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  1. Goodbye everyone,

    after a long inner fight I have decided to finally leave and not come back anymore. Thank you all for everything.



    ~Rainbow Dash

    1. Col.Dew


      Good bye RD, Amelia. Wish ya luck.

    2. ARandomBrony


      I wish you the best, wherever you happen to tread.

  2. Minecraft Server

    Here is the MC Servers Map: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/equestrian-souls-server-map/
  3. Minecraft Server

    Will be disabled by 14. January. 2018
  4. there will be some changes in my life, but the question is which way will I go?

    1. Sable


      What's happening Rainbow Dash?

    2. Rainbow Dash [Amelia]

      Rainbow Dash [Amelia]

      Ask via PM, I am not talking about this in public

    3. shiron222


      I have faith that where ever life takes you, you will find your way.

  5. Save RainBot

    UPDATE: Seems like the bot already got kicked. I feel insulted on so many levels
  6. Save RainBot

    Hello everyone, It is long ago that I wrote here, but the following means really much to me. Due my time in the staff Team I developed the Discord Bot RainBot Dash for website to discord Synchronisation. Some may have noticed that the bot got disabled and is limited to the lobby channel. This happened due to the fact that I got kicked off the staff team ( cause of Private problems and etc. ) and for me now, it hurts me to see that my work got abandoned like that, which is why I am creating a Petition to save the bot. If you also feel that the bot should be allowed to the server then please vote for it, if not then vote against. I have tried to ignore this since weeks now, but it always hurts me to see my bot like this. Thank you all for reading this, ~RD
  7. Not exactly new... But here again.

    Welcome back
  8. Yay, I finished it ^^

    1. Skye


      Yay? I guess? :Derp:

  9. Discord Account Synchronisation

    Hello everyone, After a huge while we finally added the forum to discord synchronization. You are now able to authenticate yourself on our Discord server. How to Authenticate: Authentication is pretty easy, you first need to open our Authentication website http://equestriansouls.aperture-development.de/auth/index.php then follow the instructions on the website. After all that you are settled and able to use our discord server, you and others are even able to lookup your profile with !profile <user> How does it work: We use a System called OAuth, that allows you to login on your provider and returns us your account information, like your Profile name. This transfer does not give us your password or any private information. The only data we are saving is your discord id and your forum account information ( DisplayName, Profile link, ID, groupid ). We Don’t use or save any personal information. Please make sure that you are logged in with the correct discord account, if you got the wrong one and get a error message while trying to use "!profile", you can simply start again by restarting your browser. For those that are already authenticated: Don't worry. We don't force you to authenticate. But it would make it easier for us to identify you on discord. Thanks for your time, ~Rainbow Dash
  10. i get tricked by Discord

    Everyone deserves a second chance
  11. Stream links

    YouTube Gaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT0p69rLsqQJwDHDiJjqNBw Twitch: I dun like Twitch
  12. You won't hear anything from me for a while ... goodbye

    1. Starlight Glimmer

      Starlight Glimmer

      huh? did something happen...? whats wrong...?

    2. manko
  13. The future of our MC server

    We have a modpack already (self made), if you think we should add something then you can suggest it
  14. The future of our MC server

    Welp, I will wait some days and then decide, currently 8 persons say that I should exchange it with a modded server.
  15. The future of our MC server

    it's empty since 4 months already, I don't think anyone likes vanilla MC anymore

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