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      If you have donated and still have not received Donator's status on Discord and/or the forums, please message @Glide directly.
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      The files are now available for download again Currently only the mane6 and the reset file are available, though we wil be adding the rest in the short future. You can find them in the tab above. 
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      We now have new themes as well as a new banner provided by @Dashie! We have a Celestial light theme and a Lunar dark theme. There will be more to come in the future, so stay tuned~


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  1. Team mayo wins, 2-1!

  2. BronyCon 2017~!

    Hello, everypony! Just wanted to check in with the forum to see who else may be going to BronyCon this year. There's a few of us going as a group, but I wanted to see who else may be going. I believe we had 11-12 people from the forum go last year. So if you're going, please post here, maybe we can have a meet up! I'm going with @Cadance, @Wolfy <<Kale>> and WillieNelson from the Discord server. I also know @baltoist is going. Hope to see some of you there~
  3. Anybody up for foal-sitting in a few weeks?

    1. Ethanland


      Depends, how good's the pay?

    2. Rainbow Dash [Amelia]

      Rainbow Dash [Amelia]

      Well, Where do you live? I think I would need to take a flight xD

  4. Mayo will never lose to the likes of ketchup~
  5. Maybe she was right, maybe staying up late isn't the best idea~

    1. platinum


      It never is but it seems like a good idea at the time.

  6. It's hard to play fetch with somepony much faster than you, it is nice though~

  7. Funny how you can look back at stuff from years ago and make a connection~

  8. ...keep pushing! Higher! Higher!

    1. shiron222


      Row Row Fight the POWAH!

  9. Well, nothing like moving both on the internet and in real life. Things are finally getting set up though. Sorry for the sudden absence, haven't been able to get onto my laptop in a few days due to the move. Anyway, I'm back now and excited to see the new forum doing well~

  10. Before moving forums, I designed a new set of groups. They were well received, so we've decided to carry them over. Each group is based off of your content count. Below is what group you'll end up in based off your content count: Solar Pony - 2,000+ Content Lunar Pony - 1,500-1,999 Content Friendship Pony - 1,000-1,499 Content Canterlot Pony - 500-999 Content Appleloosa Pony - 250-499 Content Cloudsdale Pony - 150-249 Content Everfree Pony - 50-149 Content Ponyville Pony - 0-49 Content On-top of these groups, we'll be adding badges soon that can be picked from a drop down list. You'll be able to pick a pony and get a badge for that pony, all from your profile options!
  11. Greetings~! Due to recent events, we'll be running an extra round of staff applications this year! Just as last time, take the form below and e-mail it to the following e-mail: equestriansoulsstaff@gmail.com Below is the form you'll need to fill out and submit to the e-mail above: Since it hasn't been very long since the last round, feel free to re-use your old application. It may be best to update and/or add to it. We'll be looking for roughly three people to add to the staff this time around. If you weren't picked last time, it may have been because we only needed two people, so don't feel you weren't pick based on your last application. Please note that if we get more than one from you, we'll only be reviewing your most recent one. The deadline will be August 9th at 11:59PM PST. Any application submitted afterwords will not be considered. So please be sure to have everything submitted before then! Good luck to all that apply!
  12. Donator Benefits

    Interested in helping us pay the bills here for a month? Would you like special benefits for doing so? Then this is the thread for you! Listed below are the benefits to being a donator. All you need to do is click the donation link on the right side of the forum, donate at least $2 and message me to confirm your donation. Afterwards, you will get the following perks: Forums: Donators Rank (Green Name!) Unlimited nick changes (vs. 3 within 30 days as a normal user) Ability to create Clubs Create more than one Blog Discord: Donators Role (Green Name!) React to posts To donate, visit the home page and click the PayPal link near the bottom of the page. Once you have sent one over, contact me directly and I'll set the role for you!
  13. A New Era...

    Greetings, everypony! I'd like to welcome you all to our new home, Equestrian Souls! It took a few days more than I had hoped, but I wanted to make sure we had our SSL set up for any security issues. Anywho, you may have noticed that we are starting fresh. We couldn't get a proper back up of the old site, sadly. We also figured it'd be a bigger hassle than it's worth to try and salvage everything. So, we've decided to start fresh. Starting fresh means we get to play around with a few things. I'll go through some of the changes we're trying out. Blogs - Journals will now be done via blogs. The best part? You don't even need to message an administrator now, you can make your own! Regular users will be allowed one blog, but donators will be able to create any number they wish to. You will however have to contact a staff member to have your journal put up here. We figure with this new style of listing journals, they'll be easier to find, as well as more organized. Clubs - We've been messing around with a new feature we have access to. Clubs are like little forums within the forum. You can join as many clubs as you'd like, post in them and a few other things as well. It's a bit hard to explain it all, so I suggest just messing around with them and seeing what you find! Also, donators will be able to create their own clubs as well! Hypnosis Files - We're currently working on hosting all the files server side. The files are currently not up for download right now until we figure out how we want to do it, so please bear with us while we work on that. We know a lot has happened over the past week. At the end of the day though, what's done is done. I know a lot was lost, but to dwell on the past is only going to drag us down as a community. So let's all move forward and make something even better. With that said, from all of us here at the staff, we hope you enjoy this new home. I'll leave this thread open to any and all feedback or possible ideas. Please keep in mind there's some temporary stuff right now, such as the forum banner. We'll be adding a lot more over the next few weeks, so stay tuned~! Thank you, Glide

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