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  1. Hey guys! I was introduced to MLP by an MLP-themed Minecraft server called 'Brohoof.com'; it was a community focused primarily on creating an exact replica of Equestria, but in Minecraft. It shut down 2 years ago-ish , (if you go to the original domain, it's technically one year and 9 months but for simplicity's sake--) but the community strived to keep on going, and made their own server called 'Ponyville Square'. After a few issues with the admins, it shut down about a year ish later and it's been converted to Equestria Cubed, or Equestria³. The server's consistently funded, and currently is focused on two main modes! Survival - mc.eq3.in Creative - creative.eq3.in (Player count has absolutely no limit, so no need to worry about that) It's roleplaying-friendly, being able to roleplay in specific RP channels that can be used! Nick-names are on the to-do list to be added, but that can be easily added. Gore, ERP/Sexual Content, or anything that is overly explicit will not be allowed. This server has a 13+ rated-community, being mature is strongly encouraged; in other words, if you don't want your little brother to see it, then you shouldn't do/say it. We have a website, if you're looking for more info on our server! http://www.eq3.in/ Keep in mind, this server is NOT being sponsored, or related to Equestrian Souls, or any other MLP community. It's a standalone community, and it won't be granting any special accommodations or privileges based on anyone's background in any kind of community. Psst, we also have a discord server! - https://discord.gg/mEmegyc

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