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      Nightmare Night Raffle   09/29/2017

      Greetings Everypony, This October is the run up to Nightmare Night. For the community I shall be holding a raffle which would bring in such fun.  To join in the festivities I will give the community a few ways to gain entry into the raffle: -Change your discord avatar to one of your character in costume, with a username to match. (See -Witch Luna /Batlestia as an example) -Make 10 posts to the forum throughout the month, This includes replies, You may do status updates, but only once a day. Journals count as 2 posts. -Donators automatically get one free entry You may have more than one ticket and we have many prizes coming your way. Winners will be given on a first drawn, first choice basis, a selection of different prizes. If anyone has any prizes such as steam keys to give away, you will also receive an entry for helping. Good luck and Happy Nightmare Night. -Luna & Celestia


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  1. Hello All

    Hello and welcome!
  2. Hello, everypony..

    Greetings and welcome
  3. yes

    Hello and welcome back!
  4. Hello everypony!

    Welcome back to the forum! I think I remember you but I am not 100% sure. Anyways, see you around and I hope you do well. : )
  5. Our Website and Ultra wide screens

    I cant quite grasp what you mean with that. Would you mind explaining in detail what you want to prevent? I think you are missunderstanding your desktop resolution with the resolution of the webbrowser window. The only important part in deciding the scaling/zoom as it is handled right now is the window size. The desktop resolution is irrelevant in that aspect. If you have 3 displays with a resolution of 1920:1080 next to one another and you have one web browser full screen on one of the three screens nothing changes for you as the window resolution is still inferior to 2000 in width. The only case where the site would spread over all the screens is if you were to spread the webbrowser over all three monitors which would be rather peculiar. What this does prevent though is seeing less and less of the site as the window gets wider and wider, as everything becomes bigger and bigger. For resolutions up to 2000 pixels wide everything works normal in regard to scaling. A bigger window means you see more content. But from 2000 pixels onward you actually see less content by increasing the window size because of the agressive scaling.
  6. count before a mod posts

  7. What software do you use?

    Depends on the situation. Mostly I use vim or neovim (.txt/.log/.conf/...). Sometimes I prefer to use atom in vim-mode (.py/.html/.css) and other times I will prefer to use visual studio code in vim-mode (unity c#). To merge files I use meld or vimdiff. Also vim is quite nice.
  8. Poll about Genders

    For science!
  9. Our Website and Ultra wide screens

    Thank you very much for proposing this change and the quick reaction to my inquiry. To those voting, please keep in mind that this change does not change anything for the common 16:9 HD monitors but prevents huge amounts of wasted screen space found in wider formats. This change might negatively affect 4k screens, but I cannot tell as I dont have a 4k screen.
  10. Favourite consoles?

    Right now I have to choose the PC, because of the incredible performance and huge choice of peripherals (Sim gamers know what I am talking about). If I have to go buy nostalgia it is definitely the Gamecube! So many awesome games. So much fun!
  11. Back

    Heya krazy! It sure does! Glad to see you again! *hugs
  12. Back

    Greetings everypony, Some of you might remember me from before I took a hiatus. It feels like forever since I have last been a part of this community and everything seams to have changed. Anyways I love the new site design, it is really outstanding! Well done! For those ponies, bats and lings that might not know me I allow me to introduce myself: I am a pegasus from Belgium in my mid twenties. I graduated cinematography two years ago and am currently studying special effects and 3D. I dont have a whole lot of free time, because trying to become the very best in your domain is almost impossible but I am determined to try anyways. When I need to relax I love to watch ponies and play video games ( Currently I am very much into Star Citizen). I also love to tinker with informatic hardware and I try to run linux on anything that I can get my hands on. I love programming ( python, c#), and am currently working on a video game that me and my team hope to present during next year's Gamescom presentation. Wish me luck with that. That is about it for the moment. I am glad to be back!

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