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    It was nice being Octavia. I felt like myself again, though of course in a different way. Even so, I missed being Starlight, it felt that a part of me was lost in a way. In light of that, I've decided to return to being Starlight. Mostly. I didn't reset from Octavia, as I wish to keep her with me. So, for the current time, I'll be mostly Starlight, with some Octavia in there too. I've also been able to switch between them easily enough, though it seems if I fall asleep or a tulpa fronts, as soon as I either wake up or regain control I'm back as Starlight. I also think I've undone the removal of the guilt of my past, so that's back now. As bad as it was, in a way I really did miss it. It's like an old friend that steals your 3DS when you're not looking, beats the game for you without asking you first, then tells you all of the plot spoilers before punching you in the face.

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