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  1. Hellooo

    Hey! This is my first time in any sort of MLP forum / community, I'm anxious but in a way excited to see what's to come. I go by Moonriser, but you can call me Moon or Dot. I'm a girl, and I'm hoping to get into Calarts. I'm a bit shy and reserved, sometimes cynical and smug, but once you get to know me, I'll probably be super sweet and overprotective. Don't be afraid to start a conversation; I love making new friends! I'm new to hypnosis and tulpamancy, but I'm very eager to learn about them. I believe I'm starting to get a hang of hypnosis, but tulpamancy is still a long ways off. Aaand that's about it, I believe. Not sure how active I'll be, but this seems like a very kind and welcoming community and I'm excited to be a part of it. ♡

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