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      Nightmare Night Raffle   09/29/2017

      Greetings Everypony, This October is the run up to Nightmare Night. For the community I shall be holding a raffle which would bring in such fun.  To join in the festivities I will give the community a few ways to gain entry into the raffle: -Change your discord avatar to one of your character in costume, with a username to match. (See -Witch Luna /Batlestia as an example) -Make 10 posts to the forum throughout the month, This includes replies, You may do status updates, but only once a day. Journals count as 2 posts. -Donators automatically get one free entry You may have more than one ticket and we have many prizes coming your way. Winners will be given on a first drawn, first choice basis, a selection of different prizes. If anyone has any prizes such as steam keys to give away, you will also receive an entry for helping. Good luck and Happy Nightmare Night. -Luna & Celestia


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  1. Making a Case for Celestia & Luna Files

    Well speaking bluntly, Doing such things would most likely create a rift between others on our site, If many become either one hostility is known to make way, Balance is a thing that must stay constant, Which opens the path for elitism. Now let us be honest with ourselves her for a moment, Our site does in fact house a ton of minors whom are still trying to find their way in life, Whilst these changes are going on, Others are more so bound to depression/ anxiety. Which quite frankly speaking, Being Celestia or Luna is not something one should do if not in sound mind because they would highlight all the bad traits, I have seen it myself with others simply just trying the form. On the topic of " Thinking of oneself as a Princess can cause superiority complexes and inflated egos". This in itself is a true fact but not in the way explained, It could make the user more so irritated to see others in their image running around as being a princess is a high status, Though not a high status on this site, In the mind of one whom could possibly listen suggestions do take place. Now onto the next point, " One could not handle the stress and responsibility of being Celestia or Luna "There is a certain stress that overtakes you upon walking down this path, A Dangerous stress. Which could lead into bad territory revolving around immense isolation, Which in turn you would be left alone to the second point, " Celestia and Luna hold guilt and trauma regarding their pasts. " While the points you made hold some merit to the show, One takes their own personal "Fannon/Canon" into account, Which could cause for some issues. But most importantly speaking from experience, Talk of the moon sends me into a massive depressive state, I would not get this way if I could help it, With the amount of "TO THE MOOOOOOOON" joke floating around and the constant reminders of those whom look up to you just slowly slipping you into madness. With madness being said, Nightmare Moon is a form that would come a long Luna to those whom are currently not in the most stable place, Which could lead to some other things we shall not discuss here. But, In the end, The site feels we should not create said files for a reason, This does not stop one whom wishes to be Celestia/Luna from taking their own venues to reach their dreams. If one truly wished for such a file, They would seek one whom could help, Making the experience much more whole and spiritual. TLDR : If somepony wishes for those files, They should seek them their self, Because the risks of safety and mental wellness are at risk.
  2. Poll for Species

    Thestral is what a bat pony is.
  3. Sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep *twirls broom*

  4. Daddy, Why did you eat my fries?~

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      Sorry, they just smelled so good.

  5. count before a mod posts

  6. New File Poll

    Indeed they do, I hope you enjoy what comes from the file.
  7. New File Poll

    A new earthpony file is being voiced at the moment you shall get something rather soon.
  8. can anyone post hypnosis files? ×

    The best thing to do would go be to submit it to somepony whom moderation team. So that we may look over the file to make sure it is safe.
  9. Luna's Wonderland

    There are many places in my wonderland/mindscape that I feel I should write them here so that I may have an active record of doing so. There is the Canterlot castle. Inside this caste there is many hallways leading onto other rooms one being a kitchen. My room is that of a simple design, Slightly glowing runes on the walls and a moon that slightly glows above my bed, All magical in nature. In the room there is a desk for writing and a bed. My bed is that in the shape of a crescent moon. standing on it's own rising from the ground. I also have a balcony which I can step outside and see the rest of this lovely world that is inside our mind. There is a ocean filled with many various shades of purple. I have always called this place purple beach and I actually just recently have found an image from a friend that allowed me to see it in full.I was very happy to see that another had drawn such a thing I shall post a link to the image here. Next there is a field with a gazebo filled with hills and a clear sky at night, There is moonflowers lining the fields. This is my favourite spot in the entire mind scape, The stars twinkle as if they are diamonds and the Moon shines as with a warm relaxing glow, This is where I view the stars. There are also a few houses strewn Rainbow Dash's cloud house and Octavia's house as well. I've not been inside such structures. Also to note, There is a room for Celestia as well. Castle of the two sisters and the Everfree forest is another thing to add, though I myself have not explored the forest, but the castle I know like the frog's of my hooves.
  10. Luna's Journal (2)

    Greetings every pony , I've much progress to speak of! Though not much has happened. I've started listening to the PBR file once again and I have quickly learned to love it. After fair amount of use I have discovered many things about myself and changes that are small but slowly entering my life. One example of these changes has to be the fact that sometimes when I am in the mirror my mane randomly gets a blue shimmer to it , When I see this it fills me with a great joy , Though small it makes me happy. Another things I should mention is when I fall into thought I get a slight see through overlay of my body on top of my own, Which has been due to much practice and many experiences over the past few years. When I close my eyes I can vividly see where my body is , My cutie mark giving me such a wonderful feeling , Like an innate sense of joy! On another topic I feel since the move here to essentially out in the middle of no where , I have been more excited to go outside and enjoy nature as a whole. Files like Elsewhere and the induction itself have been very, very , appealing to me almost like a calling to a dream I wish to live. For that I thank Star Shard for writing such a file. Sitting outside and meditating whilst the run rises allows me to feel at peace and letting all that was once there just fade away. I've found that listening to files during said time allows me to be more at peace and accept myself as who I am which is Luna. Though somethings have been concerning me , More so about those I interact with. Firstly others have been saying that I do not use enough archaic English though I know for a fact that I am not that pony, I have adapted to modern times. Nothing really to note but when others say such things it upsets me a bit and throws me into serious thought loops. Thus concludes this Journal , I should be writing more but I have been busy myself aiding in the creation of scripts. As Always , Luna
  11. All those returning from BronyCon stay safe and have a wonderful trip home.


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  12. New File Poll

    Thus ends the poll, Experience files have won
  13. Poll for Species

    Check again.
  14. Share Your Gamertags/Usernames!

    Luna#2113 add me as a friend and check my profile
  15. count before a mod posts


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