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  1. An egoistical question ... ?

    I think the best way of going about it is to determine what is most rewarding for yourself. People are naturally selfish, and that's not something that we can overcome just by trying. Instead, we should embrace our selfishness and use it to act selflessly. It's essentially impossible for someone of sound mind to decide to do something without some level of benefit for themselves. Even in helping others, we benefit from the satisfaction of knowing we've helped them. If we didn't get that, I've little doubt virtually everyone would stop helping others. The only people that would would be those not of sound mind. So, instead of trying to ignore our selfishness, use it as motivation to act selflessly. We can work for the benefit of others, and in return, we get the satisfaction of knowing we helped somepony. We can learn not to fight who we are by nature, but instead take what we first consider a fault, and turn it into something beneficial for ourselves and others.
  2. Favorite Dreams

    I liked the one about a male cow (but kind of anthro and with a mostly human face) that was somehow milked, and anyone that drank the milk automatically pointed at a cow in the area. That was it. That was the dream. Not exactly the most eventful, but I find it pretty hilarious that that was what my brain decided to come up with that night.
  3. 17 - I'm Curious...

    What's it like being other ponies? I'm going to find out. I plan to go through each file (except Shining Armor) and see what happens. Perhaps not the best idea due to the risk of EKP, but I believe I've taken enough precautions to minimize that risk, so, here we go...
  4. Anime Night vote- Jan 13

    Seven Deadly Sins! Yay! It has 100% of the vote! ...if only there were more than one vote.
  5. 16 - Starlight Melody

    It was nice being Octavia. I felt like myself again, though of course in a different way. Even so, I missed being Starlight, it felt that a part of me was lost in a way. In light of that, I've decided to return to being Starlight. Mostly. I didn't reset from Octavia, as I wish to keep her with me. So, for the current time, I'll be mostly Starlight, with some Octavia in there too. I've also been able to switch between them easily enough, though it seems if I fall asleep or a tulpa fronts, as soon as I either wake up or regain control I'm back as Starlight. I also think I've undone the removal of the guilt of my past, so that's back now. As bad as it was, in a way I really did miss it. It's like an old friend that steals your 3DS when you're not looking, beats the game for you without asking you first, then tells you all of the plot spoilers before punching you in the face.
  6. How high can the mods count before a user resets?

    Graham's number.
  7. Knockoff Night

    For those of you that aren't aware, Knockoff Night is sort of a knockoff of movie night. As you might expect, it's a time for us to all sit back, relax, and watch some of the dumbest ripoff trash that's ever blighted the Earth with its revolting presence, the saddest excuses for movies to ever show themselves in this world. Generally, Knockoff Night movies should have a "so bad it's good" sort of thing about them. Movies that are just awful and boring simply aren't fun to watch, so those probably won't be done much for knockoff night. Thus far, we've watched The Little Panda Fighter, The Amazing Bulk, Chop Kick Panda, Puss in Boots: A Furry Tail, Jurassic Shark, Life's a Jungle: Africa's Most Wanted, Titanic: The Legend Goes On, Legend of the Titanic, In Search of Titanic, Ratatoing, Tappy Toes, An Ant's Life, and Little Bee. Feel free to give your suggestions of other sad excuses for films here, and I might have them in a future Knockoff Night.
  8. Guide?

    There's no official ES guide for this, but this thing worked pretty well for me. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jTmZ0bkWkNYwKJL8L0xkectBOwIkp7SLgkb0lT8u444/edit#
  9. Entry 15 - Speaking in British

    Octavia is working much better. Rarity may have been more fun, but this feels more true to myself. I'm still not sure if this or Starlight seems better for me, but perhaps I'll come to that conclusion eventually. I've found I've been speaking with an accent closer to Octavia's, and that Octavia feels far more like me, and Starlight is starting to feel less like me, though I think I'll always feel some connection with her. I seem to have more of an appreciation for classical music, and less desire to listen to the other genres that I used to enjoy. I suppose I can still somewhat enjoy them, and appreciate them for what they have to offer, but they just aren't the same for me. My mindvoice is definitely far closer to Octavia's, my cutie mark is hers now, and my mane and tail are becoming hers too. Much of the rest of my form still seems to be Starlight, though given the similar shapes ponies tend to have, it's mostly the colors that are left to switch over.
  10. Entry 14 - Darling

    I've noticed very significant differences in the past few days since I've been Rarity. I've picked up quite a few of her mannerisms a bit more quickly than I had anticipated. However, I've also noticed that, while being Rarity has been fun, it doesn't seem like it's truly me. Perhaps I'm judging it a bit too hastily, but it feels very off. While the effects have been powerful, they also require very frequent reinforcement, or they'll quickly fade. I don't recall that being the case previously. All of that leads me to believe that Rarity simply isn't the pony for me. An unfortunate revelation to be certain, but an important one. I'm going to try the other pony I was considering, Octavia. Perhaps that will fare a bit better. If that doesn't work, I'll simply try Starlight again if I don't find another option beforehoof.
  11. Anime Night?

    Seven Deadly Sins is great. Too bad Netflix only has the 1st season and 4 episodes of the 2nd one, but what they have is really good.
  12. Entry 13 - Experimentation

    I'm afraid my curiosity may be getting the better of me. It's been a while since I've been able to do much with hypnosis, so my Starlightyness has been slowly fading. I'm going to have that reset, and instead of going with Starlight, I'll be trying out Rarity. Alicorn Rarity, specifically. I can't give up these wings~ I think part of this may be that someone (I forget who) used hypnosis to help me get over my past as a Starlight. It relieved a lot of guilt and worry, but it also felt like it took away a part of who I was as a Starlight. I may go back to being Starlight at some point, at this point I've little way to tell, but perhaps I'll just like Rarity enough to stay as her. Whatever happens, it's just one of many changes I'll be going through in the coming months, and the start of another new chapter in my life (which, if I plan to publish it, will have to be heavily edited to remove the massive amounts of filler).
  13. waiter! there is ______ in my soup!

    That's because you didn't order soup. Waiter! There's a cute anime waifu in my soup! ...I mean, I'm not complaining or anything, just figured I'd share.
  14. can you like... stop having such a good reputation

    i can't compete with that


    1. shiron222


      Why do I even have good reputation? -_-

    2. Starlight Melody

      Starlight Melody

      because you're too good

      stop being so good

      i just can't even

    3. shiron222


      I know I'm awesome but damn...

  15. Does it HRT if I touch here?

    My therapist finally sent out my recommendation thingy and all of the consent forms are signed, so now I just have to wait to set up my appointment with the person that's actually going to let me get this stuff, and then I can start, hopefully within two weeks.

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