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    To knock it down so the wasps would go away. In hindsight, the $5 a can of wasp spray would have cost would've been worth it.
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    going to start up a journal on here hopefully sometime this week when i have time. Kind of excited
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    {Hi! I'm Autumn Breeze, the included image is my form, I was 'born' November 12, 2016, and it's nice to meet everypony!}
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    Not a hypnosis update, but more of a life update. I'm currently on my way back home from Bronycon, which was great. I think this has been the best one yet, because I got to spend it with friends from here. Namely, Glide, Cadance, Wolfy, and WillieNelson. I also saw ValieShy, Baltoist, and Crescent Star. I have a few arts, mostly of Chrysalis as I think I've gained a minor obsession with her, some pins, a fidget spinner that came with some pins and an art, and plushies of Sunburst, Flufflepuff, and a mini-Twilight. All in all, it was a great time, and I hope to see more of my friends from here at Bronycon 2018!
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    All those returning from BronyCon stay safe and have a wonderful trip home.
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    I'll just link one of my writings instead of posting it directly. The Girl With No Name: *link* I'm a fan of stories that create a perfect loop, where the ending is just the beginning again. It helps my absolute hatred of endings.
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    Me and an old cowboy were throwing rocks at a 4-6 inch wide red wasp nest hanging behind our church. I've never seen an old man run faster.
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    First of all, let me say I'm very new to this whole hypnosis thing, and while I'm really curious about it and really willing to try it out, I haven't had many results so far. So far, I've listened to a few induction files, as well as the twilight sparkle one, and I'm really mostly confused about what I am supposed to be feeling. I am trying my best to do as the narrator says, I'm trying my best to relax as deeply as I can, but I never feel any "different", I guess. I've heard before that while under hypnosis you are still aware of everything, but if that's the case, how will I know if I'm hypnotised or not? Another thing I don't get is what I am supposed to be feeling when the narrator suggests my hands to be merging into hooves, for example; should I really, physically, be feeling my hands merge, or is it just a visualization thing? If so, what about those of us who don't have very good visualization skills, could we train them somehow? I'm sorry if these are dumb questions, but I feel really lost, and I'm also starting to feel I just can't get anything out of this. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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    A new earthpony file is being voiced at the moment you shall get something rather soon.
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    Generally it's easier to feel things than it is to see them, so you'll probably feel them first. Seeing changes usually comes later. Since you're new to hypnosis, and you haven't had much practice, you might not be able to get into a trance very easily. I'd suggest trying with a simple, short file, such as the pony ears file. You should be able to start feeling effects fairly easily, it'll work with anypony you try to be (assuming you're becoming a pony), and it's not a very long file, so you'll be able to practice getting into trance. If you keep trying but you can't get it to work, try a different induction. Get a version of the file for looping if one is available, and add an inducer before the file and a deducer after the file (although the deducer is not strictly required, it can help you to feel more relaxed after the trance and more smoothly take you out of it). If a loop of the file isn't available and there's only one with an induction, just use a sound editing program like Audacity to remove the induction part and replace it with whichever one you choose to use instead.
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    Hi. I like pizza. I want to be pizza pony. -Pizza Pone
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    i love kites because they are so much fun to fly. ive been interested in them for years (uh... I dunno how many... say.... 8...?) and I don't have any because we don't get much wind here... (and I don't have many bits to buy them either..)
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    1. I LOVE KITES. 2. Uh. Kite hypno. 3. Several days. 4. Zero, sadly. I have also never flown a kite
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    I like a lot of the fandom's games and wish to share them with others. If you got a game made by or for the fandom tell us a bit about them including the genre, platform you can play 'em on, and where to find it along with a short description about the game itself (also please try to remain spoiler free if applicable it's not fun if you know exactly what's gonna happen.) RPG/Adventure PF6 - Pony Fantasy 6 a RomHack of Final Fantasy 6 made by RydelFox (micheal) - find him on Deviant art. It's a total conversion of Final Fantasy 6 into ponydom changing text, sprites, some of the story, gameplay, as well as items, along with added balance changes to make gameplay smoother and slightly more challenging. He has also recently released Filly Fantasy 5 which i have yet to try. Free downloads are available on the mylittlepony reddit or Rydel's deviant art, playing requires a SNES emulator. MLPRPG 1-3 - My Little Pony RPG 1-3 are mlp rpgs made in the RPG Maker VX engine by Nurse Dashie on Gamejolt the series features the Mane Six, Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Various background ponies (depending on vers. from 1-3) pitted against the evils of Equestria and beyond in challenging RPG senarios the games are extraordinarily long with my run through of the first game taking approximately 30 hours to complete. The game is rife with hard enemies and bosses, dynamic skills that will challenge your wit, and intense extra bosses. The first game runs like a standard RPG made in RPG maker having a bit of innovation through custom scripts but more than makes up in that department with creative storytelling. The successors in the series uses custom scripting and interesting innovations that deviate from standard RPGs. Find free downloads on Gamejolt and join the Steam group on steam. More will be added later.
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    We were out of fish, and it was the only way we could drop the bass. Waiter, there's a bowl of soup in my soup
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    Unfortunately, I am in the same position as Starlight. In addition, it has given me stress over choice, but I am convinced that I am making the right decision.
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    For me, I never was very masculine. I never really gained very much muscle growing up and I never liked to play rough. I was always a bit bothered that men didn't have terribly much to choose from when it came to clothing; it was really hard to express myself without looking literally like everyone else. When I accepted myself in being female, I find myself generally much happier and comfortable with myself. The number of styles you can choose from in feminine clothing is astronomically much larger compared with men's clothes. Before I've felt like I need to act tougher just to be accepted as a man, but now I can live as myself and be my comfortable girly self~
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    The archaic script is seldom used. Mostly when irritated, but not otherwise. Those who are not us have no business telling us on how to be us.
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    I've finally come to the realization that I'm not Pinkie. It's not just that I'm not right now either, I can't be. It's not who I'm "supposed" to be. I'm resetting as of now, and after that I'll start experimenting with different files. I don't really know anymore, I don't have much to say here, my thoughts are all just jumbled up right now. I guess this is just an update. I hope I can find the right path.
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    I know you'll find that certain somepony that really fits with who you are and who you want to be eventually, and I wish you the best of luck in doing so.
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    Since they have not posted yet Hello and welcome Other Platinum.
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    Dear Equestrian Souls, I am officially moved into my new residence with Luna. It's been great to get settled in, drive around the town, and otherwise get started with my new life. Of course, my mom is freaking out and has been sending some...quite nasty text messages. But I'm not going to let that get me down. I made it, and the future is looking bright. A couple days ago, I had my best session ever. Two loops of a fractionation style loop induction file, and then the Twilight V2. I could feel everything morph as the file went over them, and some mumbling after proved my tone had changed. I have felt great since then and plan to have another great session soon. There's been a rather...severe thing that me and Star, the first tulpa, have discovered. The original personality, who came here as Astral, is...gone. Fully. The memories remain but are fuzzy, opinions from them still affect me sometimes, speech patterns have lingered, other such smaller things still are similar, but Astral is not the same pony I am. Does this make the the original host? I don't know. It's troubling to me to consider that Astral is so gone. The stress of the last few days must have pushed that old self into the pit of oblivion. But...it might be a good thing that that happened. Astral never knew who he was. They had 12 different names in two years because they just didn't know what they were supposed to be and kept having to convince themselves they were something when they never were anything but a mask over the real me:Twilight Sparkle. The mare writing these letters for updates. Astral had themselves convinced organization was unneeded, writing was unneccessary, and friends were, to them, something one would never truly have. Many things that I have never held true to myself since their mask started to break at the end of February. Though, Star still freaked out when she figured out the original pony who created her was gone and replaced by me. She'll be fine, guys, I promise. In lighter news, my move went amazingly smoothly. No issues anywhere and I feel so, so very welcome in my new home. A feeling I never had back with the parents. I always felt unwelcome around them, like they were simply tolerating me. I had a hypnosis session last night with Celestia to work in some of my teachings with my form, and a bit of a hallucination of my muzzle which comes and goes now among other things. She also attempted to rework my tastes a little so I can eat much more healthily and like a pony. She wanted me to find an apple or sugar cube, but neither was available, though I did eat oatmeal today raw and it was oddly satisfying. My ears today have been amazing, everything I hear is heard through where they would normally be and not through where they are on the physical body. I can feel them standing up and twitching, catching the breeze against them. Meat has been...difficult, to say the least. Seeing a bone in meat disgusts me, but it's fully edible and delicious if I've never seen the bones. What an interesting conundrum! On a final note, I do need to try to get these things out on time regardless of my busyness and get Celestia some private letters on my teachings and how I apply them. Your Friend, Twilight Sparkle.
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    Well, this is long overdue. Just did the reset file. It felt really weird, and I don't like it. It feels so strange not being nearly as ponyish as I used to be. I've tried the Fluttershy trigger and it seems to have basically no effect at all now. So Pegatwi is nice. I definitely feel more like a Twilight, and it's a lot easier to imagine myself as one than it is to imagine myself as a Flutters. Just one problem. I want a horn. Boring ol' alicorn Twi it is! - Confirmed with Joshua, I'm a Twilight. All he had to do was say "someone placed a book in the wrong order and section" and I got all triggered. There's just one problem. I like quesadillas. - Walk-in Pinkie Pie. She's staying for Maud. - Confirmed again with Sunbeam, I'm a Twilight. "I think it seems to be sticking well! You've got the enthusiasm to learn and explore and explain and converse/teach". - I'm starting to enjoy organizing. - I've been using imposition-based personality/emotion sprays, to temporarily modify my personality or emotions, and they work very well. I've also realized I think I'd prefer to be Starlight, so for now I'm using Starlight sprays on myself to make myself sort of half-Twilight, half-Starlight. They seem to have no negative effects like the ones in EKP, although when I use the Starlight spray I find myself having a greater aversion to equal signs. - Decided to just be Starlight. I liked being Twilight better than I liked being Fluttershy, and I'm liking Starlight even better than Twilight, so I think I'll be sticking with this. - Tried watching the season 5 premiere. 8 minutes in and I noped right out of there. - July 11, couldn't wait any longer. Rottytops is a thing now. - July 28, definitely making more progress being Starlight, and I've little desire to change to somepony else. This seems like a good fit for me. Since I didn't do a reset file after Twilight, I subconciously associated myself with Twilight for a while, but at this point that association is generally gone, and I find it far easier to imagine myself as Starlight now. My past is starting to bother me more, but that was to be expected, I can probably deal with it. ~You know, you say that, but... I did have a bit of an issue yesterday with this. It put me in a sort of depression-ish state, although definitely not on the level where I'd given up on life and started contemplating suicide much more seriously than usual. I actually ended up removing my own cutie mark for a short time during that, since without my cutie mark I'd have much less magic, and not nearly enough to take away any other cutie marks, preventing me from repeating my past mistakes. After I recovered from this, I tried watching "Every Little Thing She Does". Got about 20 seconds in and I was already uncomfortable. I also seem to be uncomfortable doing any live hypnosis sessions if I'm the hypnotist. - August 2, finally going to post this thing, but before I do, one last update. I had a walk-in-ish Chrysalis that I tried to get rid of, but every time I did, she just kept coming back, so I've decided to keep her since getting rid of her clearly isn't going to work as a long term solution. Instead, I've reformed her, or at least partially. She's about the same level of good that Discord is, I suppose. Also, Trixie has been pregnant for a while, and yesterday she finally had her and Sunbeam's foal, Sunrise Star. With that, I now have 10 tulpas, so... that's a thing.
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    Can you link me that fic?
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    Post your pony arts. (Pony not required)
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    Haven't played pokemon for years, last one I played was fire red, my team which got me through to about the second last gym before i stopped playing was an overlevelled charizard. That's all, I really was bad at pokemon in retrospect
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    Get yourself out there. Don't be afraid of anxious about how others see you - everyone loves new ponies and old ponies alike. We're a community of love, not one of nitpicking and barely-restrained contempt I understand your inherent worries, but we're all here to help, love and be friends. Talk to whomever you wish to talk to. Nopony judges here <3 I'm here to talk to whenever you need a boost or just a friendly conversation ^^
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    To all bats, I want what you think is the best fruit. For me, it is either apples, oranges, or mangos.
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    It's official! I can't stand sleeping on my back or side anymore cuz it feels like my wings get pinched.
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    I'm vegetarian. I'll probably get physically sick at this point if I ever do eat that stuff.
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    Getting into the community takes time. It may not be the easiest thing to wait, but trust me, you're no annoyance. I enjoy your company! You're quite a nice pony and you'll fit great in here. Here's to hoping you call this place your home sooner or later!
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    Dear Journal. Today was a slow day for the most part. Just posting a letter, then I got to try the file for the first time. Unlike some previous attempts with other types of files, this one seemed to be able to relax me much easier, though near the end of the file, I seemed to get distracted by my own thoughts creeping back in, to the point of getting distracted away from the file. Not sure if I have noticed any effects from this file yet, I will document anything I notice on this journal as soon as I find it.
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    Welcome to the Official Equestrian Souls Minecraft server! We offer a lot of possibilities like: - Regular Survival - Creative areas - Roleplay World - Minigames ( WIP ) and much small features more. You want to apply for the MC servers staff? Just post here for what you are applying ( Builder or Moderator ) and why we should choose you/How you could benefit the server as Mod/Builder. Join now in and directly get greeted with an familiar atmosphere. See you soon at: Equestrian Soul MC server IP : es.aperture-hosting.de Backup IP : Version: 1.12.1 Required Mods: None, but an suggestion: http://www.minelittlepony-mod.com/ Hosted by: Aperture Hosting NPO Web: https://www.Aperture-Hosting.de
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    I will be around. Not much to say. I just kind of want to test how active this forum even is. You know who i am and why I am here, if you don't, here is the explanation: I focus on fixing damage caused to others. If you do something you regret, I help fix it. I provide a service.
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    This is something I might actually be able to contribute to. Here's a Haiku that I wrote. Illuminati Illuminati confirmed Illuminati
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    I have Discord Nitro now, so that's a thing. I now have a reason to make like 5 or 6 emote servers, and I have a fancy animated profile picture that's too fancy for this website's file size limit, so I can't make it my profile picture here. I did some hypnosis with Melody, and my head feels much more like that of a pony, and I can more easily see my forelegs/hooves. Since I couldn't really see them at all, I guess that doesn't amount to much, but right now I have a very faint transparent image of my forelegs and hooves over my arms and hands. Today is the final day to apply to be a mod. I'm hoping my application works and I get the position. I'd love to help manage and better the community here, and give back to it after it's given so much to me. I'm going to try to find a way to shrink this gif so I can use it in my signature without it taking up the whole screen like a certain somepony's signature does right now...
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    Why were you throwing rocks at a wasp nest?
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    Was visiting my mother in the 4th grade and got attacked by a pitbull. Ended up rolling around on the ground getting mauled for I don't even know how long. Ended up with several bites all over my body and having to take rabies pills (or was it a shot? It's been so long I can barely remember). All I know is that I had bites on or near my ear as well as my leg. Overall not too pleasant an experience...
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    Bacon is repulsive. It is a massive bundle of fail and tears and anypony who eats it is bad and should feel bad. Bacon smells like the offspring of a dead pig and misery.
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    I'm going to add on to mine since everyone keeps talking about their childhood. So this entire thing started when I was in 7th grade. I grew up with a bunch of sisters, so naturally we had a lot of costumes lying around. One day I got curious and decided to try on some of the girls costumes and they felt surprisingly nice, albeit many of them too small. This was about a month before Halloween, so I went to my mom and pulled her outside and I asked her if she could remake one of the costumes in my size once I picked one out. After that night, nothing really came of it and it was never mentioned again. Since then, I would go back and try them on again and again, and even delved into some of my sisters' dresses as well when I was (rarely) home alone, or late at night while everyone was sleeping. It was mostly an on and off thing for the next few years. As my hormones kicked in and I started getting bigger, it started to get harder and harder to fit into the same outfits like I could before. Eventually I would explore being a girl for Halloween again for my senior year of high school, but this time I decided to take it in my own hands. I snuck one of my sister's shirts, a skirt, and bought a wig to go along with it. I would try the outfit on and look at myself in the mirror often and I was surprised at how close I was to looking like a girl. Sadly, I chickened out before Halloween came by and I never got the chance to try it out in public. At some point, I found online stories about boys being forced into being a girl and I started to get very curious about them. A specific one I remember even mentioned forcing them to take HRT so the girls clothes would start fitting better (at the time I had no idea I had ran into a kinky site). I found the stories very intriguing and piqued my curiosity. I eventually found out about transgender and how boys wanted to be girls and vice versa, even at young ages. I started to think about the idea that I might too be transgender, but I kept just pushing those thoughts aside. During college after moving out from my parents' home, I tried to keep the thoughts at bay, but being alone in my room and now having internet access right in my bedroom, I kept looking further and further into what it would be like living as a girl. I don't think there was a single night that the thought didn't pass by me. When I would visit home again and had the opportunity to, I would still desperately try on dresses and would always feel great doing so. Near the time college was ending for me and right before discovering pony hypnosis, I found a hypnosis file on YouTube that would transform a boy to a girl temporarily. I decided to give that a shot to see how it would affect me (though I had no idea it was going to affect something in between my legs but it felt weird but amazing so I let that happen). For that next half hour, I was half scared to death that my aunt that I was living with at the time would notice I was acting more feminine. And the rest of the story starts with me discovering pony hypnosis...(this ended up being much longer than I anticipated >.<)
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    I very much like the pair of thigh highs that I have, I also like loose long sleeved shirts.
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    Hey everypony! I just wanted to give you all a warm welcome to the new site! hugs and nuzzles to all!~ Feel free to message me on discord (Melody Heartsong#8903) -Melody Heartsong
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    Eep! Uhm, where did you all come from?
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    Greetings, everypony! I'd like to welcome you all to our new home, Equestrian Souls! It took a few days more than I had hoped, but I wanted to make sure we had our SSL set up for any security issues. Anywho, you may have noticed that we are starting fresh. We couldn't get a proper back up of the old site, sadly. We also figured it'd be a bigger hassle than it's worth to try and salvage everything. So, we've decided to start fresh. Starting fresh means we get to play around with a few things. I'll go through some of the changes we're trying out. Blogs - Journals will now be done via blogs. The best part? You don't even need to message an administrator now, you can make your own! Regular users will be allowed one blog, but donators will be able to create any number they wish to. You will however have to contact a staff member to have your journal put up here. We figure with this new style of listing journals, they'll be easier to find, as well as more organized. Clubs - We've been messing around with a new feature we have access to. Clubs are like little forums within the forum. You can join as many clubs as you'd like, post in them and a few other things as well. It's a bit hard to explain it all, so I suggest just messing around with them and seeing what you find! Also, donators will be able to create their own clubs as well! Hypnosis Files - We're currently working on hosting all the files server side. The files are currently not up for download right now until we figure out how we want to do it, so please bear with us while we work on that. We know a lot has happened over the past week. At the end of the day though, what's done is done. I know a lot was lost, but to dwell on the past is only going to drag us down as a community. So let's all move forward and make something even better. With that said, from all of us here at the staff, we hope you enjoy this new home. I'll leave this thread open to any and all feedback or possible ideas. Please keep in mind there's some temporary stuff right now, such as the forum banner. We'll be adding a lot more over the next few weeks, so stay tuned~! Thank you, Glide

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