. I strongly disagree that we need spicier rooms. Some of you like lewds, and that's fine, but I don't see why we would need to allow that here.
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    yeah I agree, swearing allowed in nsfw channels and ponified swears elsewhere
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    While I dont mind swearing to certain level. I also think there is a point where it just becomes vile. I am not going to argue for a filter that absolutely bans everything. But I do believe the worst should be left of the server. That there are other places on the internet where it is allowed. Does not mean we have to follow their standards. You afteral dont see forums about the saw franchise or voters registration post porn. Just becouse its users are of legal age. That we can does not mean we should. I dont think there is nothing wrong with maintaining an atmosphere fitting to the show. To strive to be a little bit better than the lowest denominator on the internet. Instead of turning the server into a wild west land where everything that can be done, should be done. Hypnosis only works when it is taken seriously. Excessive swearing would only diminish that.
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    Hey, guys. Asmodeus. But please, call me Asmo. I'm more than likely going to spend more time in the Discord than here, but I might as well make an intro post just because. I was here back in the Hypnoponies days, but that was ages ago in Internet years. I'm a big pony fan, of course, and Starlight is clearly best pony. I'm also a fan of gaming, metal, Doctor Who, and pro wrestling. I'm also a host. I have two tulpae, and frankly, that's plenty for me. Their names are Maya and Dusty, and they're way smarter than I am; I'm kind of an idiot. And finally, before I forget, The Game.
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    I'd be super down for this! Also as a side note, I had to move this to the Hobbies>Games & Technology subforum.
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    My transition has been going, for the most part, smoothly. I'll bullet point the things I've noticed so far! -Skin: My skin is softer but dryer, and has been slowly getting softer over time, but I know it'll take a long while. I scratch far more easily. Men's clothing irritates my skin and my skin is more sensitive in general. -Chest: A bit more sensitive, that's all really. I didn't expect much and haven't gotten much yet. -Body Hair: My arm hair seems like it's taking a little longer to grow back, but I never really measured something as little as that to begin with. -Libido: Desires of lewdness seem to be getting replaced by ones of cuddling. Still have them to a degree, but it's nothing like before. It's almost gone. -Mental: I crave cuddles, my moods cycle a bit more and I get more emotional than I used to. Sentimental things mean a bit more to me than they did pre-HRT. -Other: Physical strength seems like it might be starting to diminish. Less energy. My tastes have changed - I actually like ketchup now when I highly disliked it before(I need to see what else changes in that regard later). When my hormones are approaching the next dosage time, I generally feel rather....meh. Low energy and low motivation. Drained. Not cranky or overly moody, just drained. Someone told me my face looks a little rounder...don't know if that was me gaining weight(can't check at the moment) or something to do with hormones. Shaving my face hurts, I need smoother razors.
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    FINALLY! You no longer have to exit to lobby to change gear!
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    I haven't been being honest with you all,you see a long time ago when i was little,i or sweetie belle(me)got taking over by something,all i wanted at that time was everyone's suffering and i did anything in my power to make that happen.when i was about 4 or 8, around there twilight pie or midnightstar came and took over.i was so scared of myself,that i would become that again.slowly but surely after that i started doing things that i needed to do or else I would be punished for it in my mind,like putting water on myself or sitting on my legs or having my hands balled up into fists.long after that i want to a Snow Camp and found something like a portal,that's when i saw Equestria and ponies in a vision right next to the unopened portal that i opened with a {key}Something Told Me about and then found when i was going there.when i got home the {key} was nowhere to be seen.after that i try's to find out as much about ponies and portals as i could find.of course it was all fanfiction but i read it anyway.after that i wanted to be a pony so badly that i wished it all summer.then one day before school started i was in the bathroom when i felt a ton of energy/magic go into me.then i could Sense everything ,my friends,the portal,souls and spirits,also planets in some physical things and most of all the pony world and anyone that had a past life as a pony.at the start i played with it,experimented with it.i found out energy by myself but i thought it was magic not energy like i do now.but a voice keep on telling me that everyone will be everypony someday and I believed it.so I thought many times that I was going to turn into a pony along with everyone else,that's when the {key} appeared again in a different form.a knife,after a little bit i went to the hospital with the knife.and since the knife was made of energy it didn't set off the metal detector.they found it and didn't know what to think of it. so they put it away and someone destroyed it.after that i went home.after that it appeared again but this time it was a Nerf gun(i have no idea why).then i want on a pony website to share my thoughts at the time.that's when AstralAmity got me on to Hypnoponies.then i found out that if you mixed all of the elements of energy together,it could heal you insanely fast,so i try's to help AstralAmity by her doing magic/energy work.i always said magic and she said no.that's when i found out that she could be the element of kindness then i told her that she had the element(that was a illusion but that was one of only ones) and then she said that it was a illusion.(even though there wasn't many illusions,i was just saying things the wrong way)then she blocked me.then i found out that i could hoof lock myself and other things like it.(like feeling the pony parts) now i'm trying to find the Elements of Harmony of this world.see you later everypony by twilight pie(and sweetie belle)
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    This morning as i woke up my fingers felt a bit tingly and slightly numb and my toes on my left foot felt a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny bit like a hoof...... but except for that there was nothing this morning. two hours after i woke up i felt a bit lonely.... *sighs* i would like to have a special somepony In the evening i listened to the Alicorn PBR and it was better than yesterday for a short moment i feet felt nearly completely like hoofs and my hands had the same feeling like yesterday but this time it was also there a short moment after the file. My lower body felt more numb than ever during the file even if my heart was beating fast, i felt for a short moment as if i would lay with the head towards the ground. And the part with the memory change felt a bit easier. and my Comic got finished today
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    I haven't watched the last unicorn in over a decade. We should also watch that.
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    I woke up today and my hands felt (as long as i don't move them) a bit like my fingers are not existent and still part of my hand it felt not like a normal hoof but its at least something. and that makes me a bit happy. The rest of the day i spend in front of my PC as usual. Later today i tried to meditate, i managed to meditate 15 minutes after that i layed down on my bed to listen to my file. I passed out one or two times but it felt relaxing. I felt a light tingling sensation where my tail is supposed to be i had the same tingling where my horn should be. I also felt a light tugging sensation on and around my mouth. My legs and arms felt a bit numb and rounder. I had the same feeling in my hands that i had this morning with the little difference that i had it also in my feet this time my toes felt a bit numb and a bit non-existent but at the same time i felt that there were there. My legs felt also a bit warmer.
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    *hugs* Congratulations~.
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    My therapist finally sent out my recommendation thingy and all of the consent forms are signed, so now I just have to wait to set up my appointment with the person that's actually going to let me get this stuff, and then I can start, hopefully within two weeks.
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    Yes! Game Night's would be awesome!
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    "Anywhere you go, let me go too... Love me, that's all I ask of you"
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    Have you tried turning it off and on again? Waiter there is a Justin Bieber in my soup!
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