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  1. 10-13-17. The start of a new beginning~

    1. Tavia Melody
    2. shiron222


      Here's to change~! *raises glass*

  2. Forgot to mention it yesterday, but it was my 4 year anniversary of finding my true self as Soarin/Glide. Hard to believe it's been so long...

    1. Greta[DawnStar]


      Oh Boy, it's been some time :P nearly half a decade!

  3. Welp! Time to sleep for my trip to Canada tomorrow. Wonder who I'm visiting this time~?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ezcoe


      Have a great trip. I’m only slightly jealous 

    3. Starlight Glimmer

      Starlight Glimmer

      wait, where in canada? 

    4. Spike


      Maybe one day you can visit me :3 

  4. Question About the Forum

    Yup, the old forum ended up being wiped out, so this is the replacement. Sadly, we were not able to recover any of the data to transfer over, so we had to start fresh.
  5. Therapy Session One - Complete. One step closer to figuring these feelings out...

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    2. shiron222


      *Does aerial dance to cheer for you*

    3. Cutieshy


      Congrats on finishing your first session! :Smile: I hope the ones in the future go well for you. 

    4. Techdisk


      I'm here for ya, sis~

  6. Congrats on becoming the first Cloudsdale Pony! You were also the first Everfree Pony, so have two muffins for your hard work~ :Muffins:

    1. shiron222


      *blushes and noms* Thanks!

  7. We're now going to be shifting our focus from pony hypnosis to train hypnosis! Equestrain Souls!

  8. Nope, fill out the application I posted above and email it to: equestriansoulsstaff@gmail.com
  9. Greetings, everypony! There's been a lot of changes going on, as well as many changes coming in the near future, so we wanted to give you all an update on what is to come~ Patreon - One big change coming up is that we'll be trying out a Patreon system. We'll be doing this to make it a bit easier to pay for the forum, as well as extras we could do. Things like plugins to make the forum even better, along with more features for the forum. I've set it up since once you donate to our Patreon, you'll automatically get the role on Discord through the bot that's been brought in. We'll have both "Donator" and "Super Donator" roles, depending on what perks you're looking for, as well as how much you're willing to pitch in. You'll still be able to donate though the button on the site as well, if you're not too interested in any of the perks. Also, people who've donated in the past will also keep their roles, so you won't have to re-donate to keep your role. Point System - Something I don't like to talk about, but feel I need to. It's no secret drama has been a thing in our community. Well, our goal is to try and get that a bit more under control. In an attempt to do so, we'll be rolling out a point system. It works like this: - 1 Point = Both a Public and Private Warning - 2nd Point = 1 Day Ban - 3rd Point = 7 Day Ban - 4th Point = Permanent Ban Now, with that said, points aren't going to be handed out for every little thing. It'll be discussed among the staff before points are handed out. It mainly helps us to keep track of things as well. Don't worry too much though, even if you get a point or two, you can lose them. They'll fall off six months after being applied. Secondary Servers - Something we'll be trying out is secondary Discord servers. Right now it's going to only be one extra one, along with the current, main, one. This first secondary server will be called "Help To Harmony". We've noticed a lot of ponies in need, rather it be advice or just a hug. We have a help and support room in our main Discord server now, but often, things get missed over, so this may cure that. If this new server works out well, then we may add more. With that said, we decided that moderator staff will be different on this new server, and are opening applications! Please keep in mind that while both servers our official servers of Equestrian Souls, they will be treated differently. Most of the staff will be different, and in some cases even bans will be different. If you are staff on one, it does not give you right to be, or act like, staff on the other. So please, if you are staff on one, do not backseat mod on the other. The goal of having two different staffs is to offload some of the work from the main staff, as well as this new server needing staff dedicated to its purpose: Helping others. If things require cross server input, talk with one of the admins on either server to relay. Please e-mail your application to: equestriansoulsstaff@gmail.com Discord Integration - We'll soon be launching a new system where our Discord server and forum here are synced. Not only will you need a forum account to be active in our server, but we'll have other things linked as well. Such as when an announcement goes up here on the forum, it'll be sent to the Discord server. We're also going to try and work other things like roles into it, make it all automated. Adverts - As some of you may have seen already, we've been playing around we advertising on other sites. For the longest time, we've been against the idea, but as things go on and change, it might be a good change. The idea being to breath some new life into our little community. Our new Patreon will help us pay for this, as well. Website Updates - For this next part, we owe the staff tech team,@Rainbow Dash [Amelia] and @Dashie, a huge thank you! Over the past few weeks, they've been working their butts off to pretty up the site. Some new things include: - New navigation bar that scrolls with you down the page. - Updated themes! As well as new ones, with even more in the works. - Updated hypnosis file page with nice features such as the new icons. - 3D badges that show up under your profile in threads. You just have to pick one in your profile options. - Updates to the mobile site, with added stuff like a button to jump back to the top of the page. More Frequent Staff Updates - You may have noticed this one already, but we're going to be a bit more active in seeking help for the staff. Before we tried to do it yearly, but as things go on, we're finding the need for help more often. So expect to see staff applications every few months or so. Transparency - One last new thing I wanted to try. I feel transparency between the staff and community is very important. I know there are ponies with issues with how we do things, as well as those who are in the dark on a lot of things, so we want to try and mend that. The idea is that anybody can e-mail us at equestriansoulsstaff@gmail.com with any questions, feedback or advice they'd like. There will be a new sub-forum made somewhere where the e-mails sent to us are posted, but are posted anonymously. From there, the staff can reply the e-mail for the community to see. I just ask that if you're going to send feedback that it's done as constructive criticism, not just random "Oi, you guys suck!". We're far from perfect and know we can always do better, so that's why we want to hear from you all on how we can.
  10. Old pone on new site

    Well, welcome back! Always nice to have more ponies around. If you have any questions on what might be different, don't be afraid to ask. Hope to see you around~!
  11. Your Pony arts~

    Just a few signatures I made awhile ago. I really need to get back into doing them, I had a lot of fun~ I'd also post all the banners I made for our groups here, but I don't want to spoil some of them. ;P
  12. Your favorite game of all time

    Without a doubt, I'd have to say Super Mario 64. Thinking back, it's one of the first games I remember getting as a kid. I got that along with my N64 for Christmas the year they came out. It's the game that really started getting me into gaming. I've beaten it 100% time and time again over the years, so much so that I wish I kept track, heh. It's hard to believe it's been out for 21 years and I've yet to get bored of it. Other favorites of my include Pokemon Fire Red, Halo 3 and Digimon World 4. All 3 games have taking up a bunch of my time during my teenage years.
  13. Poll for Species

    Pegasus have 40% of the votes. #superiorrace
  14. It's not just great, it's awesome!
  15. Favorite MLP Episode

    This is a hard question as the show goes on. I could say every Starlight Glimmer episode ever, but that's a bit too bias. I love a lot of Wonderbolt episodes, for obvious reasons. They tend to help trigger memories, but also make me pretty homesick. For the one that truly sticks out in my mind though...I'd have to honestly say "The Perfect Pear". The episode speaks layers to me. The whole thing with AJ's parents mirrors a lot with my relationship with @Bright Star. Her and I had to overcome a lot of hoops to get where we are today, much like they had to. While the episode is not completely alike, some of it is eerie similar.

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