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  1. Swearing rules in the ES Discord Server

    If option #2, have them rotate sometimes like "Buy Some Apples" or "Peeved". "Butts" has to be an option too.
  2. I would like to thank my friends for helping me get over my soda addiction.....because you keep drinking it all :V

    1. Kazilii


      never give me access to your soda then

    2. platinum


      They were looking out for you.

  3. Splatoon 2 holiday update

    FINALLY! You no longer have to exit to lobby to change gear!
  4. I think discord broke 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tavia Melody

      Tavia Melody

      discord is like

      so broke



    3. baltoist


      Reasons to stay with Skype

    4. shiron222


      There aren't any

  5. Just a discussion. I'm curious about where we stand as far as transition progress. Myself, I have an appointment set up at the beginning of December to finally get started with HRT. Very excited about it!
  6. Day 1:Starting Anew [Nov 14th/15th]

    oooo, trans male? That's sort of a rarity here neato~
  7. Coders! Admit Your Bad Habits!

    float Multiply(float a, float b) { float c = 0; for (int i = 0; i < b, i++) { c += a; } return c; } Basically, reinventing the wheel.
  8. I returned to the Discord server a few days ago. Mostly because I figured I'd get the verification thing out of the way, but in the end decided to stick around. Still won't be around to talk extensively, however. I've also been trying to connect back with family. Despite not all of them fully supporting me and my life choices, I would feel miserable without them. I'm hoping that by at least sticking around and showing that I still exist and I'm happy where my life is heading they will change their minds. Been trying out programming more as of late. Discovered some APIs like SDL and SFML which has sparked my creative programming senses again. Hopefully I'll have more time to explore with these. Fish Bright Star
  9. count before a mod posts

    ZERoh wait.....76?
  10. Soul Searching

    If you're soul searching, you can either pick out a generic file, or a character file you feel fits your personality the best (or the best personality that you aspire to be). Sometimes, go by gut instinct. This is the part where I would link to the Bronyland Pony Personality test, but it seems to no longer exist :c
  11. Taco Bell across the street where I work. They give everyone that works nearby a small discount. Also one I came home and stopped by the McDonalds I used to work at. I was saying the whole time that no one would recognize me after not being there for years, but as I was saying that someone figured me out :V
  12. Walking on toes

    Maybe I just have strong feet :v To clarify, not in your tippy toes, but toes flat, almost kind of like wearing heels. I have my knees bent doing this too. (I do wobble a bit doing this, but ponies don't normally stand on two legs, so...)
  13. Walking on toes

    Just a small thought. Because of how a pony's hind legs are designed, ponies are basically always walking on their "fingers" and "toes". I've noticed over the years that I can sort of mentally imagine my legs as if they are a pony's hind legs standing on twos (anthro style) but if I stand on my toes and walk around that way it helps bring that feeling out even more. Just a small thought. Anyone else has tried this or maybe tried something different?

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