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  1. i get tricked by Discord

    Magick is magick. It's what you do with it and your intent that's important.
  2. IRC

    I think the Discord is a huge upgrade. I like it better than the old IRC.
  3. Hello All

    I know. I was really sad about it, but she had her reasons.
  4. Elements of Harmony – A Cleansing Spell Loyalty Honesty Generosity Laughter Kindness Magic Ground yourself, and focus on each trait in turn. Visualize them coming together to become a powerful rainbow blast, and send the energy barreling towards the entity or area you want to be cleansed, as it happens in the show. To-Do: add optional crystals for each element.
  5. Hello All

    I remember that name, yes that was her.
  6. Hello All

    Hello everyone! My name is WitchGoddess. I remember this site from back when it was called HypnoPonies, and since then I've gone through a lot of stuff that's pretty much completely changed me as a person to where I can barely remember myself from back then. I'm fine with that though. I remember the names of a few of the ponies I talked to, Celestia, Ploiki (if that's how it was spelled), Starshard... But I don't remember much else. I think I was a pegasus that did magic with a crystal horn and Twilight Twinkle's cutie mark? Anyways, I remembered this project and the forums and I decided to sign up again. So hello! Also, what I want to do is be both a pony and Pantheran (cat person), but at different times. Like pony-version and cat-version of the same character.

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