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      Discord synchronization   11/04/2017

      Hello everyone, After a huge while we finally added the forum to discord synchronization. You are now able to authenticate yourself on our Discord server.   How to Authenticate: Authentication is pretty easy, you first need to open our Authentication website http://equestriansouls.aperture-development.de/auth/index.php then follow the instructions on the website. After all that you are settled and able to use our discord server, you and others are even able to lookup your profile with !profile <user>   How does it work: We use a System called OAuth, that allows you to login on your provider and returns us your account information, like your Profile name. This transfer does not give us your password or any private information. The only data we are saving is your discord id and your forum account information ( DisplayName, Profile link, ID, groupid ). We Don’t use or save any personal information. Please make sure that you are logged in with the correct discord account, if you got the wrong one and get a error message while trying to use "!profile", you can simply start again by restarting your browser.   For those that are already authenticated: Don't worry. We don't force you to authenticate. But it would make it easier for us to identify you on discord.   Thanks for your time, ~Rainbow Dash

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  1. Your username and it's meaning

    The Ethanland was the name of my old Runescape account from 2006, and it's just my IRL first name with land stuck on the end. I ended up sticking with it for 11 years now. The Twibat Sparkle is because I'm Twilight, and a bat.
  2. Entry 8: What's Next?

    Sunbeam, trying to cut yourself off from us slowly isn't going to do anything to make me not miss you.
  3. Movie Night Movie Suggestions!

    Anything on this: http://m.imdb.com/chart/top/
  4. Share your birthday!

    July 21st
  5. Walking on toes

    Tried it. All I really got out of it was pain. Although, considering I never impose... well, anything, it might work better for me once I can impose things better.
  6. Hihi!

    Huh, wouldn't have expected to see you here. Anyway, welcome to ES, hope you like the place!
  7. Your Pony arts~

    If you get back into making them, I'll have to ask for one, because those are really cool
  8. Who's your favorite Pony from the Mane 6?

    Yes, bookhorse best horse
  9. A Lifetime of Positivity...

    I didn't like Positivity. Saw too much of the bad, not enough of the good. But it's things like this that make me want to have seen more of the good. As is... well, if nothing else, I can try to be here for those she left behind.
  10. Favorite Snek?

    Can't say I have a favorite
  11. Entry 12 - [Talking]

    Sounds like good fun Azyra
  12. Which version of Splatoon do you own/want to own?

    Have 1, will get 2 the minute I get a Switch
  13. 2 - Bronycon 2017

    Not a hypnosis update, but more of a life update. I'm currently on my way back home from Bronycon, which was great. I think this has been the best one yet, because I got to spend it with friends from here. Namely, Glide, Cadance, Wolfy, and WillieNelson. I also saw ValieShy, Baltoist, and Crescent Star. I have a few arts, mostly of Chrysalis as I think I've gained a minor obsession with her, some pins, a fidget spinner that came with some pins and an art, and plushies of Sunburst, Flufflepuff, and a mini-Twilight. All in all, it was a great time, and I hope to see more of my friends from here at Bronycon 2018!
  14. Luna's Journal (2)

    Personally, I'd say if ponies try to tell you you have to do a specific thing to be Luna, you should just ignore them. It's not like they know what it's like to be Luna, so why do they think they know how you should be Luna?
  15. 3 - I'm not Pinkie

    If I may make a suggestion, you've mentioned getting wings before. Perhaps you could try a pegasus. Or being a bat.

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