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  1. Is the character file enough?

    It's best to ask this in a separate question but for Twilight I'd recommend the Twilight character files. They're designed specifically with that character in mind.
  2. A lot of things are on my mind. I have fluids in there, a skull around that, muscle and skin around that,  and my mane on that. Not to mention the air pressure. Oh that air pressure. I've got an entire atmosphere on my mind.

    1. EternalSporkle


      Hi pony friend! I have a lot of things on my mind too, but I never have to worry because I know I have eternal life through Jesus Christ! You can learn more here at https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm?lang=eng !!

      Have a blessed new year!

  3. Share your birthday!

    I'll list the ones I know I suppose, or ones that my tulpas choose themselves if we can't recall any particular date. Mine is 02/04 Azyra chose September 18th Trixie chose December 2nd Spike chose April 19th Maud chose September 2nd Violet chose January 22nd Sonata chose March 5th Pinkie's is May 3rd Rotty chose May 18th Shantae chose June 2nd Risky chose November 8th Isabelle's is December 20th
  4. Hello... again

    Unfortunately, your old journal probably doesn't exist, if it was made before the shift from Hypnoponies to Equestrian Souls.
  5. The Jukebox

    Here are a few of my favorite songs from Civ.
  6. Character Polls Part 1

    I wasn't aware that I counted as a main character. Good to know.
  7. Favourite Animated Show?

    Now that I think about it, Rick and Morty is another of my favorites. I'm also fond of Danny Phantom, shame it only had a few seasons.
  8. An egoistical question ... ?

    I think the best way of going about it is to determine what is most rewarding for yourself. People are naturally selfish, and that's not something that we can overcome just by trying. Instead, we should embrace our selfishness and use it to act selflessly. It's essentially impossible for someone of sound mind to decide to do something without some level of benefit for themselves. Even in helping others, we benefit from the satisfaction of knowing we've helped them. If we didn't get that, I've little doubt virtually everyone would stop helping others. The only people that would would be those not of sound mind. So, instead of trying to ignore our selfishness, use it as motivation to act selflessly. We can work for the benefit of others, and in return, we get the satisfaction of knowing we helped somepony. We can learn not to fight who we are by nature, but instead take what we first consider a fault, and turn it into something beneficial for ourselves and others.
  9. Favorite Dreams

    I liked the one about a male cow (but kind of anthro and with a mostly human face) that was somehow milked, and anyone that drank the milk automatically pointed at a cow in the area. That was it. That was the dream. Not exactly the most eventful, but I find it pretty hilarious that that was what my brain decided to come up with that night.
  10. 17 - I'm Curious...

    What's it like being other ponies? I'm going to find out. I plan to go through each file (except Shining Armor) and see what happens. Perhaps not the best idea due to the risk of EKP, but I believe I've taken enough precautions to minimize that risk, so, here we go...
  11. Anime Night vote- Jan 13

    Seven Deadly Sins! Yay! It has 100% of the vote! ...if only there were more than one vote.
  12. 16 - Starlight Melody

    It was nice being Octavia. I felt like myself again, though of course in a different way. Even so, I missed being Starlight, it felt that a part of me was lost in a way. In light of that, I've decided to return to being Starlight. Mostly. I didn't reset from Octavia, as I wish to keep her with me. So, for the current time, I'll be mostly Starlight, with some Octavia in there too. I've also been able to switch between them easily enough, though it seems if I fall asleep or a tulpa fronts, as soon as I either wake up or regain control I'm back as Starlight. I also think I've undone the removal of the guilt of my past, so that's back now. As bad as it was, in a way I really did miss it. It's like an old friend that steals your 3DS when you're not looking, beats the game for you without asking you first, then tells you all of the plot spoilers before punching you in the face.
  13. How high can the mods count before a user resets?

    Graham's number.

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