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  1. Corrupt a Wish 2: Gold Version

    Granted, but you now carry all of ponykind's suppressed emotions. I wish I could have sandwhich.
  2. Day ~447~ 1 | Starting Over

    Day 447 1 Starting Over Today marks the 447th day, of my journey with Tulpamancy. Since I last left off, a lot has happened. I have come to further understand myself, and who I am and what my role in life is. So, today marks the day I start over. Not Tulpamancy, but rather my life. So, before I leave this all behind.... I want to thank everyone who's been with me so far. You have all been wonderful. And as of this moment, I start a new. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Princess Celestia, the sun manifest, and half of the diarchy of Equestria. I have come to this site, in hopes of becoming more in tune with myself, and to make friends. I do not feel there is much else to add to this letter, however if anyone has any concerns they would like to raise, simply reply to this letter. Signed, -Princess Celestia
  3. Corrupt a Wish 2: Gold Version

    Granted but they despise you and like to make that clear. I wish I was gone.
  4. count before a mod posts

  5. Clothing

    I'm not able to express myself often, however I do enjoy long, loose, thin-fitting shirts, and not too tight, but still rather compressed sweat pants. I do also like wearing my long socks, miss matched socks, or socks with VERY colourful patters.
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