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  1. Position on swearing

    I know I don’t come around here to post often, which of course might make me seem a bit less informed, but this peaked my interest and I fiuge I’ll give my 2 cents. Personally I think swearing is fine in conversation as long as your not being obnoxious. I administrate a discord sever slightly larger than our discord server and to be honest I tend to agree with the notion that swearing and such is fine in conversation as long as it’s not being abused. By that I mean people should be able to swear, but people shouldn’t be able to throw obviously toxic insults and such at people.
  2. Question About the Forum

    Nevermind I've been made aware the old accounts are gone. <\3
  3. Question About the Forum

    Was just doing my routinely checkup of what's goin' on around here and I noticed my old account was wiped. Had to get a new account just to post this. Is this something that just happened to me or was this a forum wide thing?

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