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    It's nice to meet you too, Azure. I hope you find what you're looking for and enjoy the search.~
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    It’s a pleasure to meet you all, every pony, human, and other creatures out there. I have no idea what brings me here; maybe some kind of interest or curiosity, or maybe just a need for a new experience in me. In any case, I hope my time wandering here will have the same joy that you’ve found. Safe travels, AS
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    Hello, everypony! I am not exactly new here, but I have been away long enough that I might as well be new. I'm so glad to see the community is up and running again. I am not sure how many here still remember me, and I regret that there are likely a few who would rather not. If it helps to remember me, I went by either Twilight or Eternal in the old chats. I hope to meet everypony, whether for the first time or seventh. I am quite clumsy when it comes to keeping track of social media and online chats, but I haven't given up trying! Ideally, I'll stay in touch for most of each week, but don't worry if I accidentally respond a month or two late. School, research, friends and other things are welcome distractions from each other.
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