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  1. i'm back

    Welcome back.
  2. What powers do you Earth Ponies want to feel?

    I think you really hit it. Their gimmick is farming and being stronger than most everyone else by default. Any other idea I would come up with would be plant based.
  3. Hello Friends

    " I got really frustrated after seeing "Username Taken" too many times " i too know this feeling.
  4. Starbound Anypony?

    I think I know of this game but I am not sure.
  5. Your Pokemon Team

    there was a hard mode at one point. but it was basically new game+ and playing through once was enough.
  6. Since they have not posted yet Hello and welcome Other Platinum. 

  7. Your Pokemon Team

    Well it is a basic rpg w/rps mechanics. You either pick the right type for battle or grind until it doesn't matter. Even self imposed rules like nuzlockes don't do enough to turn pokemon into a quarter eater. Still one of my favorite series to play
  8. Idea for File?

    Original story was never finished the idea got picked up and expanded upon by other authors. Here is one of the two group pages for the expanded universe https://www.fimfiction.net/group/22/the-conversion-bureau
  9. Corrupt a Wish 2: Gold Version

    Granted, you get some but instead of getting to drink it, you are showered in it. I wish for everyone to be happy.
  10. Your Pony arts~

    Cool okay prefacing again that this was made at my request, i did not make it.
  11. Your Pony arts~

    That I have a few of. Also would short meme-y animated youtube videos count?
  12. Your Pokemon Team

    There is no wrong way to play pokemon. Starter only runs plus hm slaves are complete viable strategy to go through the game.
  13. April 16, 2013 - "Entry Six"

    "Turtle Beach headphones were crap." They are not a good brand.
  14. count before a mod posts

    That awkward moment when the mods feel bad and help you along. Count is the same

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