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  1. Hey everypony,

    its been a long while since i posted on here.

    i changed my name to Skye now. (previously Rdashie or RdCd)

    Skye is my oc, she is a grey Pegasus pony with a white mane and light green eyes.

    Thats it :)




  2. I got a free day today! :bestday:

  3. Some really bad news...


    I've had quite a bit of pain in my right foot and leg past few weeks and I decided to go to the doctor with it.

    I have an infection in the bones in my toe and I might need surgery. I'm on antibiotics and a lot of pain killers right now.


    If the infection goes away before the 12th of December then I'm okay, but if it doesn't go away before the 12th then I need surgery. :angry2:




  4. I'm going to my uncle on Friday to beat him in a 24hour gaming marathon. And I need to see a doctor because the bones in my hoof and leg hurt like hell... 



    discord is not working at all atm... 



    1. Skye


      Yay! It's back!:awesome:

    2. shiron222


      Start howling at the moon and sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon.


    I've been sick for the past 3 days and I haven't been able to eat anything until today. I'm feeling a lot better now and I'm going back to school and work again. And mentally I've been doing a lot better too and someone helped me a lot with that.

    I can finally look at things in a more positive way again and I can be happy and proud about the things I do again. I also stopped harming myself. It's been such a long time ago that I've been happy, but with the help of a very nice Pegasus from this community I can finally be happy again.

    School is going a lot better now and I like this new school I'm on, I'm finally doing a study I like. 


    I'm going to try out the lucid dreaming files that have been released, and I will keep you updated on my experience with that new file.

    I also had some good progress with my pony hypno, I can feel my mane now. So now I can feel my muzzle, ears and mane and I can't wait for my wings! 

    That's all for this status update, I wish you all a nice day!

  7. Movie Night - Preferred Starting Time

    All of these times don't work for me All of these times are between 3am - 8am.
  8. yes i am still alive... We finally got internet again! 

    We moved 4 weeks ago and since then i havent had internet at home.

    We got 580mbit up and down now :awesome2:

    So in short:  IM BACK! (Click it)


  9. Hello All

    Welcome back!
  10. What power would you most want?

    Well, I would choose for the ability to relieve everyone I want from their pain, mentally or physically.
  11. The future of our MC server

    I got a great idea! Let's dump the Minecraft server and get a Roblox server Nahh just kidding...
  12. <title> I'm tired </title>

    <p> yay, tomorrow is another day of making websites and getting angry when your site doesn't do what you want it to do </p>

    <a> :angry3: </a>

    1. Create4Life



      function getRest(hours){
          setTimeout((hours * 3600) * 1000); 



    2. Skye



      404 - rest not found:Derp:

  13. The future of our MC server

    Maybe it would be a nice idea to organise some kind of event on the Minecraft server or something, and promote it on the discord. This might help the server get back to life a bit.
  14. The future of our MC server

    Do we have an MC server? Maybe it's a good idea to promote it on the discord server once and see if it gets some visitors, because I and probably many others don't know that there is a server.
  15. Questions are never dumb my friend I can recognize the problems you got, because I had/have the same problems. Hypnosis takes time, and results often take more then one hypnosis session to be noticeable. I had been using an inducer over and over, but it just wouldn't work for me. But then I tried a different one, and it worked right away! It might take some time to find the inducer that works best for you. A trance isn't always very noticeable, and you might not even know that you are in a trance even though you are. I wish you the best of luck with your hypnosis, and you can always send me a message if you got a question or problem

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