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    I know I have been silent a lot in here. Most times I only read things in the chat, even more seldom here in the forums. I'd like to say that I was out, Soul Searching. That I had this tremendous insight while meditating a lot. The truth is: Skyrim. On the Switch. But I have not come here to share my thoughts on that game. I have come here because I really had some thoughts I wanted to share. The last thirteen month bear the mark of change. A change that couldn't be more unwelcome. I am sure some here know what I mean, as others have gone through the same: The loss of a loved one. Of someone that was close to our soul, close to our heart. Or I'd rather say: is. I have heard comforting words from many people. Words that are meant to be comforting at least. (Let me just tell you this: Hearing phrases like "they wouldn't want to see you sad" do not help. Especially since they are true. They just drive home that you lost such a significant person.) I, for one, needed to be alone. I needed to cry out the sadness within me. Needed to keep myself from puking. Needed to know ... that existance doesn't end with death. (That was a scary thought, probably one that kept me alive. That with death would come absolute nothingness ... a fear my loved one expressed before, but I didn't understand. I for one never wanted to get a drooling old ... thing. That is where death was a way out for me. But for him death was the end of existance.) In times I wasn't busy with work, life, or skyrim (and mario before that, and zelda even before that), my thoughts always turned to: What comes next? Some are sure that we go into another existance after this, others would be adamant that this world is wholly material. And going by scientific knowledge ... there is no proof for either. There can't even be proof for either. I looked into several spiritual paths, listened to some NDE's ... and I think I will still continue to do so, hoping to find some sort of answer that the scientific part of my mind can accept ... but there is something I wanted to share. One of the few thoughts that ring very true to me: The answer as to why we are here. We are here to learn, and to teach. In every encounter we have, we do both: We learn something, and at the same time the others learn from us. They may be very small things. They may be emotional things. They may be scientific in nature. Or simple knowledge. We are always in both roles: Student and Teacher. Those that think they are only one, are sadly mistaken. Those that think they know already everything are sadly mistaken. And those that think they can't teach another anything ... are also mistaken. A baby allows us to learn compassion. A young child shows us how it is to be curious once more. And an old teacher can still learn a few new tricks from their students. Everyone as a whole is always better off through the exchange of knowledge. I would say that is the extend of what I wanted to share.
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    Hello. I am new here. I've never really joined in the pony community. I'm just an avid watcher of My Little Pony. It looks like this community is geared towards hypnosis, but other than that I don't really know anything about this community. I have a friend involved here and a looot of acquaintances that are involved here. I would appreciate it if someone would take time out of their day to kinda explain to me what this community is all about.
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    Okay I got alot more response to that than I expected, you guys are now kicked out

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