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  1. Been a few.

    So, last time I logged on was a just after the website change. Have I missed anything important? also, why is there no earth pony generic file? I still have the media share file in my favorites.
  2. Count untill a mod posts: Story Mode

    And ate 4 cherries in a single bite
  3. Count untill a mod posts: Story Mode

    5 angry looking changelings walk in
  4. Corrupt a Wish 2: Gold Version

    Granted, you become the grid. All of it. I wish I could eat anything
  5. Count untill a mod posts: Story Mode

    There were 2 ponys sitting at a bar
  6. Technically, we're all new

    But there's nothing wrong with that
  7. Updates and Repressed Thoughts

    My thoughts on repressed memories- I wish I could find mine. They are problems your mind has decided are too mush for your conscious mind. I want to find, and conquer them. BUT! This would not be for the feint of heart. But what do I know? I regularly post about becoming a horse.
  8. count before a mod posts

  9. waiter! there is ______ in my soup!

    Im terribly sorry sir, I'll get you your soup-less soup- on the house Waiter! There's an extremely sexy fly in my soup!
  10. Corrupt a Wish 2: Gold Version

    Granted but this is a paradox I wish my wish could be ruined

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