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      Hello everyone, After a huge while we finally added the forum to discord synchronization. You are now able to authenticate yourself on our Discord server.   How to Authenticate: Authentication is pretty easy, you first need to open our Authentication website http://equestriansouls.aperture-development.de/auth/index.php then follow the instructions on the website. After all that you are settled and able to use our discord server, you and others are even able to lookup your profile with !profile <user>   How does it work: We use a System called OAuth, that allows you to login on your provider and returns us your account information, like your Profile name. This transfer does not give us your password or any private information. The only data we are saving is your discord id and your forum account information ( DisplayName, Profile link, ID, groupid ). We Don’t use or save any personal information. Please make sure that you are logged in with the correct discord account, if you got the wrong one and get a error message while trying to use "!profile", you can simply start again by restarting your browser.   For those that are already authenticated: Don't worry. We don't force you to authenticate. But it would make it easier for us to identify you on discord.   Thanks for your time, ~Rainbow Dash


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  1. This is the thread I will be plucking suggestions for for future anime nights. What is listed below are shows from prior polls that will update as we move forward as well as new suggestions in the comments. Also if you don't want to start at episode 1, please list a starting point. Can also include OVA and movies from series. prior list Spice and Wolf RBWY Food Wars Rave Master Natsume's Book of Friends Sevin Deadly Sins new suggestions SAO
  2. Anime Night

    Watch Anime with us.
  3. Anime Night December 16th and/or 17th

    I mean it can be in the list next time.
  4. Well, vote passed with a 9-1 in favor so I'm taking that as a go ahead to do it. I took every show listed in the original thread and plugged them into a poll here for week 1. And indifferent won so dub and sub will be based on availability. Feel free to add suggestions to the pile as well. Finally, since I need a start time I added the time polls as well. Poll will close Thursday at 12pm my time.
  5. count before a mod posts

  6. Anime Night?

    So after the positive feedback given for the movie night. I decided to try and fill the void between the weeks that Kaz is not showing movies, with anime. Basically my thought is to binge short series or a season of a longer show. So watch 4-13 episodes in a marathon depending on episode, and season length, and overall interest. Now, I am GMT-5 (or EST), and I plan on doing this either on Saturday Nights and/or Sunday afternoon due to having to work on Saturday itself. And judging from the movie night poll 9pm and 2pm were preferred movie start times but I might put the poll up again as I am suggesting something up to triple the length. Now if this is something that would interest you and you would be able do so please leave suggestions below. Poll will be up for a few days and if enough support I'll have the poll for what to put up next weekend. EDIT: Also I need to know the service it is on. Netflix, Hulu, Anime Stirke, Crunchy, YouTube?, etc...
  7. Splatfest EU: Film vs. Book

    Book is always better.
  8. What power would you most want?

    The power is paradox proof actually. So you couldn't break the universe like an AI.
  9. count before a mod posts

  10. Movie Night - Preferred Starting Time

    It is impossible to have it work for everyone as we do have users all over the planet, so it will be out of range for someone.
  11. Movie Night Movie Suggestions!

    Madoka Magica the ovas (there are three of them each about 2 hours). I have others but they are all anime related and requesting 6 hours of content was feeling a bit greedy already.
  12. What's Your Most Anticipated Game?

    Not anticipating any games currently.
  13. count before a mod posts

    Not fast enough. reset.
  14. count before a mod posts

    Count correction. it is 21.
  15. count before a mod posts

    You didn't, I did. Before your time two forums ago. So we'll throw it out. Count is the same.

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