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  1. Are the tracks for background sounds/music available to download separately?

    That's totally understandable. Could you maybe possibly potentially let me know what track it *is*, though? That might help me in some way down the line!
  2. Heya! I've been trying to edit the Pinkie v2 file, because there's a couple points in it that I wanna take out - I mean really who needs a hypnosis file that tries to make you insecure about whether your friends really like you or not? That's not just silly, it's crazy, and *probably* a really bad idea too now that I think about it. But anyways, the thing is that the file with the music track really works better for me than the one without but I can't edit that one because when I try the music just ends up jumping forward and that jars me outta trance. So if I want a file that is edited *and* has music I have to edit the file and then add the music as another track in my sound editing software but I mean I *obviously* can't do that if I don't have the music in the first place which leaves me in a bit of a pickle. So yeah! The question in my topic title. Can you help? Thanks muchly in advance!

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