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  1. Belated Intro

    Hello and welcome
  2. Hello!!

    Hello and Welcome
  3. How high can the mods count before a user resets?

    1 and just locks the thread
  4. Helpfull Notes: Soul Searching

    Helpfull Notes: Soul Searching "The truth knocks on the door and you say, "Go away, I'm looking for the truth," and so it goes away. Puzzling." Robert M. Pirsig One mayor part of pony hypnosis is the process of Soul searching. It helps us to select the pony we choose to become. It helps us find our true self. And above all, it helps us to find ourselves. There is no true correct way to soul search. As 12 ponies how to do it and you may find 13 correct ways. But there are incorrect ways to soul search. Mostly due to unfamiliarity with the concept or wrong assumptions. Or not doing it at all. A good soul search consists out of the following factors. Seclusion Only you can answer questions that are about you. The rest of the community may be helpful in this but in the end they also offer a lot of distractions and other false answers. Ponies may try to talk you into their favourite answers or simply offer solutions that do not fit. If one of their answers is truly correct, you would have found it on your own eventually as well. Naturally there is nothing wrong with asking for opinions before you start on your soul search. Effort Soul searching takes an conscious effort. It's not like you can just lean on your back and expect answers to simply walk in and slip in your mind. You have to go out and find them. Take the time to ponder or meditate on your questions. Write out your answers and ponder on them later. Do not blindly accept the first answer but continue looking. Honesty Sure, we all would like to be our favourite pony. Find that they are meant for greatness or have an true self that leads the perfect world. But life is not perfect. You might turn out to connect more with pony you never expected. Your true self may turn out to have some negative character traits. And you may turn out to a poor orphan or handicapped. Not share a connection with your best friend in Equestria. Or find some negative character traits in your human character. Do not denounce them because you don't like them. An open mind. During our lives, we are conditioned to expect things to be like they are. We all have two parents. One male and one female. We marry someone of the opposite sex. Have children at a reasonable age. We are healthy and have no handicaps. Have jobs and earn money and so on. Yet there are millions of people that do not fit this description. We also have an certain image of ourselves. One we cling on. Yet is that image complete? It's true that you might be competitive and like to push your limit. But how is your relation with your family and your job ethics? Al through seemingly unrelated. It's the core difference between Applejack and Rainbow Dash The right questions You can only find the right answers by asking the right questions. These questions generally are indirect and wide. Asking, "am I Twilight Sparkle or Rarity?" Will afteral get you nowhere. A much better example would be "How do I feel about books and fashion?" Good examples of questions are: What did I wanted to be when I grew up and why? What are or were my hobbies and why? What have I done in life that makes you happy and why? What character traits do I believe are important in life and why? What are my strengths and talents? What are my weak points and are not your talents? Where do I see myself in the future and why? How important is X or Y for me and why? What do you feel about pony X and why? Try to answer these and others truthfully and honestly. Search for patterns in your answers. This pattern is your answer. Your true self. Compare it to the ponies to find your fit if you want to stick with those. Or accept them as the pony you are. Explore it further Go out and try new things. Its easy to get locked up in your mind again. But sometimes you need to try out new things and observe your reaction. Do you really enjoy reading as much as you thought. Or do you spend most of the time counting the pages till the end. And is working in a wildlife refugee centre really as bad as you think it is? Resonance If you are on the correct path and are not just deluding yourself. You will feel a resonance with your answers and your pony. A feeling of recognition. As if seeing a part of you you always knew has been there. Alternatively. If you feel dissonance, you likely have to search a bit further. I hope that this gives some guidance to those still searching. Feel free to ask any questions you want, though remember, its easier than you think. Good luck Star Shard
  5. An egoistical question ... ?

    I would take the last cookie. Our family is the kind of family that made a running gag out of minor backstabbing like that. I dont think the windows would send me back that much. As the cost of the repair is added to the worth of the house. Meaning I will get it back when selling it.
  6. Swearing rules in the ES Discord Server

    While I dont mind swearing to certain level. I also think there is a point where it just becomes vile. I am not going to argue for a filter that absolutely bans everything. But I do believe the worst should be left of the server. That there are other places on the internet where it is allowed. Does not mean we have to follow their standards. You afteral dont see forums about the saw franchise or voters registration post porn. Just becouse its users are of legal age. That we can does not mean we should. I dont think there is nothing wrong with maintaining an atmosphere fitting to the show. To strive to be a little bit better than the lowest denominator on the internet. Instead of turning the server into a wild west land where everything that can be done, should be done. Hypnosis only works when it is taken seriously. Excessive swearing would only diminish that.
  7. Journal Announcements!

    I added the journals to the list. Good luck.
  8. I have a question I need to ask.  I am a newcomer (yes I have read all of your guides, they were done very well by the way, you did good), and I want to get into to this.  However, I am very busy.  I read somewhere on the forums that a good rule of thumb to how many times to listen to the files is once or twice a week.  I know things like this take time, and I was wondering if that is where I should start.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. Star Shard

      Star Shard

      I think that is a pretty good way to start if you are busy. Its not to little and you can always add more sessions when you find the time. 



  9. IRC

    We ran into some issues with the server, so we switched to Discord.
  10. A passing fancy?

    There is no magical tell that shows you that you are in a trance. So I wouldnt worry about it. Just enjoy the session and explore your new me.
  11. geography quiz

    I barely know the towns around me. Let alone europe or the world.
  12. Hello, everypony..

    Hello and welcome
  13. Hello everypony!

    Welcome back
  14. Hihi!

  15. Conflicted Over What to Do Next in My Hypno Journey

    Most ponies here listen to files that have the opposite gender. There is nothing wrong with exploring your feminine side once in a while. Having some conflicting personality traits does not instantly cause EKP aslong you accept the new trait and dont try to be both. So dont be affraid to pick files that fit a bit less than optimal. As for who you should pick next. That is up to you. There are generic files if you want to pick someone else than the filed ponies however.

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