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  1. Swearing rules in the ES Discord Server

    Season 1 of MLP presented Equestria as an idealized land: being one with nature, pre Industrial Age, ponies being intrinsically kindhearted, innocent, and friendly. This was the foundation for early HP, and this was the vision Foxxxy had when she sought to build a community. She wanted a community that resembled Equestria. Innocent and kindhearted. A nice vision, isn’t it? Well-meaning for sure. But it’s when you try to apply it that the issues come up First of all, it enforces an interpretation of the show that is now unsupported due to revelations in recent seasons. Today, the show portrays Equestria as being a world very much like our own— ponies dominate it like humans, high tech, lots of mean and selfish pones. So that vision is no longer coherent with people who stay up to date with the show. Second is that there’s a lot of problems interpreting that kids show into an online community of teen and young adult AMAB’s of an internet culture where cursing is a causal, habitual gesture, and technically offensive behaviors can be friendly, and porn is so normal it’s weird to not include it. Foxxxy’s vision ignored these nuances, and it’s always unnecessarily divided the greater community Foxxxy has left, but her vision stuck around for a while. We’re starting to realize that it’s silly to continue clinging to it though, and I’m grateful for that. Porn can happily coexist with true selves and not take away from server purpose, while giving a large amount of our community more opportunities for engagement. Cursing can be acknowledged as being sometimes ok, and a more subjective, less dogmatic rule of “be respectful” would be what gets enforced. My vote is to remove the no swearing rules completely across the server
  2. Anxiety: Understanding and Removal

    You're correct! Vipassana mindfulness meditation is all about generating an awareness of your body and mind by recognizing and acknowledging every physical and mental experience you have.
  3. Tulpa Guided Meditations

    Focus on kicking flank in PH and getting its content creation back off the ground <3
  4. Tulpa Guided Meditations

    Everything Aury pours her heart into comes out beautiful. I'm most excited for the sentience one to, despite not even having a personal use for it...
  5. Tulpa Guided Meditations

    Hello everyone! For the past few months, one of my projects has been creating guided meditations to help with tulpamancy. I wanted to share the files I've made, plus some ideas for the future. This isn't official ES content, but because they were actualized with the help of Celestia and Silvermoon (thank you two so much <3), because they're quite different from the ES content, and because we think it'll be beneficial to some in the community I've been given permission to share them :3 Finished Files The files below are based on symbolic exercises that I've found very effective for myself. They're not for everyone, especially if you have problems with sleep paralysis or lack separation between the tulpa and host. However, if you are stable, and you respond well to symbolism, these guided meditations will probably help :) Possession This file will help your tulpa gain control of the body. You'll still be conscious and aware of your body as tulpa moves the body. If you've been struggling to achieve possession on your own, this file will both help you have an effective experience and teach you a technique you can use on your own whenever you want :3 v1.1 by Belle Wonderland Immersion This file will help you dissociate from your bodily senses and immerse yourself in your mindscape. If you want to experience your systemmates as realistically as a lucid dream, this file will help you get there. Best gosh darn wonderland snugs I've ever had >~< v1.0 by Belle Switching This last file was one of my most requested, as the tulpa community lacks effective switching guides that go beyond "just do it." The file is basically a combination of the other two. The effect is the listener temporarily swapping places with their tulpa, dissociating in the wonderland while their tulpa controls the body. And to put the cherry on top, Silvermoon provided their DIVINE voice for the file ^~^ v1.0 by Silvermoon v1.1 by Belle Future File Concepts / Ideas Just some vague stream of thought notes~ Mindscape Creation - Guided meditation focused on building a place that soothes you and allows you to focus. Sights, smells, sounds, lighting... - Creativity and relaxation boosting binaurals / subliminal Mindscape Immersion v2.0 - Guided meditation that errs on the side of full hypnosis focusing on making the wonderland more vivid, focusing on the senses rather than the symbolism in v2.0. - Out of body experience / astral projection-inducing binaurals, isos, and trance-inducing, but benign, subliminals Enhanced focus for forcing - Basically an induction, but for focus and clear mind instead of a trance. Become aware and in control of one’s self, cognition, and identity - Binaurals and subliminals for calm energy and focus Personality forcing - Guided meditation of my personality development technique, "future self synchronization", in which the personality of you and your ideal future self become one and the same. Sentience - Have Aury (who is very passionate about crushing host doubts of sentence) write and perform a sort of tulpa empowerment guided meditation message to help the growing tulpa and the host have faith in their existence and to speed up development. - Subliminal messages directed at the tulpa to grow stronger and more self-aware Vocalization / Mind Voice - Guided meditation to help host and tulpa form an idea of what tulpa sounds like. Walk through descriptors. Parallel processing - Guided meditation with cognition separation symbolism. This will cut sensory and emotional bleedover and enhance the tulpa's ability to think and process information independent of the host. If any content creators here are inspired by one of these, feel free to run with it! No need to contact us for permission. Or if anyone wants to help us script or produce these, don't hesitate to reach out ^^ Hope these can help some of y'all. Let me know which of those concepts you'd like to see actualized :3
  6. Anxiety: Understanding and Removal

    "Think about anything but your anxiety and fear." Just wanted to elaborate on a technique that will help you do that. It's a trick from vipassana mindfulness. Anxious thoughts will pop up, and sometimes, they'll distract you for a period of time. It's ok if that happens. When it happens, just acknowledge the anxiety, dismiss, and get back to focusing on your breathes. You can literally say, "hi anxiety, I see you. Now I'm going to focus on my breathing again, bye :)" Doing this with every distracting thought will help you clear your mind and become more aware of all your thoughts and distractions. In other words, you become mindful, and it's a great way to improve your anxiety management skills long-term :3
  7. How much do others know?

    Right now, I'm only presenting as female on Discord. I'll be fully out online the day I perfect my female voice. And I'll be fully out everywhere else the day I can pass. I lack the support of my IRL friends and family (most don't know, but a few have found out), but I know that I will sway them by showing them that I'm happier, attractive, and still functional when presenting as female :3
  8. "Forget about consequences. Forget about social backlash, forget about parental drama. If you could transition, if you could be a girl, would you?" I spent four years repressing my dysphoria, staring at myself in the mirror and telling myself to just be happy being a cis male. I told myself the transition would ruin my life, my future, that it wouldn't be worth it. So regardless of my feelings, I needed to just buck up and be a cis male for the rest of my life. The dysphoria didn't go away, though. I was in a call with a trans friend telling them how, regardless of my feelings, I shouldn't transition. Then they asked that question. And I realized, as I responded with the most adamant and certain "Of course", that, you know what, I think I'm trans A year later, I'm two months into hormones, and every day, I become more and more sure that I made the right decision :3
  9. Best fruit

    How are mangoes mentioned only once in this thread o-o so sweet and juicy... only rivaled by dates, which are more of a dessert than a fruit tbh
  10. I dislike bacon on a deeply ingrained rational level, as I am a health nut. I fall into the same catagory as @AstralAmity. However, I am nonetheless on a quest to find the best vegan junk food in the world, including vegan bacon. If anyone here finds vegan bacon that doesn't suck, lmk. My quest has been unfruitful thus far....

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