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  1. can anyone post hypnosis files? ×

    We generally are not much of a fan of people posting files right in the open. Though if you send it to me or another staff member. We can look at it.
  2. Having trouble with the hypnosis files; what should I be feeling?

    I think you are on the right track. Trances can indeed be pretty hard to tell sometimes. What you are supposed to feel highly depends on what you expect to feel. Most ponies here just feel their hooves. Or atleast how they expect it would feel like to have hooves.
  3. Favourite Animated Show?

    Yep. That is the one. That scene is pretty recognizable.
  4. Favourite Animated Show?

    The adventures of TinTin are basically condenced version of the comics. If you loved those there is a good chance you love the show. Asterix takes some more liberties. Even to the point of creating entirely new movies with no comic as source. As they have been making them occassionally thorough the years, they vary a lot in quality and parts of it have aged oddly. But I feel they capture the charm of the comics pretty well. Especially compared with the live action movies. So if you are a fan, but not a comic purist, you likely will like them.
  5. Journal Announcements!

    Hello Everypony! If you created a new Journal. Give a little scout out to it here! Type a little description to tease what you are planning to write about and promote it to the community to see! Not only does this announce to the community that your journal exists. But it also allows us to add it to the master list. So make sure to tell us the name of the journal and what kind of journal you are planning to keep.
  6. Question About Safety

    Most ponies that had it the worst. Are the ones that willingly avoided the safety rules. Aslong you keep safety in mind. You are unlikely to get it. And in most cases, its not dangerous, just extremely uncomfortable.
  7. General questions on dreaming

    How do they feel? Rather normal actually. If nothing unussual happens they are just like real life. What point of view or perception do you view them from while experiencing them? Generally First person. Though it can jump between people. EG. At one point I am running somewhere. And than suddenly it jumps to me watching that same person running. Can you remember them, and if so is said memories firm or fleeting? This differs between dreams. Sometimes I have a full recollection in the morning. Other times its just some fragments that come back hours later. Do they inflict strong feelings upon you (good or bad)? Some of them do, but most of them dont. It depends on the dream and how strong the emotions were just before waking up. Do you feel like they could be apart of something more, or are just figments of a day gone by? I personally dont put much value in them beyond basic dream analysis in most of the cases. But I can see why there is this whole air of mythism around them though. I did have dreams however that clearly went boyond normal dreams.
  8. How Could I Forget?

    Hello and welcome.
  9. The Hypnosis Files won't work for me

    Have you tried using docks on your hands to help get a picture on how hooves would feel like. If they are long ones. It may even give you an idea what a coat would feel like. You can use towels to simulate tails or a mane. Or your arms to simulate wings while a empty toilet paper role can be used as a horn. And so on. Remember how this feels like. The sensations. And than reach back to that during a session.
  10. Hypnosis

    Hmm. We are currently looking into making file creation more steamlined. So stay tuned for more information regarding that. Luna created a special discord server though so you may want to ask her about it.
  11. Favourite Animated Show?

    Avatar. Becouse it was a rather deep complex story. With good characters and amazing Visuals set in a interesting world. With a lot of humor too. Ducktales I have Always been a fan of Scrooge Mcduck and his adventures in the comics. While the show is lesser its still a good watch. Jonny Quest If you like action, mystery and a cool cast. This is a much watch. Swat Kats Megashow about two cats building a jetfighter to fight crime. A much watch if you like action packed cartoons. Super Mario Yeah. I am a Nintendo fanboy. Still. They make the universe they are in work pretty well. Sonic Satam I do prefer the sonic cartoon though. Robotnik is brutal in this one. If I were evil I want to grow just like him. Wacky Races Dick Dasterdly stole the show on this one. The adventures of Tin Tin. Another cant miss if you like intrique, mysteries and thrillers. Asterix A rather liberal translation of the comics to a cartoon. But they managed to capture to a degree what the comics made good in the first place. Rather weird in todays standards.
  12. The Hypnosis Files won't work for me

    Perhaps the issue is that you dont know how to feel those changes. So it may help to take the time to explore for yourself how it would actually feel to be a pony. Instead of letting it come itself during a session.
  13. Helpfull notes: Physical exercises to relax mind and body With all the talk about how to relax your mind and enter a trance. And all the chatting on how to best take on a pony body. We often take our own body for granted. Which is a shame. As just like relaxing our mind leads to a relaxed body. A relaxed body leads to a relaxed mind. When our muscles relax our body feels heavier. Our breathing becomes deeper and more regulated and our heart beat slows down. Therefore doing some physical exercise is a good way to prepare for a session with the files. Below I describe some exercises I occasionally use. They can be done on bed, floor or any other comfortable horizontal surface. And don't take much time. Exercise 1 Lay down and stretch out your legs. Lift them up in the air for roughly 30 cm (1 feet). Keep them up in the air for as long as you can until l you are unable to keep them up. Then lower them down and relax all the muscles. And take the time to rest. Exercise 2 Fold your hands in each other and raise them above your chest. Then press them against each other as much as you can. Continue pressing until your arms are getting really tired. Then relax them again and give them some time to rest. Exercise 3 By now your legs should be rested again and you are ready for the final exercise. Lift your legs again up in the air and try to keep them there as long as you can. In the mean time bend your head forward as far as possible. Now start making circles with both your legs and your head. Again continue until you are to tired to continue. Afterwards Close your eyes and relax for a bit. Give your body some time to recover and start your hypnosis session. Good luck.
  14. Helpfull notes: Dreams, looping and falling asleep Sleep and hypnosis In popular media, a hypnotic trance is often described as a form of sleep walking. A subject or in most cases, victim is forced to fall in a sleep in which the victim comes under the complete control of the hypnotist. After which she generally enters a form of sleep walking or complete brainwashing in which hse does whatever she has been commanded too. Until awakened by the brave heroes and returns to normal. However this is more based on fiction than reality. It is easy to see however why one could make such mistake. Both during a hypnosis session as a nap. The mind and body relaxes to a large degree. So to the uninformed observer. Its easy to mix the two. The difference however lies in focus. When a subject falls in a trance. The mind is focussed as much as possible on something, like the voice to absorb all the information from one or more senses. During this state, while we are conscious and awake. The conscious mind takes more of a backseat and the information enters our subconscious mind without judgement or scrutiny. A state also known as being suggestible and in which it accepts everything as truth. However when a person falls asleep. The mind loses focus. Goes to wander and falls deeper and deeper in a subconscious state. The subconscious takes over and the mind begins to wander and eventually starts to dream. During this state the subconscious mind is the complete master of what goes on and only rarely adds information from our senses. Which either are adapted in the dream or cause the person to wake up again. The deeper the sleep. The lesser suggestible a pony becomes. Looping and sleep As sleeping is essentially the opposite of a trance. The first instinct is to think that looping does not work. However lots of ponies experience effects after a night of looping. This is because the mechanism behind sleep looping works a bit different than hypnosis. A normal person sleeps roughly 8 hours each day. However only during roughly half this duration the sleep is too deep to make any progress. This leaves roughly 4 hours of light sleep. During which we are unconscious but alert and susceptible to outside stimuli. Such as our music player playing the files. Which helps us take in the information or the files either by bulk volume or by entering the occasional hypnotic sleep. A controversal phenomenom related to trance holes where the person becomes suggestible without being concious. Another important fact of our sleep cycle is that the amount of light sleep is not distributed evenly during the night. During the first hours of sleep we spend most of the time in a deep sleep. While halfway the amount of light sleep increases and eventually becomes the dominant type of sleep. This explains why loopers wake up in the morning with the effects. But not notice them when waking up halfway during the night. When abruptly awakened or when we fall asleep during a session. It is also important to make sure that if you loop. You get enough quality sleep. Not only because we need it to stay healthy. But also because it lowers the amount of light sleep a person gets and therefor lowers the amount of usefull hours for looping. It is thus unwise to keep night looping if it disrupts your sleep. The stages of sleep as measured during a normal night. With N1 signifying the transition between sleep and being awake. N2 representing light sleep. N3 deep sleep and REM the dreaming stage. The problem of falling asleep Another often reported issue regarding sleep and hypnosis is the problem of falling asleep. As staying focused is mentally draining to the body and you are already in a state of relaxation. It is easy to fall asleep when pushed to far. Especially since most ponies use their files shortly before going to sleep naturally. Or right after waking up when they are still groggy. As hypnosis is a combination between relaxation and focus. Both have to be properly balanced to solve this problem. This can be done by lowering the amount of relaxation slightly. Which can be done in the following manners: Use a less comfortable position or switch sitting or walking sessions. Keep your eyes open (Use a towel or mask, or darken the room if light is a issue). Plan your sessions near your sleeptime, not during the time you are ussually asleep. Switch to a version with or without background music. Make sure you are well rested and get enough sleep. While at the same time, improve your focus to the files with the following tips: Make sure that it does not become a shore, but remains fun activity. Don’t overdo the use of the same file. Your mind gets bored with the file and loses interest. Switch between different files suitable for the same pony or use support files such as the generic or experience files. Try to switch to versions with or without background music. Or switch to a shorter version. Spice up your visualisation a bit. Take it to the next level by adding more details or movement. Stop multitasking or other activities that cut down ones attention span. Practice, practice, practice. It may take time to get used to staying focused for a long time. These tips should help you to remain focussed during the file. Through if all things fail. A break may be the only option. Give your body and mind some time to recover. While at the same time you can use the time to explore meditation or use your trigger. I hope this offers some insights into the relationship between sleep and hypnosis. Through please keep in mind that both phenomona and their relation are still poorly understood. So this document may be updated in the near future as more information becomes available. Good luck.
  15. Helpfull notes: My current meditation technique I currently use this method to meditate. I may update this field as I change things. But for now this method works perfectly for me. I know it is not a conventional method. But I hope it helps some ponies. So if anyone has any questions. Feel free to ask. Start by creating a comfortable environment. You can meditate on a chair, in bed or on a comfortable blanked on the floor. As long it is a comfortable position. Experiment with light settings, relaxing background music, scented candles or other stuff that may put you in the right mood. Ensure that you eliminate any form of distraction that may occur during your session, so turn of or mute your phone and computer. Visit the toilet or finish that task that has been buzzing in your mind. Once you got the basis down on meditating you can meditate practically everywhere at any time. But for starters and the best results, this step is practically unavoidable. Once you created your sanctuary. Start finding a comfortable position. You can lay down on bed. Sit in a chair or stand and walk around. Just make sure you are comfortable and not in a position that might become annoying or painful later on. But make sure you are also not at risk of falling asleep. Now you are ready to start meditating. Take a couple of long lasting breaths to get in a slow rhythm. Personally I let each breath in lasts minimally 3 seconds and each breath out minimally 5, but any time span is fine. As long it is slow and relaxing. Once you found your rhythm, after each breath, out subtract one number, starting with hundred. All the way down to zero. Focus on your counting and breathing. Once you are accustomed to meditation it is recommended to drop the counting and just focus on the breathing. As keeping count in itself is a distraction. During this exercise you will find various thoughts and visions pop up in your mind. If you find these distracting, don't acknowledge them and continue focusing on your breathing and/or counting until they go away. If these are thoughts you wish to explore, such as a memory or idea. Just gently accept them. Do not try to push them in a direction or question them. Just take note of what it is showing you. Until it has run its course and you can continue counting again. Even if it leaves you with answers. Once you reach zero. just restart the countdown again at thirty to continue. Once you reach zero. Your depth as far this is applicable to meditation, should be deep enough for most other exercises. What you do next depends on which goals you have set up. You can leave it there and end the session. Try to gain some more memories or focus on problems you are having or religious teachings. You can try to manipulate energy of focus becoming an pony. Astral travel or do other stuff that attracts you. Just remember, be calm and mindful. Websites. How To Meditate: A 10 Step Beginner's Guide Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind A simple tutorial on how to sense energy (for all ponies - not just unicorns) Books: Mindfulness in plain English

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