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  1. Anime Night December 16th and/or 17th

    Where's Initial D? I WANNA DORIFTO
  2. Discord voice chat poll!

    We got a poll going about our Discord voice chat rooms, please post your comments and vote! https://www.equestriansouls.com/topic/270-voice-chat-what-do-you-want/ -The staff team
  3. POLL TIME! The moderation team has been thinking about how we should make the Discord better for you all to use, and want to ask you guys. Have at it!
  4. The Tulpa Chat Channel

    Apologies if it wasn't clear (especially since it used to be named tulpas only chat), but hosts have always been allowed to talk in #tulpa-chat. What we don't want is it to just turn into a third general room. If you're a host who wants to talk to another host's tulpa, go for it! Tulpa looking to talk to someone else's host? Go for it! What we mainly don't want is the fronting personalities (or, whichever personality uses the discord most) all talking with each other, because that just makes it another #general. Thanks! Techdisk~
  5. So we just fixed a thing. You'll never know what it is though~

    1. Kazilii


      I do heheheh

    2. shiron222


      *sniffs dramatically* YOU CAN'T FIX THE HOLE IN MY HEART!

    3. Bright Star

      Bright Star

      I feel the reason is kinda private

  6. Corrupt a Wish 2: Gold Version

    Granted, but you're now 1 foot tall. I wish I had a car. I wish I could actually make a post at the correct time so that it made sense. (i responded to the last one on the first page, deleted my own post, remade a new one, then Baltoist made a post responding to the one I just had deleted. EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS FINE)
  7. waiter! there is ______ in my soup!

    Yes, you ordered the Ocean special. You did realize that it means ocean sized, did you not? Waiter! There's a bowl in my soup!
  8. Count untill a mod posts: Story Mode

    0 of them disguised
  9. firsties

    You can donate any amount to get a donator status.
  10. count before a mod posts

    two oh wait. zero.
  11. Welcome one, welcome all!

  12. count before a mod posts

    Nah, that didn't. But this does. ZERO!
  13. I am the pizza

    P I Zee Zee Eh

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