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    I made a bunch of stuff. I could start a giant list. Here's just some of them... The RANAT Foundation - SGDK 1.4.6 - 2007-09 Spaceship Game - Flash - 2010 Computer Process-error - UT3 - 2011 Monitor Smashing! - Unity 3D - 2012 PhotoSort - Visual Studio 2017 Community - 2017 This is only a small sample of all the tiny projects and random messing around that I've done. These are probably the best ones that are basically completed.
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    I passed the driving test! I can pick up my drivers license on Monday and then I'll be cruzin down the street in mah 64'
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    Don't give in to chasing the high score of good pone points. It will consume you.
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    What, no apache attack helicopter?

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