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  1. Huye! (Bet'cha didn't see that one before)

    Hi, welcome to the forums.
  2. What genres are y'all mostly interested in?

    My favorites are hard rock and heavy metal.
  3. Older journals

    I've been reading some of the ones from the old niceboard forum. Very interesting to read. It's amazing the effects ponies have gotten from the files.
  4. count to 1,000

  5. Hihi!

    Hi Verath, nice to see you here.
  6. So I've been doing hypnosis files from YouTube for the past three months and most of the time I have trouble feeling any effects. I listened to the Shining Armor file from this site about two weeks ago and I felt more effects than I usually do. When the file talks about pony ears and how it feels good to be scratched behind them, I actually felt the need to be scratched behind my ears. When the file mentions that you feel a tingling sensation I actually felt it. I felt hooves too, though I have felt those before from another file. The trigger didn't work, but I only listened to the file once. However I don't know if this is the path I should go down. I like Shining Armor and I share some traits in common, but he's an extrovert and I'm an introvert. I wonder if that would cause EKP at some point? I looked at the other files too and the one that best matches me is Twilight, but the thing is I'm already neurotic. Would listening to a Twilight file make that part of me worse? Also, I'm male and I heard that there might be problems if you listen to a character file who is the opposite of the gender you identify as. Sorry if I'm rambling, but I'm just unsure of what I should do next on this hypno journey. I'm not very familiar with personality hypnosis.
  7. Hello

    Hi, I'm not too good at intro threads, but here goes. I chose the name Laguna Sunrise because that is the name of my pony OC (and yes he is named after the Black Sabbath song). My drawing skills are terrible, so for now I'm using Braeburn as my profile pic. My experience with hypnosis started about two months ago, but I have a long way to go before I feel the full effects. So yeah, hypnosis is a work in progress for me.

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