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      Nightmare Night Raffle   09/29/2017

      Greetings Everypony, This October is the run up to Nightmare Night. For the community I shall be holding a raffle which would bring in such fun.  To join in the festivities I will give the community a few ways to gain entry into the raffle: -Change your discord avatar to one of your character in costume, with a username to match. (See -Witch Luna /Batlestia as an example) -Make 10 posts to the forum throughout the month, This includes replies, You may do status updates, but only once a day. Journals count as 2 posts. -Donators automatically get one free entry You may have more than one ticket and we have many prizes coming your way. Winners will be given on a first drawn, first choice basis, a selection of different prizes. If anyone has any prizes such as steam keys to give away, you will also receive an entry for helping. Good luck and Happy Nightmare Night. -Luna & Celestia

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  1. //sidenote: (ContentType.HUMOROUS == BoneType.HUMERUS) returns 'true' I should hope this thread is self explanatory.
  2. So, loads of things. The big one is that I recently told my family over facebook that I intended on fully transitioning to female. Originally, I got basically nothing but praise for my decision, but I hear nothing about anyone saying otherwise. My curiosity got the best of me and it turns out that a couple close family members feel that I'm wrong with were I'm going and (unintentionally) ridiculed me over my decision. Long story short, words were said between family members and things are kinda broken at the moment I'm okay now, though exhausted and oddly relieved. It might sound a bit crazy, but I'd much rather be told if I'm doing something wrong or that I'm unlikable versus just forcing me to guess. That being said, it's not easy. It will never be easy. I'm glad to have family and friends that have been giving me support these past few days. I'm sick of the fighting, honestly, but I just need to keep moving on and hope that everyone will look past this and keep the peace. -Bright Star
  3. You know, the calendar feature seems like a great way to organize and run events such as the weekly workshops.

    1. RDashie


      That's a great idea

    2. Star Shard

      Star Shard

      That one is going on my tombstone. isnt it?

  4. How much do others know?

    I recently spilled the beans on my facebook and basically confirmed to my family and friends that I fully intend on transitioning. While I've received a ton of nice support, I haven't received anything negative recently either while I was expecting at least some....that in itself makes me a little more nervous than if I was just told that I shouldn't be doing this.
  5. It's a huge bummer that you need to prepare for the worst in order to be yourself.

    1. RDashie


      Best is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

    2. Cutieshy


      It is pretty sad. :/

  6. Welp, opportunity from previous entry seems like a bust. Time for Plan U.

  7. Stuff you've made

    I made a bunch of stuff. I could start a giant list. Here's just some of them... The RANAT Foundation - SGDK 1.4.6 - 2007-09 Spaceship Game - Flash - 2010 Computer Process-error - UT3 - 2011 Monitor Smashing! - Unity 3D - 2012 PhotoSort - Visual Studio 2017 Community - 2017 This is only a small sample of all the tiny projects and random messing around that I've done. These are probably the best ones that are basically completed.
  8. This might tug a few strings for many ponies... Basically, how many family members, friends, relatives, work/schoolmates, etc. know about how you feel about yourself inside. In my case, I'm 100% female online. I'm going to introduce myself as female other than cases where I might need to refer back to IRL such as making appointments or government stuff, etc. As far as I know, work doesn't seem to notice or care (or likely think I'm cool, just a bit strange at times). I do wear a bra to work, but have never been asked about it. Though I can point out a couple times little kids have noticed something juuuust a bit off with me and try to ask me if I'm a boy or a girl. At the moment, I'm not really worried about work knowing or not as I can handle being called male if I haven't exactly told anyone about it. When it comes to IRL friends, family and relatives, I've mentioned my desire to be female, though I don't think all of them are taking me too seriously. I know for sure a couple of my sisters do support me, but a couple family members for sure have told me that they don't support my direction that I want to go. In any case, they do still refer to me as male, though I think that's mostly because I don't try to correct them either. I've been planning on telling them that I will begin transitioning soon and that I do have a name chosen for myself. Right now it's just getting over nerves and finding the right time and place to let everyone know.
  9. Your Pony arts~

  10. What software do you use?

    Visual studio community and unity which actually correlate together very well. Eg: typing 'void st'-Enter automatically creates a private void Start() function all ready to go. For those times I just want to view code, I pull out notepad ±± for that. The syntax highlighting is a godsend ~
  11. This is where you post activities that you like to do with your tulpa (or activities you would like to do if you had one) ^I like sitting on Bright's lap while she is playing games. Sometimes she'll get mad at it and it's funny to watch^
  12. Favourite consoles?

    N64, GameCube, GameBoy Advance. Switch is great as well.
  13. Happy Birthday!:awesome2:

  14. Question About the Forum

  15. Just a couple small quick updates because mildly cranky and sleepy and it's late tonight. Decided that legacy journal didn't contain as many 'hypnosis' related entries than I previously thought, so I decided that I don't need that journal and just merged those entries with this journal. Old entries tagged as "legacy journal". I'll still do recaps of entries in the future. New phone is nice. Thanks @Cadance. And thanks for your patience, @Glide. Changes are happening and opportunities are opening up. A bit nervous at going for them, but if it works out then things should turn out really well very soon. I'm hungry and need slep. Looking to the skies, -Bright Star

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