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  1. count before a mod posts

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  3. How to Discord

    Thank you for the help!
  4. Canterlot Siege

    I have played the first two, though I am not sure I am really that good at them, I will check out the last 2.
  5. How to Discord

    Hello, so I was wondering how gain access to the text and voice channels on the Discord server. I am new to using Discord so I would appreciate it if someone can help me.
  6. Brand new here

    Thank you all, I will make sure to ask questions in those place and probably the Discord server, now to figure out how to use Discord... I have heard that good file to start at may be the pony ears file, so I was thinking of starting there. Though I have no idea all of the files are there so I might be wrong starting there. I can't wait to get started!
  7. count before a mod posts

  8. Brand new here

    Hello everypony, its nice to meet all of you! One warning though. I am as newest as you can be. New to the idea of posting things on the internet, new to the idea of using hypnosis , and only a week ago I heard ago this type of thing and this group. This is the first time I am even greeting others in a forum. This is how you do it, right? Anyways, I am a little nervous and excited to try to be a part of community and try out the whole Hypnosis thing when the files get up. Also, if I have any questions about Hypnosis, and about the files when they do go out, what is the best way to ask them?
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  10. count before a mod posts

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