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  1. hi all am new here (:

    Hello, welcome
  2. Huye! (Bet'cha didn't see that one before)

    Welcome to the community! ^^
  3. count to 1,000

  4. Share your desktop!

  5. Anxiety: Understanding and Removal

    An interesting thing I've noticed is that practicing self-hypnosis files over and over also seem to make the anxiety gradually fade away with each progressive session, at least for me.
  6. For me, although it's kind of hard to pick, I'd go with Synthwave or maybe just Techno in general. Sometimes I love to listen to Classical and Symphonic Metal now and then but really almost anything will suffice as long as it isn't Rap or Trap music.
  7. count before a mod posts

  8. count before a mod posts

  9. Hello!

    How is everyone? I was in the HypnoPonies website for a tiny bit before it went down but never really participated nor was I active in the community. I recently remembered about this place so I'd thought this would be a fun and beneficial website and community to get immersed in. I've been dabbling in and out of hypnosis and Tulpamancy but never really took a hold of it until recently (within the past 4 to 5 months or so maybe?) Although I've been somewhat spiritually active for years now.

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