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  1. A Lifetime of Positivity...

    Kavidun, Positivity, Hopscotch Daydreams. The fronting personality for 1138. Nothing will replace the hole her parting will leave in her community, and nothing will replace the hole her parting will leave in this one either.
  2. I am firebunny.

    Thankyou for the kind words.
  3. I am firebunny.

    Good response time. I'll see if others say hi before the night comes.
  4. I am firebunny.

    I do, I'm constantly busy. I've made a small nest on your server.
  5. I am firebunny.

    I will be around. Not much to say. I just kind of want to test how active this forum even is. You know who i am and why I am here, if you don't, here is the explanation: I focus on fixing damage caused to others. If you do something you regret, I help fix it. I provide a service.

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