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  1. What's your favorite song?

    Can't get enough of this song.
  2. count before a mod posts

  3. count before a mod posts

  4. Day 1:Starting Anew [Nov 14th/15th]

    Congrats! Being a trans male, I started testosterone about 5 months ago and have been very happy with the changes. Starting HRT is a good feeling.
  5. Briggs Myers Personality Test

    INTJ. I've always had INTJ as a result, and I took this test for the first time over 4 years ago. Though my judging and perceiving scores are always close to 50/50. All other scores are 80% or more one way or the other.
  6. Position on swearing

    Personally I find it a bit funny that a swearing filter was incorporated into the Discord, as I don't think swearing is enough of a problem in a community made of teens and adults to warrant outright banning it. Though I can see why such a thing would be wanted to keep to the "spirit" of MLP.
  7. Tulpa Guided Meditations

    All of the future file concepts sound very useful. Personally I'd like the sentience and vocalization ones the most.
  8. Making a Case for Celestia & Luna Files

    @Twilight Sparkle Twilight had a lot of responsibility placed on her even before becoming a Princess, though the amount has since increased due to the new title. Even though the files do not mention being a princess, if someone becomes a character through hypnosis, they may take on traits of the character that are not mentioned in the file. Because the file compels them to think of themselves as the character, they may incorporate whatever they know of the character into the image of themselves. I don't think that the Twilight files are dangerous because of this. I pointed these things out to show that Celestia/Luna files would be little or no more dangerous than Twilight files.
  9. Making a Case for Celestia & Luna Files

    @Silvermoon Most here see the personality files as a means of permanently changing their personality and indefinitely taking on a new identity. While they often are used for that purpose, they do not necessarily have to be - some may want to simply experience being a character for a little while and revert back to their ordinary selves. The files, having a de-trigger, allow for this to be the case. While I relate to many of the characters, especially Celestia, I can't see myself permanently taking on the identity of any one of them. I enjoy seeing life through alternate perspectives and having different ways of thinking, which is why personality hypnosis interests me so much. Files for myself are more of a recreational activity than they are a means of changing my lifestyle. I know that others share this same view. Celestia and Luna files would be less of a danger if used recreationally. If one began to have any issues, they wouldn't feel the need to remain the character, and instead could return to their usual selves, shedding any baggage associated with Celestia or Luna. This is not to say that using a Celestia or Luna file for permanent changes is very dangerous - only a little bit moreso than using them temporarily. Nor is one way of using the files any "better" than the other. Different uses just have different outcomes.
  10. Making a Case for Celestia & Luna Files

    Yeah, I don't expect those files to be made here. I just want people to see alternate points of view, even if emotions won't allow this reasoning to effect anything they personally think.
  11. Please note that my intention for this argument is not to ask for public Celestia & Luna files to be created. I am only trying to outline the flaws in arguments against the idea of releasing such files. Nor am I trying to make any personal attacks. I do not have any problem with those who have views that oppose mine, I only have problems with their reasoning. I am aware that some are strongly against the idea of character files for Celestia and Luna being freely available. Some think that such files would be inherently dangerous to most of those that would use them, due to the nature of their personalities and backstories. I however don’t believe that they would be more dangerous than any of the files that are currently available on Equestrian Souls, and if they were any more dangerous it would be only by a tiny amount. I will now go over the arguments against public Celestia & Luna files I have seen before, and why they don’t make much sense: “Thinking of oneself as a Princess can cause superiority complexes and inflated egos.” I don’t doubt that this could happen, as the title of “Princess” holds a lot of power and importance. However, whether or not it would be a legitimate danger is up for questioning - after all, files have been released for certain characters with large egos as a very important part of their personalities (Rainbow Dash and Trixie), and I have seen no complaints regarding the safety of those files. Princess files, in fact, would cause less of an ego boost - the royal sisters do not have egocentricism as a core part of their personalities, and would naturally display less of an inflated ego than Rainbow Dash or Trixie. Additionally, an ego boost in itself is not a massive problem. Someone with a large ego is not necessarily a bad or “toxic” person. "Celestia and Luna hold guilt and trauma regarding their pasts." Yet, a Littlepip file is available. Anyone who has read Fallout Equestria will know that Littlepip has been through several traumatic experiences and has done guilt-worthy things - she played a large part in causing the death of someone she did not want to die. This is certainly on par, if not more traumatic than anything Celestia or Luna has experienced. Also, in MLP:FiM it is clear that Celestia and Luna have resolved their differences and have worked past most of their problems - Luna has ceased harming herself with the Tantabus and the sisters have gained a better understanding of each other’s lives and duties, minimizing strife between the two. While they most likely still hold guilt, it is not unbearable and they can move about their lives normally. “One could not handle the stress and responsibility of being Celestia or Luna." Because Celestia and Luna hold the highest powers in Equestria, one may automatically assume that the most weight is on them - this is not true. Twilight Sparkle has had a lot thrown at her throughout the course of MLP:FiM. She has fought dangerous characters again and again, and has held responsibility for the safety of Equestria several times. She has done far more than we have seen Celestia or Luna do in the show, yet the concern of “too much responsibility” has never been shown with her file. Overall, it is impossible to make any file perfectly safe. Different people will always react differently to files, as minds are wired differently and are not always predictable. However, it is possible to make files reasonably safe, and ES has done a good job of that. If a Twilight or Littlepip file can be made reasonably safe, the same goes for a Celestia or Luna file. There is nothing about their character that makes them too different from other ponies which files have already been released for. Feel free to respond with your own thoughts, whether you agree or disagree with me. Please don't be rude to me even if you feel strongly about this topic, I am looking for discussions, not arguments.
  12. i have too ask you all something.

    Um, what is the question?

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