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  1. New, not quite new.

    Hiya there! And welcome back! Most tend to hang around the discord that has been set up a while back. The community there has gotten quite active, although this site is a little less so now. Regardless, there are still those who hang around. Feel free to poke around and see what you missed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone in the discord!
  2. count before a mod posts

  3. Been a few.

    Welcome back! Haven't missed too much. Most hang out on the discord, so feel free to poke in and say hi! As for the earth pony generic file, I actually don't know. If you need one, gearheart's youtube channel has a good selection of earthpony related files.
  4. Hey Everypon~

    Welcome to Equestrian Souls! Sorry if the website is not overly active. Most tend to hang around on the discord. Feel free to hang around and enjoy your time here, regardless! And for hypnosis-related questions, feel free to ask around. Most ponies should be more than happy to give you some pointers.
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  6. I am here, apparently.

    Ah, alright. Guess that explains the "N/A" name. My bad. Just haven't been on the site for a bit, and figured I'd say hello to any potential newcomers.
  7. I am here, apparently.

    Welcome back! Sorry for the late greetings, most ponies are hanging around the discord, and the site hasn't seen as much traffic because of it. Regardless, hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. Hello!

  9. Hello... again

    Welcome back!
  10. count to 1,000

  11. Meet-up Groups?

    I recently have gotten interested in making my own meet-up group with a few of my fellow bronies because there are none near me. So, does anypony else happen to visit a meet up group? If so, how regularly do you do so?
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