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  1. New File Poll

    It's been how many years, and we still don't have a Generic Earth pony file? Well, I understand that an Experience file is fun and all but come on.... Well, back to doing things the hard way. (PBR and PVR would be so much more effective if there was a file to base your feelings off of.) (I'm not mad, I'm just really disappointed.)
  2. ....They have a generic Dragon file, but not an Earth pony.... :facehoof:


    Also, all of my journals, gone forever.


    I knew I should have made a backup. :angry2:

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    2. Tavia Melody

      Tavia Melody

      I'm not sure why they don't have an earth pony file up yet. I figured that would be a fairly high priority file.

    3. AuroraMorningdew


      The interactive generic one doesn't really work for me, as it pulls me out of the trance when I'm making all the "decisions."


      There is a way to be an Earth Pony and not have a set personality, but it's way harder, longer, and if anyone just wants the experience without making it permanent, they're out of luck.


      The two files to use are the Pony Body Reprogramming and Pony Visuals Reprogramming. They would probably work better with a base file, though.



      The fact of the matter is that nobody will "vote" for an earth pony file. They are the least popular type, and not only that, but people who want to try pony hypnosis for a new experience probably want new limbs to experience, like wings or a horn.

      Oh, someone gave me the backup for my journals, apparently. So that's nice. I might put them up sometime.

    4. Sable


      Yeah, well I do believe that your onto something, it would be nice to have an entry level one that works as good as the generic Pegasus one has for me.  Is this file a problem for most ponies I wonder?  I know that it is frustrating but there are a lot of files to be made, there is a huge list and not enough to do them.  I am trying to make file for myself at the moment but i have never even done so before.  Maybe I could try my hoof at it someday.  But I am also making workshops at the moment and trying to get ready to move to a new job and city.  I can't promise anything at the moment.


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