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  1. Question about inducer files

    Induction leading to basically a meditative state. Works out nicely~ Alternately, if you want to set yourself on some kind of timer, have a blank for the amount of time toy wish to relax followed by a generic awakener.
  2. Entry 11 - Acceptance

    {I like being a filly, I just like being addressed as a male. I feel that matches me the best, though I wouldn't exactly call myself trans.}
  3. This thread is about tacos. How many tacos can you eat in a single day? Week? Year? But seriously though Which version(s) do you own or want to own? I could have added every possible reason of not owning one or the other in the quiz part, but that would get a bit ridiculous, so I'll just leave that for replies to this post. Voting in this poll will give me an idea on who owns what version so I'm not leaving one version or the other behind if I want to schedule more playdates.
  4. ES Splatoon 2 Friend-zy

    Join us for some Splatoon 2 fun! If you can, make sure you have the Nintendo Switch App so we can chat! If you need my friendcode, message me after RSVP-ing.
  5. Favourite/most used weapons?

    Splatoon 1, I favored the Splattershot or Splash-o-Matic while using the Splat Roller on occasion. I used the Suction Bombs most often and my favorite special weapons are the Killer Wail and the Inkstrike. I didn't play too much ranked, but when I did I favored using Splattershot weapons. Splatoon 2, I'm still unlocking many of the later weapons, but I really found myself liking the Splat Roller now that it can cover walls and shoot farther out, though I still pull out the Splattershot every now and again and even starting to get the hang of the Dualies. I've found the Curling bombs very nice to have while still liking to the Suction Bombs. And I totally don't abuse the crap out of the Splashdown special at all :P. In Ranked, I enjoy using the Octobrush since I can pack a nice punch and move along quickly with the cost of less coverage.
  6. You can now add your tulpa's names to your profile. This will appear on your profile page as well as on all of your posts~

    1. Starlight Glimglam

      Starlight Glimglam

      lol ok thx

      [Nice response.]

      Thanks Azy. <3

  7. For me, I never was very masculine. I never really gained very much muscle growing up and I never liked to play rough. I was always a bit bothered that men didn't have terribly much to choose from when it came to clothing; it was really hard to express myself without looking literally like everyone else. When I accepted myself in being female, I find myself generally much happier and comfortable with myself. The number of styles you can choose from in feminine clothing is astronomically much larger compared with men's clothes. Before I've felt like I need to act tougher just to be accepted as a man, but now I can live as myself and be my comfortable girly self~
  8. Tulpa Log

    Updated 07/05/2017, 12:08am |Princess Téa| - White Alicorn, skinny Purple/Lilac waving mane and Red waving tail. Female. August 1, 2013, 10:45am. {d3rpy} - Filly Derpy body, extra tuff of hair in the front of his mane. Male. August 10, 2013, 2:52pm _Sunshine Skies_ - Yellow Crystal Pegasus, Orange mane and tail. Female. July 31, 2013, 1:10am =CrystalShy= - Crystal Fluttershy. Female. July 31, 2013, 1:36am !Applejack! - Generation 1 Applejack (G4 form, No bow in tail). Female. August 5, 2013, 10:45am -p1nkiepie- - Pinkie Pie-like Earth Pony. Female. August 6, 2013, 7:00pm +Disc0rd+ - Stain-glass draconequis. Male. December 18, 2013, 5:28am ?B4bs? - Babs Seed. Female. December 26, 2013 3:00am ^3pony^ - Filly Epony. Female. February 27, 2014 8:00pm \Rumble\ - Rumble-like Pegasus Colt. Male. February, 8, 2014, 2:33am &Dinky& - Filly Pegasus Unicorn. Female. February, 8, 2014, 2:33am #SkyBlue# - Pegasus (prefers not to share more at this time). Female. March 13, 2014, 7:09pm @Cheeri133@ - Teenage Cheerilie. Female. May 29, 2014 10:30pm $Minuette$ - Minuette. Female. July 1, 2014, 2:00am Wonderland: http://sta.sh/019glxckfw33
  9. Your Pony arts~

    Is art. Go for it~ (also, minor flashy lights and loud noises warning)
  10. Your Pony arts~

    Primarily for arts you've done on your own or was made for you such as commissions.
  11. Splatoon Stream, Lads

    http://twitch.tv/brightstar__ Streaming some late night Splatoon 2 lads. I hope you enjoy the stream, lads~
  12. April 16, 2013 - "Entry Six"

    I found that out the hard way :V
  13. April 16, 2013 - "Entry Six"

    Exactly that. Binaurals work best with stereo headphones because of the different wavelengths for each ear. Using only one side or down-mixing to mono takes away that effect.
  14. Entry 8

    Start simply with relaxation. This will help you learn what works best and the end user will be rewarded with a relaxing session afterwards~ -Bright Star

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